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  1. I love the song but it would be an utter failure
  2. I like it a lot! totally sounds like something that would have been on in the zone ?
  3. Dude, I hate it too, But its just not that important! its a damn song! Who cares if they didn't remix it the way we wanted, grow up! #Priorities
  4. I just didn't buy the remix i still have the original And my life isn't destroyed because of it these reactions to a damn remix are embarrassing
  5. Not impressed why would anyone think it's a good idea to have Britney singing less ill stick with the original
  6. I just hope the remix is worth the the buy and isn't just a lil ft. In the middle and that's it. basically I'm looking for musical changes, a true remix not just vocal additions
  7. Why does Britney insist on having her hair look like she just rolled out of bed?
  8. I like liar ill pick whatever track I want
  9. I hope not britney is allowed to be alone on her own music i don't even know who this woman is, nor do I care
  10. Because everyone is entitled to their opinions and they don't enjoy it
  11. When I was 14 watching her baby one my time tour after meeting her that day at the mall with a friend, he dragged me to the show and I've been obsessed ever since that magical night
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