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  1. It's probably gonna be 3, Pretty Girls, Perfume and Lucky
  2. This is by far the worst hair of anyone, ever... Especially for someone who is a millionaire
  3. I love that she don't care... But maybe she could at least brush her hair? Since she is bleaching the fuck out of her hair, she should at least try and take care of it
  4. Exactly! We have waited for months... For this?!
  5. Replace "an avocado" with "a official tour shirt"
  6. Well apparently this is how they look...
  7. Yeah, they need to fix the outfits for piece of me
  8. Thank you! Yeah they're cool cause they're faded
  9. I decided that I wanted Britney to be displayed in my living room in a more "grown up" way than just putting up a poster. What do you guys think?
  10. I'm fine with leotards, if they look more expensive!
  11. 1. Bring back 3 and I Wanna Go. Amazing pop songs that the public knows every single word to. Needs some new choreography tho. 2. Pre recorded live vocals 3. Matching her outfits with the dancers. What bugs me the most with Piece Of Me is that her outfits looks so off from what her dancers are wearing. I get that she wants to mix things up sometimes. But please, keep it related to the other outfits on stage 4. The If You Seek Amy wall... Tacky and cheap. I'd rather have her run of stage for 1 full minute than seeing that tacky red wall ever again But I must say that overall I LOVE the show! This is just a few thing that can make the media give her better reviews!