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    hey guys , i know i have not posted in a long while , but , i wanted to address brit's instagram content. i feel like fans are really overreacting lately. if you think about it, the post are really wholesome and harmless. i do believe in #freebritney , but i always felt like fans/ media was hyping it up. i think it's really unfair that fans are overthinking it and making her feel terrible! the truth is , we don't know what's going on , only Britney does... i feel like the B Army is always looking for drama... and it bothers me , she will come out of this strong. i promise please don't send me hate , it's just my opinion.
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    Don't worry, you're not gonna get hate here since this isn't Exhell It makes me sad that Britney feels like she has to constantly tell her fans not to be mean to her, I really hope she's not gonna end up hating her own fanbase because of a few crazies out there. I'm still trying to understand how one can get offended by Britney posting about horses😂 I'm glad she keeps reading comments though, because that means she's also seen the positive stuff people say, maybe that balances things out in the end.
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    Britney already DM'd people back and sent them money, too! I don't care what ANY of those assholes have to say about this. This is 100% from her heart, and while other celebrities are out there thinking singing terribly to Imagine from their multimillion dollar mansions is gonna do a damn thing, Britney is out here DOING the damn thing. THIS is the reason I love this woman so much, she truly, deeply, CARES for people. Despite the shit they spew at her!
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    Unlike exhell we think rationally and the majority of us share your same opinion! Freebritney has turned into a ridiculous smear conspiracy campaign that hasn't done a thing to actually help Britney. In my opinion it's done the opposite, but those assholes are too full of themselves to see that they're actually hurting the person they claim to care about so much. This isn't the first time Britney has told them to be nice, and it's sad as hell shes even has to do it once. I love her instagram, I love her posting every outtake from that photoshoot and her captions filled with emojis. It's the most authentic thing we've had from her in awhile and those loud ass nasty fans are trying to ruin it to just desperately be right about shit none of us could possibly know! I just hope britney doesn't let them scare her away from posting, and i wish she'd turn the comments off, if only for a little bit. They'd lose their minds.
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    She looks cute and looks like her foot is on the mend too, no more cast!
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    I've preordered it. Pretty expensive for an album with 4,5 songs sang by Britney... but the cover is one of her best album cover
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    It can be new or it can be old or it can be absolutely nothing. Literally anyone can upload something to this website it's not a reliable or trustworthy site for music registration. But I also have no doubt Britney is/has been working on new music
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    I’m at the point where I feel they should all be beat into a coma, maybe then she’ll get a break from the hate but that’s not realistic so they should just shut off comments. Getting hate from obvious haters is one thing but getting it from people who claim to be fans must hurt like hell. The constant conspiracy theories and also pointing out of inconsistencies does nothing to help Britney, freebritney fans circulating this shit is what brings it to the attention of the media who go and report it for the rest of the world!! Lastly, to judge somebody’s mental health over some Instagram posts is itself unhinged, just shut the fuck up already!!! Edited to add: Also, are fans who are making a big deal out of her “I’ve never worn a white bathing suit” comment not aware that bathing suits come in many styles, she’s been pictured wearing white BIKINIS but never a ONE PIECE like she was wearing in the Instagram, in fact I don’t recall seeing a pic of her in a one piece throughout her whole career. So it’s extremely possible when she said bathing suit she meant a one piece, stop jumpIng at the chance to turn stuff into a conspiracy, instead use your head, it’s that lump three feet above your ass!!!
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    Oh yeah, I can already imagine how if the comments got disabled even for a single post they'd try to catch the media's attention again but would likely only end up making things worse as the press would get another pay day speculating all kinds of stuff... I'm sure it all started with people's hearts in the right place, and the right kind of media attention wouldn't hurt Britney's sittuation. It's good that people are aware of what's happening to her and are also interested in her wellbeing but it all started to go downhill when the conspiracies kicked in. I've said it many times before, and I'll say it again: This can't be over soon enough, I feel like right now Britney is in the second toughest point of her life and she could use all the support we can give to her, but it has to be the right kind of support. We need to cheer her up, not tear her down.
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    hahaha the second video was awesome. I watched 2 o 3 times and still laughed. She needs to keep doing those gooft videos, it's like..that's her..
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    They should have asked her to play Sonic in the Sonic movie instead of that godawful CGI Sonic
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    A new Yoga pose everyday? Yes, Queen!
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    I love this idea, a daily inspiring post from her is gonna be the highlight of the day for any fan who happens to be quarantined. And for the rest of us too.
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    Britney song produced by Jayden here we come Let's talk about what he's really doing tho: he's kinda clickbaiting, saying he'll say stuff after he gets 5k followers or whatever, which I doubt he'd actually do. Jayden better promoter for himself than RCA has been for Britney in the past 8 years
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    Jamie Lynn posted a cute video for her birthday and Britney was there! I don't know how many of you follow Jamie Lynn, but Britney's been there for at least a week.
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    So cool video Yes! I realized that when JL posted some chalk artwork made by Maddie and there was a baloon with Britney's name!!
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    It's pretty clean in whole length
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    Hello from Russia! Check Toxic russian rock version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A26wP9LqG84
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    Queen supporting another queen, we love to see it
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    Got my preorder! Excited to finally complete the collection.
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    Yes x100! It really made my day.
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    The caption, the video, yas queen Love her being goofy again
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    That scream video - I fucking gagged I love her so much 😂😂😂😂💙😭😭
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    Me too I missed her posting them!
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    Real life Sonic confirmed.
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    She just posted another video saying it was a joke!
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    She looks beautiful! And I love her acknowledging her strength.
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    I’m not gonna lie, sometimes her posts are real head scratchers, lol, like is what she posted even possible??
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    It took me a while to understand she meant she did 100 meter in that little time... which everyone is meme-ing to death cause even Usain Bolt don't go that fast lol
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    SHE'S SUCH A Sagittarius
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    She looks so beautiful! Also great initiative from her to tell people that we should be positive and stay home! "I do know how to try to stay strong and positive and show courage" she sure does! And we love her for that. Britney queen of being kind and positive
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    We should all learn from her If someone knows how to be strong, that's certainly her!
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    Touch Of My Hand and Outrageous. Basically anything from ITZ, Britney was feeling herself hardcore then.
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    Me too! I think I admire her everyday a little more But this time, I realy hope she doesn't read DM's herself..there are so many idiots out there....
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    That’s sweet and she looks great but of course “those” fans even wanna turn this negative.
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    I wanna see the photos from that black and pink dress, hot! This is really sweet of her! I'm glad she's actually doing and saying something about the virus instead of pretending like nothing is happening.
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    I meant the last sentence as a joke... kinda we never know with what's going on lol. Plus celebrities sometimes do have people posting for them And honestly same about the favorite color,.. can never which is my favorite
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    They wanted that spring break money. I’m in Philly, government is handling things well imo, although some of the citizens still think they’re invincible. At the end of the day, all the blame goes to the president, that orange doofus knew about this since January and kept treating it like it was nothing.
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    So much this, so much PREACH. As far as the one piece bathing suit thing- I remember the pink one piece she had with Candies and I remember a lime green Borat looking bathing suit posted on her IG a few years ago, other than that girlfriend is always in a bikini so agree with the idea that she meant she never owned a white ONE PIECE before. People just want to always twist her words into meaning what they want it to mean instead of taking it at face value and listening to what she's telling us.
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    And now I wish I could double like this😂 You made my day! Edit: also adding that I remember seeing her wear one piece swimsuits before but that's a really rare sight.
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    These pictures are awful, but from what I can see her top looks cute!
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    My bad, I didn't notice you guys posted it!
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    You could have used the ones we posted on the onyx zone 😂 but yeah not so great pix. https://theonyxzone.com/thumbnails.php?album=12762
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    Anyone wanna fuck around in Destin and passive-agressively piss off Jamie? I wanna find out what kind of car he drives, just so I can throw a piece of bologna on his car, so it'll dissolve the paint I wanna carry a water bottle and dump it on his shoes so his socks get wet I wanna dress up and look super cringey and meet up with him and show him TikToks until he gets annoyed I wanna take his phone and move his funds around in his bank account so that the next time he tries to use his card, he'll be charged a bank overdraft fee I wanna be in line and in front of him at a place like Taco Bell so I can order the whole menu and force him to wait 30 minutes I want him to ask for a chocolate chip cookie just so I can give him a raisin cookie
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    "I'll tell you the whole story about my mum if I get to 5000 followers". He's just a teenager looking for attention online, likes, followers and popularity. I think what he's done is wrong and I hope he stops talking about her mum's business online, because I doubt he knows half of what's going on with her. But hey, he's said more in 15 minutes than Britney herself in 10 years
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    He's 13 so I won't hold anything against him. He's a teen who is upset that his mom is suffering in some way and he feels like he had to speak on it because no one else is. He's not bound up to silence like the rest of the team or her family because he's a kid so he said what he felt like he had to and I think he's way smart and knew what he said was gonna push a button or two and he's probably in big trouble at home for going against everything by speaking up but again it was on his heart and he wanted to he heard. It's a shame grown ass adults wanted to engage with him and try to get Britney info out of him out of desperation. At this point as a fan base I think most logically fans will just have to accept things are out of her control, she's trying to get some control back but also she is not the same anymore due to the mental condition she has, her mental issues are for her to work through on her own, her career as great as it is will have to be put on the back burner while she works through everything, the conservatorship is not ending overnight. Leave her and her son and the rest of her family and team alone. Nothing that anyone on line can say is going to change anything.
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    As a default I don't trust anything from exhale without undeniable proof. It makes no sense to discontinue one of their biggest sellers while simultaneously releasing a new fragrance unless they're moving to a different company.
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