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    Court documents saying the movement is far from being a conspiracy theory or a joke and that Britney welcomes and appreciates the informed support of her many fans, it’s official y’all...Britney IS FREE BRITNEY, lol, this just gets better and better!!! https://mobile.twitter.com/Martiijnn/status/1301573084374327298 Edit: just read the entire court document, she really is fighting for herself, this is incredible, I’m sooooo proud of her!!!
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    Yeah, it was Lou’s idea, Lynne even said so in her book. Lou even tried to talk Dina Lohan into getting Lindsay in a cship. I don’t think a single fan thinks that there shouldn’t have been some form of intervention, cuz Britney was in a complete dangerous downward spiral and Sam L. had to be removed also, the problem is the fact that she’s still paying for it 12 years later and that it was made permanent based on a lie. There’s also been no indication that they even tried to see if she could live freely again, they just continued to infantilize her instead of help her to grow, this cship has caused damage the longer it’s gone on. I also 100% believe that the only reason moves are being made now is a result of this movement.
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    I’m honestly not that worried, like that one document said, the world is watching and I think they know by now that fans aren’t giving up, so it’s gonna be much harder for them to get away with the shady shit like they could in the past. Plus, one probate attorney named Lisa, says the judges tend to side with the court appointed attorneys and now that Britney’s is finally working for her and seems to be doing a pretty damn good job, I think going forward more rulings will be in Britney’s favor, she already got a slight win with the judge deciding to tentatively deny Jamie’s request to seal documents. So I don’t think fans have to feel so doom and gloom anymore but also keep in mind, this isn’t gonna be an over night thing, this fight will be lengthy, so patience is a must.
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    https://mobile.twitter.com/MeanerThree/status/1300969117269127171 I was literally just thinking about this last night so it’s a nice treat to wake up to seeing he actually submitted the documents. I was thinking he might drop the ball, lol, he doesn’t have all my trust yet, still a lil skeptical. Apparently, according to what fans dug up, they represent some pretty big companies, such as Apple and Amazon. So that’s a good thing imo. Some fans are saying this will include that trust that JL took over but idk, either way, not having Jamie and Lou in control of majority of her fortune is the most important thing so hopefully the judge approves this. Update: So this all looks like good stuff, the box where it says conservatee is not able to provide for herself meaning physical health, food clothing shelter is NOT checked but the box that says conservatee substantially cannot manage financial resources or resist fraud or undue influence is checked followed by a note saying this is a voluntary cship and that she wishes to nominate a conservator of her estate (which we already knew) the box DOES NOT is checked for has a developmental disability defined in probate section 1420. Petitioner is aware of the requirements of Probate code section 1827.5 Nothing is checked under the medical treatment of conservatee section https://www.docdroid.net/VLssd1y/bessemer-petition-pdf Call me crazy but doesn’t this shit look good, like saying there’s nothing wrong with her health wise and there should be no need for the personal cship??
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    @Britgirl1980 @MonaLisa613 as long as Lynne stays in Louisiana with Jamie, I don't trust her. Now if Jamie comes out and DOESN'T fight Britney's wishes, I'll change my tune. But until then I don't trust a single Spears except Britney.
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    I’m on the fence regarding Lynne but this looks like a good sign.
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    I'm glad to see her lawyer finally doing his job! It's also really nice to see that something happened that empowered Britney to truly start the fight for herself again. I have to wonder how the whole family is feeling about this though. Technically it's Britney vs her family, not just Jamie, because they're all together while she's alone fighting by herself. Sure Lynne kinda sorta stepped up, but she's still with Jamie, too. It's not her lawyer making these requests, it's Britney's. If they cared really, if Jamie did, he wouldn't fight her requests. Time will tell and it really makes you wonder. Also it seems like if this request is granted Britney will start working again. Something about if her request is granted this company will have the authority to make and fulfill contracts. She still clearly wants to work, but not under her current conditions.
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    To much shady stuff has come out and I question the entire cship. For all we know, she didn’t even need it. If she’s so bad that she needed this thing, then quite frankly she shouldn’t have been working at all, plus if it’s about her mental health, why is she in a probate cship, instead of an Lps cship, which is specifically for people with mental health issues and also expires in a year. Why didn’t they try less restrictive options first, which apparently they’re supposed to do, but that didn’t happen with her, they went straight to the last resort option. None of it makes any sense. Also the judge has to go by what the conservator/lawyers give them, so the judge could be basing stuff off of false documents. Sorry, I just don’t trust Team CON whatsoever, lol I definitely think she was half-assing on purpose.
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    I think it’s a combination of things. First one being the choreographers, maybe they just ain’t that creative and aren’t coming up with great stuff cuz she’s still able to pull off her original choreo pretty well. Second, I don’t think it has to do with whatever mental health issue she has, I think it’s more about the meds, either she’s not being treated properly for a legit condition or she’s being fed pills she don’t need, it’s kinda weird how she kills it in rehearsals but then fizzles in front of a crowd, you’d think proper meds would help with her nerves. Plus, now knowing what we do regarding the cship, with how controlling and stifling it is, that would drain anyone’s passion and drive esp. the longer it goes on, which is why I’m glad, she’s put her foot down and is refusing to work, she shouldn’t have to continue working under those conditions, she needs both her voice and control back.
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    I was thinking something the other day about her dancing and how we always end up comparing her dancing before and after The Circus Tour. And I came to the theory that maybe one of the reasons her routines are not so intricate is because she is not allowed to work that much. I mean, given her alleged medical condition it wouldn't be safe for her to spend that much time in rehearsal or even in the studio, and expose herself to that level of stress. I see The Onyx Hotel Tour and I can only imagine how much time she had to put into every single one of the choreographies and how stressful that should have been for the whole team. I suppose one of the conditions of her going back to work so soon would have been to not push herself too much.
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    According to the Britneysgram girls, Britney's request to not have things sealed has been tentatively granted, the issues regarding Wallet and Bessemer Trust have been moved to November, and Ingham revealed that Tri Star has not been paying him since August 20th! Apparently Lynne's lawyer brought up how convenient it is that as soon as Ingham starts working for Britney and not the Conservatorship his payments stopped! Jamie and Lou are just making things worse for themselves!
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    Oh they just keep shooting themselves in the foot, it’s beautiful, lol, and it is sooo deserved. They can’t possibly think this shit makes them look good?? Each move they make shows their intentions more and more and turns more people against them.
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    Beat me to it, lol, I’m glad the judge approved the request not to seal even if just tentative, it’s still score 1 for Brit. But the non payment as soon as he starts doing his job, oh how very convenient and I’m glad Lynne pointed that out herself. That act alone shows what Jamie/Lou are all about, they are despicable, the judge had better see that shady move for what it is. I’m glad he’s still working for/with Brit despite not getting paid, that does make him look good IMO. As for the postponement, it does make sense to do it in one hearing.
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    It's just so nice to see this guy finally working for Britney and not the money! I think there's a hearing tomorrow regarding Britney's wishes, so let's all hope for some positive news to come from that.
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    I LOVE when she trolls like this! You can always tell the fans from the nonfans because the fans actually get it.
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    They really are desperate, I honestly just see goofy Britney, sure sometimes the captions don’t always match the pics/vids but can that 100% be blamed on her, I honestly don’t think so. I agree it’s the comments and I doubt we’d be seeing those comments if the breakdown/cship never happened, people are just programmed to see crazy now.
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    Funny how he's trying to spin her not wanting to work as a reason why the Conservatorship needs to stay in place. Makes me wonder if she was the one that cancelled Domination after all.
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    Oh I'm sure there will absolutely be a response and I can't WAIT for that! It's really pretty disgusting how much this screams how he only cares about the money and not his daughter. Also, I remember a few months ago there was that Twitter account going around saying Lou offered Britney a million dollars to make an appearance at The Zone and she refused it. Seems like that was legit! And pretty gross that Lou offered Britney money from Britney's own pocket. I can't wait for the day all these pieces of literal trash are out of Britney's life for good!
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    Oh the horror, doesn’t wanna be a cash cow anymore for everyone else’s pockets but hers, shame on her, lol, this proves he only cares about “Britney Spears” and not his daughter!! Makes me happy I ended up not buying Mood Ring cuz this really makes all the career stuff questionable, like how much of it was forced. I just hope the judge is smart enough to catch the spin, this better bite Jamie in the ass and not Brit!! I wonder if we’ll be seeing a response from her soon, I sure hope so, lol
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    I’m not to concerned about the new company that could possibly take over, they are a legit company who handle major billion dollar companies and Britney is choosing this company, not her father or team. Every millionaire needs somebody to manage their money, quite frankly, I’m more concerned with the people who control her personal life, this company will not have control over that, just the money and business related stuff.
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    The part I’m most excited about is her wanting the gag order lifted. Like yaaassss queen, let the world know wtf is going on! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
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    I agree with this fully. I still refuse to speculate on the personal matters that the conservatorship may touch, but I do think it’s increasingly clear that her family - ALL of them - needs to be disassociated with running/managing it. And having someone else managing her money makes sense. I can’t imagine any celebrity being able to successfully handle all those different avenues of revenue. That type of request isn’t abnormal for someone like her.
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    Even thought it is her money, she really needs someone to help manage it. She was blowing through some heavy money in 2007, not to mention her “leeches”. It is clear that Britney wants more personal freedom; but, she really needs to show responsibility if she wants to care for herself. If she is being prescribed medicine for her condition (if there is one), she has to take it. I have seen cases where people take medicine, but once they start feeling better, they don’t take it as needed, and then they are back to square one. That may be the case with Britney, and she may not be showing the court that she can handle being by herself or completely in control. Someone mentioned that Britney had a life coach that she thrived with (that ended for some reason); it would be good maybe if she could have someone over the money part of the c-ship, and maybe a life coach instead of a conservator. Again, we don’t know what is going on, and she may require the c-ship. I think her Dad and co needs to go; she needs a fresh team that will be in tune with her needs.
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    Hopefully, it’s a keep your friends close and your enemies closer thing cuz for the life of me, I just can’t understand letting your daughter and sister suffer for this long. I remember in Lynne’s book during a therapy session, that the doctor said Britney’s shitty relationship with her father could pave the way for her relationship with men, I feel in some cases that’s come true. I pray to God that Sam is the real deal, she deserves to finally have that life long fairytale relationship she’s always longed for BUT she should also know that she doesn’t NEED a man, life can still be fulfilling without one.
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    You see, until the movement, I never knew about Lou; I figured Jamie got legal advice from a lawyer about the C-ship, and enabled it. To be fair, I think if Jamie wouldn’t have gotten involved, and with his attitude, Britney would be broke, Dead, or both. People who heavily favor this movement either forget, or don’t know about 06-07; Britney was out of control, rather it be mental illness, PPD, alcoholism, or whatever. However, for whatever reason (I am leaning towards the canceling of Domination, the incident with her kids, and she wants more freedom of course), she wants her Dad out, and he should respect that. Britney is smart enough to know she is not going have the c-ship removed right away. And, I agree, I believe Jamie had good intentions in the beginning, but now it is not, rather it be himself or an outside source.
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    Unfortunately, some doctors will do shit for the right price usually it’s drug related but I wouldn’t be surprised if some would be willing to falsify documents. Unless those records get made public, we’ll prolly be forever left just wondering.
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    Well if u think back to when Harvey Levin made his little faux pas on TMZ Live and said that even though Britney has never been diagnosed with Bipolar, she’s being treated for it, these documents make that statement 100% believable now. That’s heavy duty medication, if u give it to someone who don’t need it, I’m sure it would definitely cause problems.
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    It's really a sad thing to think about but I believe the entire Spears family has become extremely jaded in regards to Britney and what she's actually done for them. They just see $$$$$$$$$ now instead of their sister/daughter/HUMAN BEING and it's really sad. I definitely think they would! The Conservator is supposed to make decisions in Britney's best interest, and getting rid of these nasty, vile people and setting her up with people that SHE chooses is rule number one for that.
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    Looks like Urban is back at it with another vinyl! This time for the Greatest Hits: My Prerogative and it's more expensive than the others have been. https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/britney-spears-greatest-hits-my-prerogative-limited-2xlp?color=100&size=ONE SIZE&type=REGULAR&quantity=1
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    Britney expressed wanting a Vegas show as early back as 2004. So I will never buy into the whole "she was forced to do Vegas/never wanted to do it" attitude. As far as production goes it had its hits and misses for sure. Her team cannot be blamed for everything and some of the things you have an issue with, namely the costumes, lie in Britney herself. We don't know what the plans for Domination were, and they very well could have had all the mistakes from the first show worked out. You have to remember that Britney going to Vegas was a brand new concept, there was a learning curve, no one comes out of the gate with picture perfect shows. It only get exaggerated for Britney because she's at the point where no one will ever be satisfied with what she does. Someone somewhere will ALWAYS have a complaint about something. You gotta learn to accept Britney how she is and what she chooses to share and do for her fans, instead of wishing for more.
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    No problem! The trustees only job is to make sure the trust gets administered the way it's set up to. They cannot change it, only Britney has that power. I agree it's definitely a grim topic, but I read somewhere that these changes must have started late 2017 and finally went through in 2018, and this would have made sense because that would be around the time of the Vegas shootings.
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    I made a comment on tumblr that I hope she screen caps every frame of the shoot and posts them just to keep everyone in her comments so mad!
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    Someone needs to be the trustee of it and like @MonaLisa613 it makes sense for it to be the youngest member of their family. The money/assets go to Britney's kids, that cannot be changed and Jamie Lynn's only role would be to make sure that happens. Nothing shady here.
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    Where are u¿¿¿¿
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    Link to full document https://www.docdroid.net/wHEto8h/ingham-opposition-wallet-pdf#page=25 This document gives some more detail in regards to Wallets resignation, also states that in the 11 years he was co-conservator, he had little to no interaction with Britney. He also brings in Tri Stars role and once Wallet was out, Jamie gave Tri Star a massive increase in payment, there’s also email between Jamie and Lou featured in the Exhibit section. And just for shits and giggles, Meaner made a comparison on Lou’s signature from the email in the exhibit and the email she sent Britney when she was stalking Britney...they match, lol https://mobile.twitter.com/MeanerThree/status/1305689167750402050
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