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  1. I sure hope that they make her go in to the studio to record some new fake live vocals... Or else she'll be butchered by the media again
  2. I feel that maybe it was good that original doll was scrapped... If this went out... No one would buy it I still want rebellion tho!
  3. I sure fucking hope that's fake... She looks like a sim
  4. Just put yourself in his shoes... You're walking with your partner and suddenly there's people taking pictures of you. Don't you think you would look? And as a previous fatty just like him... You are extra careful to look good in pictures
  5. Hopefully around June when new fans arrive
  6. There will never be a better or sexier instrumental
  7. In America it was released on December 2nd?
  8. It could be this year's On The Floor or Live It Up
  9. I'm asking what it looks like? I haven't seen it ?
  10. Does anyone know what the tour club shirt looks like?
  11. Merchandise - yes Superbowl - no Album - no Singles - yes