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  1. #BritneyArmy! The legendary miss Britney Spears has posted a new cover for her 9th studio album “Glory” on her Twitter Page! The cover is the new Standard edition cover for Glory; it now appears on all streaming platforms such as Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Play Music, Apple Music, Amazon and more! Glory has also reached #1 on the iTunes Pop Album charts last week! Check out the UHQ image here: MZ, who apparently was on set during the photoshoot for this cover, has stated that this pic is from the same photoshoot as the Make Me cover! He also posted another pic on set a couple of years ago from the same photoshoot, that we also posted on Absolute Britney! Check it out here: We hope the Deluxe Edition cover for Glory gets updated to this new amazing cover as well! It would slay! We also hope we get a new special Deluxe Edition of Glory with new tracks and Mood Ring with this new cover! View the full article
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