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    1998ney vocals slays in BJ!
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    Yeah I agree and it’s becoming overkill with that particular pic, they should of at least used the Oops cover pic, considering Lucky is on the Oops album.
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    Honestly I had no idea... Never heard anyone talk about them. But then again barely anyone is on here so...
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    Sweetie these were posted almost a year ago 😬 have u been under a rock? I’m sure everyone seen these already lol. Glad you’re enjoying them tho
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    whole FF M&G
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    I can just hope this shit will be someday gone. Actually it's just about the money.
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    Asking Britney fans to read is a task in and of itself. Precisely. Britney is not some locked up prisoner forced to do things she doesn't want to do. If this was the case she could and does have the right to fight for it to be ended. Fans need to back off of her personal life, at the end of the day conspiracy theories are fun for some people, but it's her actual life and we have no business discussing it.
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    I think the conservatorship hasn't been removed after all these years because legally it could be more tricky than we think. And Britney seems to be in control of her life, maybe that's why she hasn't really fought to get it removed.
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    If u click the link to the original story reported on some website called the blast, it says their sources say the lawyer is retiring and Brits been handling most of her affairs herself.
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    Part of it has to do with Britney. I mean just like the make me video, there’s hard evidence (video) that Britney was unhappy with the filming process so it got scrapped. So Britney definitely has say in it. The other part has to do with her label
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    The original picture is from the infamous Cosmopolitan photoshoot, I think.
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    This should be included in THE SINGLES COLLECTION VOL.2 as behind-the-scenes of the MV if there will be one and if Britney’s team will listen.
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    No. Godtidote made the best edits though.
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    I like the outfit but it doesn't work for that scene.
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    I love this video but be careful if you uploaded this. I got a copyright strike on my Tumblr for gifing it
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    Exactly. There are many pics they can choose from the Oops era but instead they didn’t think at all.
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    This is the most important day of the year for me. 5 years ago today, I went and I saw Britney for the first time in Vegas and never have felt that kind of euphoria or excitement or general happiness that I had in that exact moment. Not only did she come out with her brown hair and that specific night it had a slightly more red tint to it, she was on FIRE. I have watched several clips from nearly every other night of piece of me and honestly nothing compares to how fluid her movements were, or the confidence she had. We got this INCREDIBLE promo shot from that night. We also got a lot of good fan images - here are some from my personal collection, which I might add that my photos have NOT been posted to any online gallery. And then of course, someone caught the legendary moment she grabbed my hand during Alien - you can see my blonde spikes! That same night, we got what a lot of fans consider to be the BEST performance of Break The Ice - she KILLED IT. Toxic was also amazing from that night. Ironically, despite that night being pretty spectacular, she forgot to hold her mic up to her mouth during one part of alien. Don't ask me how, but I also got this iconic shot. It's beautiful. In closing, I can't explain how much I felt blessed to be there. To this day I'm still asking random people on YouTube and Facebook from the same night that I went to see if anybody had any higher-quality footage of Britney grabbing my hand. 5 years later and still nothing but I'm still hopeful.
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    And I said you sing nice
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    I know who made these. These are not pics actually, are edits.