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    I miss her too but I honestly feel like she’s done coping with her situation, which she should be, she’s been doing it since 2008. Britney has always been a feisty chick, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s refusing to work until she’s free, lol, I really hope Lynne got that lawyer to actually help Britney get her freedom. I think she genuinely loves what she does, she’s prolly just over having to do it with that huge anchor holding her down.
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    Everytime I see that bikini is like...you oughta know!
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    She looks great! And I love these long captions. She's trying to connect again and it's clear.
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    As long as it’s not mostly mid tempo/ballady like BJ, than I’ll be happy but I sure won’t be holding my breath while waiting for a new album cuz quite frankly I don’t see her having another successful era as long as she’s still in cship.
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    It just makes no sense to me! And yeah, not only did Britney pee outside but her family filmed and posted it on the internet for the world to see! Make that make sense!
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    Anyone’s who defamed Britney deserves to be sued, I STILL think it’s sick Perez was given a part in the Circus tour, as far as I’m concerned, it was just a buy off to shut him up. Now he’s pretty much team c-ships mouthpiece, he is a despicable human being. Back when Anthony being sued first became news, I said I thought it was stupid that he’s suing a fan yet he doesn’t go after the media who say vile things about his daughter. As for the Make Me video, I don’t see why that would be a big deal?? Plus it’s really LaChapelles property esp. since Britney never released it, so he should be the one to sue over it.
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    Agreed, she definitely isn't over performing but I bet she's gonna focus on all the court stuff 100% untill things are settled, no artist likes to be restrained. I'd love to see her fight for her freedom for real, with her own way, even if that way means refusing to work untill an agreement that satisfies her is made. Good things are worth waiting for, after all.
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    Well I miss her too... and it's definitely not helping me now when I'm trying to cure my depression. At least I think she's doing her best to free herself, which is a light in the dark. Once she does that, I think she will perform again.
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    She had more input with Glory and it definitely had that "Britney vibe" to it that all of her albums lacked since her comeback. I actually liked Circus and Femme Fatale but wasn't a fan of Britney Jean, but they still sounded super commercial and definitely like a big team of corporate people put them together or something. Glory sounded more.... Like the songs had a vibe and they were more authentic and less commercial, not that commercial can't be authentic but yah! It's hard to explain. But with Britney seeming to gain more creative control with her music since Glory, I am genuinely excited for when she decides to get back into the studio and see what she and producers and writers can come up with. I feel like Britney's best work is usually always when she's behind it. She has good instincts and a good ear for music when they allow her to express herself. I am excited for the next album! Any kind of particular sound or direction you want for a future album? Honestly, "Bad Guy" by Billie Eilish had this cool, sexy vibe that would have sooooo fit Britney perfectly. I want whisperney to make a comeback for the next album.
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    I like it whenever she does these longer captions! Nothing to worry about the legs though, they look pretty much normal to me.
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    That's what I was trying to figure out! This girl would not just pee outside! She was crouching down and more than likely catching her breath!
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    Yup the comments started out nice and then the morons went in on JL. It's really sad that she can't even enjoy social media and post videos and stuff with her SISTER without the rabid fans going at her.
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    Hope she had a great time with family and friends I started to read some of the comments as soon as she uploaded the videos and they were all really cute. I didn't know that later people started with those stupid comments. It sucks!
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    Love him for this, if only they all hadthat kind of integrity. Sad part is, while times have changed since than and celebs problems are now being taken seriously instead of mocked, it’s not so much the case for Brit, she still gets dissed, not as much but it’s still happening and it’s incredibly fucked up.
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    There was an article but of course those have to be taken with a grain of salt but it said, she gets to see them Christmas Eve, then they’re right back to Kevin, sad part is, I don’t think she’s aloud to have them nights anymore since the custody change, so it wouldn’t even be all of Christmas Eve. She should give her dad a Christmas card, that says inside, go fuck yourself, love Britney, lol, he’s the reason behind the lost time with her kids.
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    I wonder if he is allowed to talk about all of this on other blogs, or if he has to stop all together.
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    Wow that's... long. Shame it had to come down to this, but I'm really not surprised. Anthony knew the risks of presenting speculation as the truth and people even warned him but he just kept going. Maybe now he'll be more responsible in what he writes and how he writes it.
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    And she is here so cute and innocent Thats why Japan fans are the best
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    Awesome picture! I really like when she does this flashbacks
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    I hope everyone has a great week!
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    Britney Spears shows off bikini body, yoga skills in new video https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/britney-spears-bikini-body-yoga-video
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    I know right??? Some fans are just like...
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    She looks so good 😍😍😍🥰
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    Kiwi actor Martin Henderson says kissing Britney Spears was 'really nice' https://i.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/celebrities/118524533/kiwi-actor-martin-henderson-says-kissing-britney-spears-was-really-nice
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    Is she hinting at that she wants her people to let her go so she could try to learn to fly again?
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    As far as I saw, Lynne wasn't with JL.. So maybe Lynne was with Britney, or with Bryann, we keep on forgetting that woman have 3 children So, maybe in a wish-scenario, Britney was with her boys, her brother, and dear Lexi.
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    Britney if you read this please share the link to the store where to buy those pants we all could use one 😉
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    well you are welcome here and anyone you bring with you!
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    domain renewal succeeded, we are going to rock another year 😍
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    Couldn't agree more. Sadly, some shows keep doing those stupid jokes even today...
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    This was a nice read. Even though I can have a really dark sense of humor, I agree with him that comedians should make fun of those who can stand being ridiculed instead of those who are already on the ground. Glad to see he followed his heart instead of the money.
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    Follow me on Twitter (www.twitter.com/rockerfem)
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    She looks so good and happy!
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    I would think he can’t talk about this topic anywhere online, the purpose was to shut him up, so that’s what makes sense to me.
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    I'd be petrified and also have a freaking panic attack😂
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    Sorry but I gotta give Sam props for that, he’s sticking up for his girl like he should be and what he said is true, I’m positive that 90% of the people hating on her social would be kissing her ass in person.
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    I see where Sam was coming from with that comment because it's true a lot of people talk shit about her but will act like a big fan just to get a picture with her because it is Britney after all. But he didn't word it right and made it seem like no fan would genuinely ask her for a picture, which, to be honest, if I ever saw Britney just out and about I wouldn't bother her for a picture.
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    That tree is like something you’d see in a mall or some other public building, it’s huge, lol, it’s beautiful. Cute pic of the two of them but I’m gonna be honest, it would be nice to see her in a pic with someone other than Sam.
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    I agree but also Exhell is pretty dead too, it’s the indefinite hiatus and also her almost being isolated, all we get is an insta post here and there, there’s just nothing to discuss.
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    And that tree is impressive as well (not jealous at all haha).
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    I need a change of pace...to see some different faces...I need to get away
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    Sooo beautiful! Greetings from Bart Willemse
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