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  1. I could do without Rock Me In (& it grew on me compared to before) & Selfish
  2. So can we discuss what’s going on, it’s all news to me... AND pretty sure its fan-made but still, these rumors picking up quick too! And I have seen her use the Apple emoji’s a lot... someone is this true?!
  3. Why would she talk about working in the studio with Britney, I doubt Tinashe laid her track with Brit in the studio
  4. Sounds like you just want a compilation album tbh
  5. Right like some of the others above are saying I’m HEREEE for Sexney but that sounds like very pointless sexiness like almost trying too hard and britney has never tried too hard to be sexy she just is and it’s usually with some form of intention. I’m surprised about this direction from LaChapelle because his stuff is different for sure and can be out there but I wasn’t expecting something like that from him. Besides Britney needs to be a different type of sexy she’s not 20 anymore. Everyone evolves in life while keeping the same aura. She just needs to have a more clever sexiness to her but still playful. I’m here for the red body in he cage though that shot was amazing and the Dress scene everything else seemed kinda pointless
  6. It’s absolutely stunning and haunting and eerie and beautiful and really plays the whole duality of Britney Spears. A cute girl with a dark edge. Her French could def be better but it’s passable slightly lol. tbh her next tour (which I hope she pulls a circus and tours after #B10 so she can promote B10 & Glory.) Coupure Electrique would be the perfect song opener. It would shake EVERYONE in the audience, who would expect it and it would be haunting and have such a build up leading up to the simple intro of the song, a bright light with other colors around and Britney walking very slow and feline like to the beat and we just see her shillouette. OMG I just caught chills
  7. Toxic looked really good!! Yo if she had dope chore that fills it out more for her instead of random free styling it would have been amazinggg also I was getting ABC in the zone special with this red leather leotard
  8. Lol. But it’s not. She just does the baby voice thing which I’m a little over tbh
  9. Idk about what he’s saying lol but her filming this secret project I can bet will probably revolver around her 20 year anniversary. BOMT was released in Janurary.
  10. I still stand by my theory about her "recreating" her albums from BOMT to Blackout but just "more adult".... BOMT- Circus (the softer pop album) Oops- FF (the grungier classic pop music, a 2.0 of the last more fierce & full of bops) Self titled- Britney Jean (basically self-titled again) [Britney was her most personal out of the first 2...BJ attempted to recapture that but didn't nail it) ITZ- Glory (The experimental, airy, trance-y vibe album w/ no direct theme but was still conceptually sonically) Blackout- B10??? So B10 would clearly be a more grown, mature Blackout. It should reflect her star power of holding pop down for 20 years, anticipating it comes out in 2018. I think she should kind of trace the lines of Janet's Control album. The song itself FITS Britney so much. That drive as well and the intro talking. If only the conservatorship ended during the making of B10. it would make HEADLINES, and now she walk around like "Now I'M in control" it could even play a nod to Overprotected. Shes not that girl anymore. But yes id love songs like... Janet's Control Trust a Try Son of a Gun If All Nite (Dont stop) Britney's Get Naked Perfect Lover Break the Ice Slave Beyonce's Love Drought Ashanti's Only U Madonna's Hung Up Sorry and more....Of course not exactly like these songs but would all be pretty decent references as far as the drive of the song, the dark undertones, serious tones etc What yall think
  11. It doesn’t even say they’re working with her. It says he is working on Britney stuff for Just Dance
  12. Absolutely....Aside from MJ, Britney was one of the first to have the WORLD really see her meltdown AS social media was building itself
  13. I cant imagine its a new video or anything revolving new music, Britney isnt that kind of artist to really do surprise things like that. It would be GREAT if we got word that they'll be filming POM and turn it into a New Years special for TV via ABC, HBO etc.
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