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    It kills me that she sees that shit, haters are one thing but the conspiracy posts from her fucking fans is another, like why is it so hard for them to keep that shit off her pages, keep it in the forums and their personal social media, her team are the shady ones, not her. It must esp. hurt seeing the people questioning her sanity over a ten second Instagram post, like worry about yourselves armchair psychiatrists!! There’s nothing wrong with her posts!!
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    Seeing everyone kiss her ass NOW and talk about how "the Britney army has her back" pisses me off as much as those negative ass comments do. Who the hell do you think was talking shit, making conspiracies and hurting her in the first place? THOSE so called fans! Now they got their tail between their legs because they realize words to do hurt and Britney does see what the fuck they're saying, so they're trying to backtrack like they weren't the ones blowing up her comments talking about how "weird" it is that she films herself in different outfits. Girlfriend needs to turn her comments off and live her best life.
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    The comments on her posts have gotten increasingly negative and/or conspiratorial. Have your conspiracy theories if you want, but “fans” need to back off her fucking page. Haters who never loved her are one thing, but it’s amazing to watch how her own “fans” have turned on her. Makes me sick.
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    I hate the way you guys turn a serious situation into a joke with these stupid gifs and meme's. I do hope this means a big change in Britney's conservatorship regarding Jamie. I don't see how it can't, and I agree with what the blast said that the likely scenario will be to replace Jamie with someone else. Someone impartial I hope and NOT a family member. Someone that will make steps for Britney to be able to be out of the conservatorship in the near future (I would hope for the end of the year).
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    I agree, from a logical point of view a conservator should never be a family member or anyone else who could have a reason to be biased, it should always be someone neutral, preferrably a professional conservator. If you ask me, it should have been a professional in the first place. Who knows, maybe the job would have been done by now and Britney would no longer need a conservator. Or the c-ship could have been redefined as financial only.
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    It's a sad time indeed when your own fans turn against you... I'm sure Britney has gotten perfectly used to seeing an occational mean comment here and there but normally those comments have come from people who never cared about her in the first place. This, however... I can't imagine how it must be affecting her to see her own fans write the same stuff that used to only come from people with nothing better to do than trolling.
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    Her post broke my heart. I really hope these people will see the pain they've caused her. Honestly, she should turn off her comment sections. I can't even look at it - it's disgusting and scary.
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    Yeah, now obviously it’s her personal business so she doesn’t have to speak on it if she doesn’t want to BUT if there are times when she wants to, then fucking let her, like in that one UK interview during Glory promo, SHE brought up the cship and her team shut it down and had it edited out, that’s what I can’t stand, for all we know, she could have wanted to discuss it many times but we’ll never know cuz of her fucking team. It can def. help when celebs come forward with their own problems, anxiety is one thing Brit has admitted to, having anxiety myself, it comforts me to know she does too.
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    First his colon, now his ankle? He's a terrible liar.
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    Must agree with Heather, now is not the time for cutesy gifs. Praying to God he’s removed, I will say this though, this whole year, I have kept an open mind regarding the allegations and the Free Britney movement and all that, but I’m officially off the fence now. And if nothing changes even after this, there’s definite corruption. If Jamie lost it to the point he went after a child, who knows what he’s done to her all these years.
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    I find is ridiculous that she is being punished when she did the right thing. That's so f*cked up, but if Kevin and her are "agreeing" upon this, then hopefully it's temporary.
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    Throughout this whole year Britney has shown she's much stronger and like @MonaLisa613 said, the responsible one. I honestly have no fear about another 2007 happening in that regards, Britney has been dealt a shitty hand and she's handling it like an adult would. This situation alone is enough to give Britney the jump start needed to fight for her conservatorship to be ended, so seeing that she already has, this is just another piece of proof to show that she doesn't need her life run by her father at the very least. I also think that in the beginning Jamie did have Britney's best interests at heart but somewhere along the lines things shifted, and while I don't necessarily think he's out to get/hurt Britney, I don't believe that her health and well being continued to be top priority for Jamie/the conservatorship.
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    Sucks for her, but I would think it’s temporary, there’s no way Jamie can stay on as conservator after this., I’m hoping there’s an emergency cship hearing, she shouldn’t be punished for her fathers actions.
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    More pics at the source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7453461/Britney-Spears-escapes-Hawaii-family-life-implodes-new-conservator-takes-over.html
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    I think she might have to take a long break from performing if all this doesn't work out but she could still release music, I mean, it doesn't require as much effort as touring. I feel like the job of rehabilitating Britney was done sloppily (for example letting her back on stage so early when they really should have focused on what was happening in her private life) and is still unfinished. She really needs people around her that actually focus on the goal of giving her the ability and tools to handle as much freedom as possible. Perhaps she will never have all the freedoms of a normal person but at least she might get most of them.
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    I agree, while there’s no denying that the timing of this guys death is eerie as hell, unfortunately, people of all ages can die for whatever reason, my family just went through this last year. Death doesn’t have a schedule and people can be sick and just not know it, which was the case in my situation, I highly doubt Team Britney offed the dude.
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    That break the ice routine will always be superior to what the end of POM looked like. And I missed when she used to do the full piece of me routine too. Great show!
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    I really don’t get why anyone wants Lynne to take over as her conservator. Outside looking in, but I don’t trust either one of her parents. If she needs a conservator, appoint a neutral third party.
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    Britney definitely needs to be there, it's her life that's affected the most, she should be the center of attention. In my opinion no decision can be made before everyone including her has been heard. It feels weird that she'd be "unwilling to attend" after everything that's gone down. This is way too huge to be allowed to move on without her. Edit: Isn't it funny how the news bot gets so little attention nowadays? Just look at this 😂
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    Lol... Her alcoholic father was a danger for his family and he couldn't even run a damn restaurant for more than 2 years. He's never been the right person to be in charge of Britney's life! Britney herself didn't want him.
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    I agree; yes, I think they should assign someone that has no gain from the c-ship. I thought her brother Bryan would be a good choice for a family member; she seems to get along with home well and I believe her would see to her needs and be firm if needed. I don’t know what to think anymore. I took up for Jamie a lot and thought he had Britney’s best interests at heart; apparently not. I hope Britney can take care of herself, but I really do not want to see her go down the path of 2007 and throw away what she gained and learned.
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    I'm so in love with Brunetteney omg, I'm shaking
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    It feels weird to me that a conservatorship isn't automatically considered nationwide in the US. But then again the country is one big mess when it comes to laws anyway, it feels like they make things more complicated than they need to be. I really don't know anymore what to say about all that's happening, each time I read about the sittuation it gets more complicated...
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    It is honestly so sad to read those comments. Britney is so sweet and sensitive, she should really turn off the comments, at least for a while..
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    I saw Hustlers. It was really good. They paid tribute to Britney in one of the montages by having the girls dance at the club to "Gimme More". I noticed that during this scene all the strippers were in some form of black or silver sparkling outfits so I think it was meant to be a slight callback to the VMA performance but it was a nice scene and it was funny to hear J.Lo's character say "Oh my god I love Britney!" since she's shown Britney love in real life. And if makes anyone here feel better during these hard times as a Britney fan, a number of people in the theater also said "yes l love this song" and they weren't being sarcastic.
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    Hope her kids have a great day! I'm sure she'll be celebrating and seeing them.
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    Gorgeous, I really hope she keeps that color for awhile, looks soooo good!!
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    Damn that hair looks good on her, and so does everything else!
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    I would imagine kicking down a door could fuck up an ankle, lol, I’m so sick of him and the bullshit, just admit it old man, ya fucked up royally and aren’t aloud around are your grandkids.
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    @MakeMySugarFall @MonaLisa613 @heather ok, that worked. Thanks guys, I feel rational again.
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    I've been thinking for a while for something rational to say and I still can't think of anything, in fact I feel the little conspiracy theorist in me starting to wake up. @heather please come and talk some sense into us, it's all getting too crazy to handle.
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    Diet Spears😂 Can't wait for this to become a thing.
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    Well the main players in this is Jamie and Britney, so obviously the stories would mainly focus on them, Lynne could of been in the dark with everything all these years, legally Jamie didn’t have to tell her shit and it took this movement to make her realize something ain’t right, if she ain’t in court Monday or the 18th, that’s when I’ll write her off.
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    TMZ is full of lies and still kissing Jamie's ass for "inside info". Kevin won't have any say in who is Britney's conservator, and it's clear Jamie needs to be removed ASAP. Who can handle the job? Britney. Britney can handle herself. But I agree with the others that it needs to be an outside professional that works with Britney to be able to understand and handle what her life will be outside of a conservatorship. She can't just go right into being "free" when she's had to deal with this for 11 years, and that's 11 years of no one helping her prepare to be on her own.
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    Agreed, Jamie is most certainly replaceable. It would be about time for a professional to take his place in my opinion, also it's weird how despite there being proof people still think Britney doesn't have a smartphone. It can be seen in plenty of her posts and even in recent candids like this one:
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    Not taking up for Jamie, but do you think that maybe he has fell off the wagon with his sobriety? Or, just like was said, he has an explosive temper. I hate this for Britney, but it may help her in the long run get a new conservator. I hope it isn’t Lynn TBH.....I don’t trust her either.
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    @heather @MonaLisa613 I sure hope you're right and this is just a test to see if Britney doesn't need supervision when being with the boys anymore, because if she passes that test it could mean the 50/50 split will happen again, only this time she'll be able to relax more knowing that the officials trust in her parenting abilities. I think that would also give her a significant mental health boost.
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    Yeah, that's how they've been doing all the releases of her vinyls, except BOMT since they released the pink one and then the clear one. They really should open it up world wide!
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    Only in the US :( Imagine if people from all over the worl where able to buy it..
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    Everybody is amazing, repent your sin It goes without saying. Radar was the worst bonus track. The circus version was even at a lower volume level. Other than that, I dont like rock me in. Or most of the BOMT / oidia bonuses.
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    It’ll suck but fans will just have to suck it up, I also feel like the constant secrecy is a big part of the problem, I think if they would just keep it real with the fans, release a statement regarding this whole ordeal but do it without revealing too much, most fans would accept it than.
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    I think the only reason fans are up in arms about her finances is cuz a lot of the money she busts her ass for goes to Jamie, was going to Wallet, is going to cship lawyers, when in reality that money should be going to her and the people SHE chooses to have work for her. Her shops to Target and wherever else is her business, she can shop wherever she wants, who cares but it shouldn’t have to be reported to the courts, it should be reported to a financial advisor that SHE hires.
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    At this point we don't even know what "restraints" Britney truly has, what she can/can't do, etc. I think it's pretty obvious that a celebrity of Britney's status won't be living the same life as us regular folk, so some precautions should be in place. Should Britney go EVERYWHERE with security? Probably not, unless, of course, SHE doesn't feel safe. Should Britney be allowed to hire her own medical team? Yes. Does she already have say in what medical doctors she does see? We don't know. Should she alone handle her fortune? No. It's a sticky situation, that us fans really have no business sticking our noses into. It's Britney life. As much as we might want her to be "free" what does freedom really mean for Britney? We'll never know because we don't know how she really, truly lives day to day.
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    Yeah hopefully that would happen but I only see it happening if the judge forces them to and if they don’t comply, punish them, if they were concerned about Britney the person, not just the millionaire pop star, they would have been preparing her since the day it started and ended it some time ago. Conservatorships are for people who can’t function whatsoever, there not for protection for functioning adults, to keep her in it just for that would be a violation even if Britney wanted it, there are ways to protect her without such an extreme, I mean the fact that Andrew Wallet went to court and asked the court to look at the cship as a hybrid-business model is a huge red flag cuz that’s not the purpose of one. Sorry, I just don’t trust Jamie, Lou or Larry, I don’t see them letting her go unless forced.
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    They gotta do something tho cuz I feel like if she’s not let go, the show isn’t gonna go on as easily as it did back in 2008, i for one am not gonna feel comfortable handing over my money after everything that’s come out and esp. now that Lou is the one in control of Brits money. This thing is screwing her in both ways, her being in this thing so long most definitely fucks with her being able to function on her own and if it continues, that will affect her career, cuz most fans will feel uneasy buying anything.
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    It's "thinking". And Heather is right on this one. You are rude af, bitch. Calm your ass a little! And you don't seem adult a bit, you're childish as anybody else. I haven't seen anyone so brainless around here as much as you are.
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