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    Homegirl ain’t on a hiatus, she on a strike, huge difference in my opinion, so I would imagine she’s not happy about it. But as long as there are still some fans willing to hand over their cash despite everything that’s gone down, then u can expect her team to continue to put shit out even without her participation.
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    I agree, they’re gonna do whatever they can to still bring money in, even JL had to get her ass back to work, lol
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    https://www.instagram.com/p/CHvsTMPAJHF/?igshid=1k97tg5kk3gsx https://www.instagram.com/p/CHwRgM3AMsX/
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    I imagine she's pissed off because once again no one is hearing her or respecting her wishes.
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    The artwork is BEAUTIFUL! I hope more from this desert photoshoot is released.
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    I know we're all furious that Jamie isn't suspended yet, despite everything that came out before and during court, but it's a process and it's going to take time. The fact that the judge said he's not suspended AT THIS TIME isn't a no, so there's a possibility it can (should) happen later, plus she did say that she can suspend him later. My guess would be that Ingham and her new lawyers need to file the proper paperwork and have their ducks in a row. The matter has been moved to December 16th. Here is a great recap of everything that went down. And yes, In my opinion, Jamie is a disgusting excuse of a man and a "father". The comments he made to Lynne made me so angry and sad for Britney. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHbfJb-lRN6/ Some good news! Bessemer has been accepted as co-conservator! At least for the time being Jamie won't be able to do anything shady in regards to Britney's money, and hopefully come December he will be out for good.
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    He can talk all he wants but Britney and her lawyers are basically telling him to prove it. They wanna see the books, the accounting, the paper trail of these claims. And the death threats to Lou and the rest of team con were always unacceptable and anyone with a sliver of decency would agree with that. Whatever her reasons for leaving are, we're just glad she's gone!
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    I’m assuming his comparison is in regards to the level of control/force that Team CON have, cuz in HT, they forcing women to HAVE babies. There are ways to keep her from getting pregnant, now even contraceptives aren’t 100%, so what, did they force her to get her tubes tied??? Force her to get abortion if the contraceptive fails?? Force a day after pill, every time, she has sex??? Dude shouldn’t have made that statement, if he ain’t gonna spill specifics. I’m confused by the Sam and Jamie comment tho, if Jamie don’t like Sam, wouldn’t he just give Sam the boot, cuz up until Jodi took over, Jamie was in control of everyone Britney can see, why would Jamie let someone he don’t like and don’t get along with stay around for five years???
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    I thought we all knew that she has a social media team? Honestly, it's not news to Britney nor is it news to other celebrities. They all have people running their social media for them, the big stars anyway, and they all have moments where they post themselves. In my opinion, it's very easy to tell when it's something genuinely posted by Britney (we KNOW she knows how to use these sites, she went live for a second on Sam's IG) and when it's social media team. But I also don't believe for one second she was sending clues and secret pleas for help either.
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    https://www.instagram.com/p/CHywTdRg6wB/?igshid=11jsmxasxmgi0 https://www.instagram.com/p/CHy4657gzNa/
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    She looks but esp happy and relaxed which is great to see. Also her posts lately seem to be more like they used to be before she was hospitalized, idk if it’s related to Lou/Tri Star being gone but, hopefully, it remains that way.
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    We all suspected it, and apparently Britney and Ingham did too! Now we have the PROOF that Lou Taylor did, in fact, use Britney's money to sue a fan. A fan who ironically accused her of misusing Britney's money. These court documents reveal that this was done without Britney's knowledge or permission, and Ingham is objecting on her behalf. They also reveal Lou and Tri Star requested a 260% increase in fees despite the fact that Britney wasn't working and that Jamie paid it to her without question. There's also indication that Britney was planning on recording an album this year.
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    If it’s free then great, if it’s not, then they can fuck off, ain’t getting my money.
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    Well that’s a relief, at least something good happened today. It feels better knowzing neutral, professional eyes will be on everything now. I knew he was low but my god, but then again his own grandson said he can go die, so I guess we can’t be too surprised by Jamie’s behavior. But it really does make u wonder, what’s happened these past twelve years, what has she and those kids had to endure?? I guess, I still feel it should be easily ended then but I guess we’ll just have to sit and wait the 10 thousand years this is gonna take to play out, lol
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    OMG, that man is sick. Honestly, I think he doesn't have a heart at all. I'm very angry about this, hope everything is still on track! I don't know why the judge didn't take a decision about this today, she keeps pushing this
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    Kept her estate in tip top shape while also taking a huge chunk of it for yourself and your group of lawyers. He needs to respect his daughters wishes and just step down and let professionals do the job. I hope the judge sides with Brit.
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    Completely agree! Honestly I hope this lays the foundation for the purpose of the conservatorship, at least in the personal capacity, because Ingham stating in writing that Britney is NOT gravely disabled is really quite a blow to Jamie/team con. If she's not gravely disabled, WHY is she in a personal conservatorship? That's the question I would be pondering if I was the judge presiding over this.
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    This is some pretty GREAT news! Jamie Lynn has resigned her role as trustee over Britney's trust and thus Lou's company can't get their hands on Britney's assets. Ingham was granted guardian over the trust in the interim, this issue will be heard November 10th along with everything else. Jamie needs to take a lesson from Jamie Lynn and resign, too!
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    Damn! The power of the Britney Army! Jamie Lynn didn't want the heat.
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    “Delay has obviously been a big issue in this case”...nice to see someone personally involved has noticed, lol
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    She looks good, doesn’t seem anxious either, so that’s good.
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    Yup! That's my issue. The ones making shit up and running with it are the ones that get the most attention, just take a look at her Instagram comments! A few "fans" run with wild theories of her being a locked up kidnapped prisoner and now there's comments left and right questioning whether or not Britney is even alive! Meanwhile the fans that are sharing factual information via official documents are ignored. That's why I don't like the meltdowns, because the ones that are getting that attention are the ones that are making shit up and it makes all of us, and Britney, look bad. We don't need the conservatorship to look any worse than it already is. The actual facts are bad enough.
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    Another makeup artist that hasn't been in Britney's presence in years opening their mouth now because the movement gained popularity? Next.
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    I hope fans refuse to buy anything with Britney's official stamp on it There are some great Britney stuff on Etsy made by small creators and the money isn't going to her money-hungry team
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    It seems like everyone in her life has always wanted something from her. Her family wants money, the people around her want money, 80% of her partners were fame or money motivated, and many of her fans want her to be 18 again. It must be really hard. I hope she is able to break free from this conservatorship and finally do what she wants to do. Get married, have kids, live life, enjoy her freedom, whatever makes her happy. I feel like she's worked her entire life and has supported the people around her and it's honestly time for her to be able to live her life the way she wants to live it.
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