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    I am glad she is out: hope the trolls leave her alone, but they won’t. They will probably claim that they are responsible for her being let out. 😩 I would want to just peace out of show business if I was her.
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    I already tweeted a short thought on this, but I feel I need to explain. I have not been active in this #FreeBritney thing because it's been all speculation. The sources seem fishy and the coincidences make sense, but at the same time don't. It's a confusing mess that I would like to be a part of, but at the same time, don't even want to participate in. If it is true, I wouldn't be surprised, but at the same time, it's putting a really bad reputation on mental health. Mental health issues already has a bad reputation and I feel like this #FreeBritney movement is making it worse, and it already looks bad on Britney because people are bringing up 2007. As a person who suffers from mental health issues, it would make me look hypocritical to say "her being in a mental health facility is bad." I've also been seeing fans wish death upon her dad and her team which is fucking wrong in soooo many ways and I don't even want to be associated with that. I only wish the best for Britney, and if this is true it's sad and I wish she was treated like a human, but at the same time if it isn't true it's going to look bad on us as fans and look bad on Britney as well. I'm sorry if my lack in participation makes me a horrible fan, but I'd rather be labeled as that, than a fan who ruined the reputation of a person they look up to and the mental health progression that has been made over the years (not saying every fan is doing this). I can see both sides to both stories, and the conspiracies for each side add up for each argument, but I'd really rather not be in the mix of it. Sorry for being so quiet about it, but those are my thoughts.
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    I was literally stunned reading what she had to say about Sam. I suspected it, but I never thought I'd see his name on her social media profiles.
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    While it would definitely be bad ass and awesome, it could just be a coincidence, that is unless u give the name of your little birdie. So over the anonymous bullshit!!
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    I honestly still don’t know what to believe but I just wish her the best. Fans who think this is gonna get her released are delusional, HOWEVER, i do feel that some independent party, not chosen by Team B should investigate the c-ship to make sure it isn’t being abused esp. since it’s been 11 years now. In fact I think the fact that there’s a new judge on board who doesn’t appear to have any corruption attached to her name unlike the previous judges is a very good thing.
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    I was JUST about to start a thread about this lol. I'm just glad that she's saying ANYTHING about the sittuation. Also damn, the caption text is so calm but I imagine she must actually feel very frustrated about all this
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    Well, at least some of us will be able to say we were rational and waited for reliable information. Plus the protest didn't seem big (thank god)
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    Sometimes reading these "main" posts is so cringy and gives second hand embarrassment. However, if it's true that this is her sign of "taking control" then I hope all the fans that called these photos sad and said she had "dead eyes" and needs to be "freed" feel as stupid as they sound. Also, I think fans are putting too much stock in the May 10th court day. Britney will probably not even be there, and I doubt her "freedom" will be a result of the hearing. The most I see happening is the judge opening an investigation. Likely? Nothing at all will come from it.
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    I wonder what certain fans are going to do if she does get out of the c-ship, ends up firing no one, and does not go back to being Prime Britney? They will complain and moan like always. Worst yet, what if she goes back to being 07 Britney and messes everything up? Good and dandy as long as the c-ship is gone I guess. I really hope that she is fine and people do have her best interests at heart; if what’s his face (Everytime director) is to be believed, he saw that Britney has had problems from the very beginning, but it may have been hidden from the public. From 04-08, she was on her own, so maybe we were seeing the real Britney; who knows tbh. I just don’t want to see her become a train wreck again or have “fans” think she is going to go back to her Prime: her Prime has passed, IMO. I don’t want people to take advantage of her either. Maybe we should just accept the fact that something is wrong with Britney and she will need help for her lifetime. Margot Kidder had mental issues and seemed to have them in check, but she ended her life. Not saying Brit is the same, but we don’t always know what is going on in private.
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    Britney’s back, b*tch! Britney Spears has once again left her treatment facility … but this time it’s because she has finally completed her program and is ready to get back to some normalcy in her life. We’re told the “Toxic” singer was picked up by boyfriend Sam Asghari Thursday afternoon after officially checking out of treatment. The two were seen heading to her home in Thousand Oaks. As we first reported, Spears’ release was due any day after she neared the end of her long-term treatment. Doctors and professionals working with Spears wanted to make sure she had a good mix of medications, as well as behavioral tools to continue to lead a successful life once she was given more freedoms. It’s been a long road for Spears, as she has been in treatment since January following a severe mental breakdown. Amid the controversy surrounding her treatment, we’re told her close circle of advisors, along with her father, Jamie Spears, have been working to make sure she gets the best care possible. Spears’ release comes days after she was spotted multiple times out in Los Angeles, including a 24-hour leave to spend time with Asghari over the Easter holiday. As for those questioning the motives of Spears’ team and doubting she wanted to get help, the singer released a video letting everyone know that “all is well.” Good luck, Britney … you got this. https://theblast.com/britney-spears-leaves-mental-health-facility-completed-treatment/ Here's a picture from TMZ
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    https://www.hollywoodpipeline.com/2019/04/24/britney-spears-steps-out-of-treatment-for-froyo-run/ Theres also a video: https://theblast.com/britney-spears-froyo-questions-thanks-mental-health-treatment/ "Do you have any message for your fans?" Britney: No.
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    Meds absolutely can stop working, I’m 37 and have been on depression/anxiety meds since I was a teen and my meds have been switched up a few times and new ones can have some bad side effects, that’s why u need to be vocal with your doctor. I agree they should have just been honest, the world knows she has some form of mental illness, all they had to say was...she’s been under a lot of stress lately, that combined with her meds no longer working, she just needed some time away and to be evaluated while starting new meds...that’s nothing super personal. I feel their lying and their flip flopping is a big contributor to this chaos. There’s a way to be truthful without revealing anything too personal.
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    U know earlier, I was thinking to myself...am I bad for giddily having the thought, what if her family and team contact the FBI over the death threats, I wasn’t wishing or hoping for it, just laughing at the thought, well guess what now I am wishing for it. Exposing where she is just puts her in danger, I hope the security there is tight!! Between the death threats and now this, these particular fans should be looked into by the authorities. I’d give anything to see a fan perp walk, lol, ridiculous part is, these idiots prolly think just cuz it’s on the internet that it doesn’t count as harassment and death treats, well news flash to the morons it does count!!!
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    Ii’ll bet anything fans are the stress she’s referring to, lol, but nice to see her having a sense of humor about it.
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    She looks good, the first pics we got of her were worrying but not these, we’ll never know whether their staged or not, but something tells me if she was there involuntarily, the facility wouldn’t let her out just cuz her team wants staged photos and LMAO at the no.
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    It’s great to hear from her, sad that she has to address it when she’s going through what she is, but they couldn’t ignore it anymore and those fans needed to be called out and it’s better that it comes from her. Shocked to see her bring up Lutfi but good for you girl, shame on fans who were treating him like some savior. My hope is that they back off her and her family now, but sadly, even though she seems completely relaxed in this video and the text definitely sounds like her, those psycho fans won’t buy it.
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    I feel kinda sad when I see her so tired of everything.
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    I don’t know what else she wants her fans to do; she spoke and wrote a message; she pretty much asked for people to leave her and her family be. They can make theories all they want; she wants them to butt out; if they keep this going (which they will because they have nothing better to do), she just say “fu-k all” and be done with everything. Not that I would blame her by this point. Who needs enemies when you got “fans” like this.....
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    Well, at least she mentioned him in the right context: exposing him for the devil he is
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    I wonder if any of these fans are any of the “fans” now trashing BRITNEY on ExHELL, I swear some fans need to be beat into a coma...sorry, not sorry!!
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    All my thoughts exactly, now when somenone from her inner circle actually comes out and makes a statement (not likes/follows) confirming these allegations, I will join this movement in a heartbeat, until then it’s just hearsay and I’m choosing to stay on the sidelines, that doesn’t make us bad fans, it makes us logical ones.
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    This whole fan base is gonna be a laughing stock if this is all bullshit.
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    The whole situation is very confusing and concerning, but this free Britney thing from fans is irresponsible, presumptuous and rude. something is certainly off, but I’m not a fan of how we’ve all just jumped to the conclusion that Britney has had all control removed from her life. Firstly, her dad is not a psychiatrist, he doesn’t have the power to commit someone to a facility against their will as he has zero medical authority and cannot legally make that decision. Secondly, if she is being kept there against here will, would they be offering her day passes? ultimately though it’s not our business and maybe Britney wanted to spend some time there, in which case the free Britney fans look like a bunch of dicks.