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  1. This whole era has been doing wonders for Britney, and I do think this is only the beginning of what's to come
  2. They only have it in the US tho that sucks cuz we have an Urban Outfiters here in Sweden!!
  3. I'm really excited to see her get out there!! Fans are getting blessed!
  4. I love that she used one of her own songs! Better would be a great single for the radio stations and would make a hot music video!
  5. True, the extension has not yet been signed by Brit, I think they are referring to the new dates in march...
  6. She is definitely feeling herself! Fitney is rocking that hot body!
  7. Yaay perhaps they are adding some new choreo to Piece Of Me
  8. This is terrible!! My thoughts and prayers are with the family! I hope she recovers soon!!
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