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  1. Happy Birthday summer babe!

  2. Your "about me" section is so cute. I feel like it's a modern version of pics that you used to cut out of magazines and put on your wall lol. So Britney-rific ;)

    1. Nelli Gaidai

      Nelli Gaidai

      awwww that is soo sweet. thank u sooo much!! its a little unorganized cuz it takes forever to load LOL but its a mini collection of my favorite brit things. i also been a fan for forever so lol

    2. GimmeOnyx


      Haha yeah. I noticed that you like a lot of older/primeney Brit stuff between what I've seen on your page and tumblr account. I'm nostalgic for classic Britney stuff too since I've been a fan since BOMT came out. BTW I'm dead at you changing your name to "yep I'm fab" :orangu::lol4:

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