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    You know, I came here after Breatheheavy announced that they were gonna focus on other celebs, and then they started charging for memberships and premiums. Over the years I've grown on this forum and have earned a (bad) rep for (making a lot of edits that don't sound very good) and being a go-to for files and rarities. I've been a stan since I was three years old. I used to steal my older sisters baby one more time CD and learned how to operate a 90s stereo because I wanted to hear the album. I've always loved Britney like a religious deity. Never questioned my loyalty to her. I have a rep in my own town for being THAT person who comes to mind whenever someone hears about her. Even online friends in different states and countries agree - I'm a hardcore Stan. A lot of users here know that I went to Vegas and saw our girl for the first time, and she grabbed my hand during Alien - I've always said that this was the best moment of my whole life. Now, I've had no other forum I could find to talk about her. Other forums are DEAD dead. This one barely kicked for a while. I became a mod because I wanted to make sure anyone slandering her, trolling, etc., I wanted to make sure there wouldn't be people tarnishing her name. For months now, myself and several other users have been BEGGING Anthony to stop posting things we all know were untrue. So many counter arguments, and all he could come back with is "you'll see : )" and making those click-bait-y articles with no substanance. Do you know how ashamed I feel? To know that Britney's dad is aware of what's going on here, and knowing that more than likely Britney is aware... It makes me feel disgusting. She's made it quite clear she's pissed with the conspiracies and just wants people to let her have her life. That's all I've ever wanted. I've also wanted her to notice me (lol), but definitely not like this. I made a post where I had taken a window marker and wrote Free Britney on my car - but included a disclaimer basically stating I didn't believe any of the rumors and just wanted the best for her. (My thought process states "ending the conservatorship would be best".) I don't want Britney or her dad to have a sour opinion about this site as a whole, as that includes ME. I couldn't live with myself if I knew Britney was PERSONALLY angry at me, even if just by association. I don't know how else to put it. I'm so ashamed of the negative publicity this website has given to the situation and conspiracy, and the misinformation being spread. I don't want to think that I'm included, but I feel as if I am. (probably because I'm one of the key members here and no one can deny that.) I just want Britney to be happy. #HeadstrongWolfForAdmin #HeadstrongWolfForNews
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    We been expecting and warning him about this shit and he didn't listen. #HeadstrongWolfForAdmin
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    We told him multiple times. I was an editor for a college newspaper for a year and was on staff for like a year and a half, so I know a little bit about journalism, and we HAD to fact check everything before we posted it. We HAD to have NON-ANONYMOUS sources. If it was opinion based we HAD to state it was OUR opinion. So really I'm disappointed, but not surprised.
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    Anthony, WE FUCKING TOLD YOU TO STOP! Now look.
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    Sorry, not sorry. What he did was absolutely defamation and created a shitstorm based off FALSE information. It was debunked that no, they weren't deleting positive comments, and the next day Lynne's comment had returned. If it was deleted it wouldn't magically return. Instagram was having issues that day, and he ran with it and his own fucked up belief about her family/team. This is why you need to be super careful about what you say on the internet.
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    Don’t forget when you called out Anthony here, @HeadstrongWolf! I’m sure Britney and her team know you’re one of the good ones.
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    I think that if they see what Anthony is saying then they also see what those of us that disagree with him are saying, too. He's also not suing the site as a whole but Anthony. Britney knows where her true fan loyalty lies (those that actually listen to her and don't buy/spread these conspiracies) and those that just want the attention. Jamie also threatened to sue Jordan/breatheheavy back in 2008/2009 when he started going hard against the conservatorship too. I remember Jordan used to make the stupidest titles about the circus tour and had a picture of Britney in fake handcuffs as the header after that.
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    Luckily they must then also be aware of people like you, me and several others who point out when things get crazy. I believe in judging people individually rather than as a group and I really hope Britney and her dad believe in that too. Let's be glad that we remind them that not the entire fanbase is like the conspiracy theorists out there. There's no use in feeling sorry for something you yourself haven't done. Let those people face the consequences
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    I just hope this group and site doesn't have to shut down as part of a settlement. I'm not around super often, but this is the only Britney haven I have.
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    There's a huge difference between "I think that", "In my opinion" and "MY SOURCE TELLS ME THIS IS TOTALLY TRUE, AND ALL I SAY IS TOTALLY TRUE!!!!" Also, 100% agree with what @heather wrote.
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    It's all about how you word things, which is why I said you need to be REALLY careful about what you say on the internet. Anthony may have been coming from a good place with just intentions but he made assertions that were not true, and spoke them as facts. Lynne, from what I recall, never said "they're deleting comments" she said that when she tried to find her comment she couldn't, which was true but again, not because her team was on a deletion spree as her comment returned. TMZ is also alleging in this article that her team is going after the people who've made death threats, which leads me to believe they're going to go after the people who have said worse things as well. I will also say that proving defamation is extremely hard and Jamie will have to prove that Anthony made these claims KNOWING they weren't true. I think that Anthony got caught up in the freebritney propaganda and spoke before knowing all the facts. This whole thing, however, should serve as a warning to everyone THINK before you type.
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    Today is my birthday!!🎂🎉 I'm now officially 19!!😁
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    I agree 100% with suing the people who've made death threats against people involved in the c-ship, however I have mixed feelings about Anthony's case. Can't say I'm surprised about this though, maybe now he'll think more about how he words the articles he writes. I really hope AB in general goes back to being reliable and responsible like they used to be
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    So happy she's enjoying time off, she deserves it!
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    Britney Spears' dad has had enough with online blogs which have accused him of mistreating his daughter ... and now he's suing to make it stop. Jamie Spears is suing on behalf of Britney's conservatorship, alleging Anthony Elia -- the creator of the popular "Absolute Britney" blog and social media accounts -- defamed him and the rest of Britney's team when he said the team was manipulating Britney's Instagram account to create the illusion she needs help. In one post, Elia accused Jamie and co. of deleting positive comments from Instagram in order to highlight the negative comments ... giving a false impression Britney was doing way worse than she actually was. Elia is accused of falsely suggesting Britney's team -- directed by Jamie -- is "using her social media in a way to negatively portray her and do her harm." In other words, Elia suggested Jamie was making Britney's condition seem worse than it was in reality. Elia went even further, saying, "This has to be a human right's violation?" The lawsuit, filed by celebrity lawyer Larry Stein, is suing on behalf of Jamie, as the conservator of the Britney Spears Estate. What really seems to upset Jamie is that, according to the lawsuit, Elia made his comments out of a "gut feeling." Sources close to Britney tell us the online rumors created by Elia and other fan accounts have gotten so bad that law enforcement has gotten involved. We're told death threats have been made to just about everyone involved in Britney's conservatorship ... many of which have been taken seriously. Our sources say reports of Britney being prohibitedfrom driving or using a personal cellphone are simply untrue ... and backed up by photos of her out in her car and using a phone. TMZ broke the story ... Britney checked into a mental health facility in April. The singer became distraught over her dad's illness and needed some time on her own to heal. She was released a short time after and is back home, focusing on her family.
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    These made me smile, she looks so happy!
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    You read an article so it MUST be true! Did you not listen to Britney when she spoke about how the paparazzi photos didn't show what she actually looked like aka were edited? But, no, lets believe an article on the internet and the paparazzi over BRITNEY, HERSELF. Like I said, girl, bye.
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    I thought the exact same thing! Boy, she is so down to earth..one of the many reasons why I love her
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    She totally is relateable, that’s one of the things I’ve always loved about her. As for her post, sucks she’s gotta go back, she has seemed so happy on this vacay.
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    That bikini is super cute, but can someone teach her how to video edit. These tiny ass videos ain't it. Her "rising in the am of the morning" made me chuckle. Adorable.
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    While I don't think there was anything wrong with her Miami bikini body, she looks even better now!
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    It's so nice to see her like that. She is definitely enjoying. She looks so adorable riding that bike
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    I have to say I find it very sad how kind of insecure she’s been acting, all her recent posts have been about her body, she looks incredible, I’d give anything to have her body!!