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main page Giorgio Moroder Wants #tomsdiner As A Single!

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Getting further into Déjà Vu, I think we have to start with the remake of Suzanne Vega’s Tom’s Diner you did with one Ms. Britney Spears.


Britney had the idea of remaking some of her favorite songs, and that was the one she wanted to do with me. She called me and asked if I wanted to come down to the studio with her, but I couldn’t because I was in Europe then.


So she gave me the vocal, and I put it in with the basic tracks I made for it. I upgraded the tracks with my revisions. At the end of the song, I added a little Vocoder, which I’ve always loved, just to see how it worked out. She liked it, and said she wanted it all throughout the song.


I thought the original song was too short. I’m used to verse chorus, verse chorus, whatever, and then a bridge. So I thought, “OK, I’m going to compose a bridge.†Again, I got permission to play it with the Vocoder, and now I can say I have a song created with Britney Spears.


The “everybody welcome, come on in / love is the drug†lyrics you added certainly fills out the track a lot more beyond just doing a straight cover, that’s for sure.


Thank you. I hope that one day we’ll release it as a single.


Maybe you and Britney could perform it together on the Grammys next year.


(laughs heartily) No, I don’t think she’d want me on the stage. Maybe I could be there in a video.


I wasn’t saying you had to be one of her dancers, or anything like that…


Good. I would have to lose a lot of weight to stand next to her! (both laugh) 



That bridge still remains the worst part, Britney wanted the vocoder throughout the entire track, and Moroder def wants this song as a single.  The rest of this interview can be read here.  

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