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  1. Yass, I'm super excited because since Britney and her team have never disappointed us I know that we can really expect something big, I can't wait
  2. There's this guy who got the right information about the release of Slumber Party, the MV and everything, who's been teasing something. It's weird that no one has posted about it in this forum, he was supposed to be "close" to the admins of Universe, did something happen? I need the tea
  3. You can look for them on instagram or twitter, it's what I do, this forum has been quite innactive for some time now so I wouldn't expect to see many updates
  4. An unannounced single which was never confirmed by an official source and was made up by Britney's own stans and random twitter accounts ended up being a lie, I am so shocked
  5. Did he choreograph the Femme Fatale tour?
  6. We're sick of that photoshoot because it's been used everywhere for the last two years, but it actually is really good, she looks amazing
  7. You may agree or disagree with this, but the way I see it a person's physical appearance shouldn't be a topic to be discussed in the first place, especially if they're gonna talk about her in a pejorative way. Besides, it's not just this thread, people keep talking about Britney's lips, face or whatever all the time, so I don't think I'm being "so sensitive", I'm just expressing how wrong it is to me that people can speak like that about another person.
  8. You guys need to stop, it's ridiculous how you keep tearing Britney's appearance apart as if she was a piece of meat, no wonder this forum is empty all the time if the only threads you can find now are like this one
  9. I can already feel that the Kenzo campaign is gonna get her a lot of exposure, I hope they use this oportunity properly and we finally get a decent era. Come through fashion legend
  10. Just imagine her performing Work Bitch or Me Against the Music with this outfit
  11. People can say what they want about her, but the fact that she's so easy to work with because of how professional and humble she is is what makes her such a great artist!
  12. Imagine if she wears this collection on the tour or something, seeing her wearing that jacket alone has already changed my life
  13. Maybe it's just that she doesn't take everything so seriously like her fans do and she likes to have fun with quirky filters because she's a normal person, I don't know, it's just an idea
  14. I wasn't expecting her to attend this event at all, she looks great!
  15. Are you talking about the whole show, including the opening act, or just Britney's performance? Because POM only lasts for an hour and a half
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