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  1. If anyone has a download link to the untagged hd version that they could DM me, I'd be eternally grateful! I can't seem to find it anywhere. :-(
  2. Agreed! Not here for more features!!!! (but I'll still take whatever I can get)
  3. @HeadstrongWolf I mean Just Luv Me is a great song, but it wouldn't be my first choice as the next single. I'd prefer Love Me Down, Change Your Mind, or DYWCO? but let's be real.. at this point I'll take whatever I get and I'll be happy with it as long as I get it!!!
  4. ....if we don't get (at least) a 3rd single and video!!!! If we don't then someone better leak the original Make Me video in full and in HQ or else I'm going to need to be put on life support from the trauma! If we don't get the 3rd single then there really is a BJ era curse and that CANNOT become a thing! Lord please don't let that be a thing! Praying to Godney! Please hear our prayers! (Ok end rant.. sorry just had to meltdown a bit and get that out)
  5. Yes I get what you're saying it does remind me of those too.. but I think it straight up actually uses a sample from Celebration.. listen to deja at 0:17-0:23 mark and then Celebration at the 0:30-0:40 mark.
  6. An amazing start to one of my favorite eras!! FF is my 2nd favorite Britney album behind Blackout! I think the era gets too much hate because of things like certain FF tour dancing gifs..etc. but let's not forget that the music was amazing! The Videos were EPIC! And even if you didn't like her dancing on the tour.... Danceney was on fire in the TTWE video!!! If we had 2015-Present Performanceney during the FF era I think it would replace BO and ITZ as everyone's favorite era!
  7. 1. I LOVE IT! I'm a sucker for anything disco regardless, but disco+Britney is gay heaven.2. Maybe I'm just hearing things but does it sound like it a little bit samples Celebration?
  8. Aside from the times in Vegas I got to see her... I can't pick between the BBMA performance and the Slumber Party Video!! Both equally flawless moments!!!
  9. Love Matt for this!!! Still not over Make Me and the Circus DVD!
  10. A Million Times THIS!!! Like do ppl read anymore before they draw ridiculous conclusions?!?!
  11. I'm totally here for her dating this hottie!!! She needs some sexy fun in her life and he is simply DELICIOUS!!! Good for her! Get it, Get it Brit!!!
  12. THESE! End Of Story!!! LOVE ME DOWN sounds like now but still sounds like a Britney song and it's catchy and hooky as HELL!!! It's simply the BEST choice! That being said, I wouldn't be mad at Change Your Mind, Better, or DYWCO? even though they are not as worthy as LMD!!
  13. Love that Buzzfeed is showing Godney love and it's not even by Matt Stopera.
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