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  1. I rather have a finished version of make me or perfume
  2. Stronger is my all time favorite, and I wouldn't mind it on the setlist! But I'm just saying that I think those 5 are the most known!
  3. I don't see why...? I'm not discussing what I think the setlist will be. I'm just asking if people have the same opinion as me about this particular topic! Witch hits should she bring to Domination and witch ones can we leave in the last show of Piece Of Me
  4. The only hits Britney HAVE too do during her new Vegas show is: Baby One More Time Slave Toxic Womanizer Work Bitch I mean, I could live without them in the setlist. I feel like we could use only new songs! But these are the only songs I feel like the general public cares about. The rest of the show should be either non singles, new songs or singles that have been forgotten! (Hold It Against Me & Overprotected for example) I'd die if she did He About Too Lose Me!
  5. I just re listened to the album and realized how much I love it... And I really hope she adds more songs from this album in Vegas! I want to see He about to lose me again
  6. I think it will be a new Vegas show in maybe February or March and a album before that!
  7. All I ask for is expensive costumes, pre recorded live vocals and a story. Even Femme Fatale Tour had a story...! It would be cool if she did different segments for each album, with modern versions of her iconic outfits from that particular album /era
  8. Did she unfollow Sam on Instagram? They might have broken up?! And that's why she removed Slumber Party?
  9. What?! I love the work bitch part of till the world ends