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  1. i became a member when jordan shut down his site for brit and all fans came here... so what happened? WHERE'S EVERYONE AT
  2. i think she is really insecure with her voice and the car pool karaoke was proof exactly how she sings... i thought she was good to be honest.. weaker than i thought she would be but it might of just been the nerves
  3. have you ever tried dancing and singing live?? also live singing sounds like shit.. lol no offense but sometimes no matter how good you are, you will sound terrible so live is just not always something good to rely on
  4. SHE SANG WITH HER REAL VOCALS ON GLORY wasn't it the most perfect vocals album ever?? (she just does not sing when she does it live!!) here's the thing- the voice can be trained to sing well.. if you haven't noticed after many years singing, britney changed her style of singing.. back in 2001 it's almost unbelievable how different she sang.. compare that to femme fatler/ glory yes her songs got more 'general public appropriate' and i guess more silly but her vocals are incredible.. VOICE IS SOMETHING SHE REALLY FOCUSED HER ATTENTION ON.. she wants to be one of those really talented women in the biz.. those are her inspirations believe me or not but as you can see with glory, she's got that nailed now and she really CAN SING. she just wasnt singing correctly... she wasnt training her voice much
  5. ummm there are FAR worse scary things on tv you guys... this was not scary.. this was darker yes and cool but THAT IS ACTUALLY the direction britney wanted to take.... a little creepy.. she tried bringing mystery and darkness.. but of course fans wanted something like 'make me' video so her team made her do all these types of videos.. wouldn't it be much better if brit's videos were all like HIAM ? comon creepy >>>>>> than girly
  7. yea that part of course.. the head shaving too.. it was sad . i think it was her being so picked apart that it was almost like her wanting everyone to leave her because of how badly people reacted... but everything else about that year and actually many years after was not bad- it was different .. i know what 2007 was now.. but maybe i should keep to myself? SHE WAS JUST MISUNDERSTOOD and she DID NOT deserve what she got.. i think it was really bad on her self esteem but that year is no longer a mystery to me
  8. what if she PERMANENTLY wanted to dye them black.. there's no way the fans or her team would allow that.. actually i think she no longer identifies as a blonde in any way.. she is doing it for the fans and possibly from her team making her.. also what is your definition of looking bad? there are many different styles out there- what is yours ? becaue 'bad' is an opinion.. and i can say someone like 'robyn' sia or 'lady gaga' could be seen as looking bad on purpose but their fashion is one of my faves..
  9. actually. NO . there's noo half assing.. there's a vision - A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT one on britney's part. she's the one who is contorlling all of that.. but it's very different from her usual things and the change in her began in 2007 actually... i figured out what went on in 2007. but because of her team, they aren't allowing that vision to come all the way through- the are making her keep up the image so it's always half way done.. it's not complete that's why it doesnt make sense to fans and why we are so frustrated with it all.. i really want to say all that it is but im actually worried if this could affect britney. after being a fan over a decade, this is one thing that took me this long to figure out and i am not sure if britney would be ok with it.. but believe me, all that is going on is all good. in britney world she is very happy with all things.. it's just seen from a completely differnt perspective
  10. i don't know, i wasnt planning on discussing and didnt think you guys would want the information ASAP lol but hey i am back! i am currently in the process of writing it and when im done i hope you will check it out. i hope you like:)
  11. i am currently writing a post explaining all of thngs i discovered about her so you need to check it out.. i will post link when im done
  12. i actually had a thread i started in 'celebs' section . you can leave your guess there and i will check tomorow as soon as i get off work .. i hope it is goina be done by 4 pm .. i hope wont take me an hour to write.. alright im off to bed.. but now its hard to sleep ..maybe i wont end up getting any sleep lol now i want to writeee damn it lol..
  13. thank you sweetie... i promise not a troll .... britney fans really are demanding
  14. omygod omgod ok it is a female shes a female but not exactly a mainstream... you were getting warm with the indie direction
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