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  1. I hope she uses the BBMA outfit for IUSA/BOM/TOMH. Pretty Girls and that fugly pink power ranger outfit needs to go out. The Neon section have potential. It only needs better songs and a better outfit, IMHO. I'm also hoping she adds the BBMA Toxic choreography to the show
  2. OMG! It sounds amazing!! IMHO she should stop doing country and go pop/rock. It suits her better.
  3. In a cave far away from the civilization most probably if you didn't know about this. It was released on March.
  4. They better kiss her lily white southern Louisiana flawless ass nonstop till get a yes. This would be an amazing opportunity to promote B9/single.
  5. OMG! T4P Someone better translate the french part now that we can hear it clearly! It sounds amazing! I fucking can't with the BOMT/OIDIA shade
  6. They're really amazing serving good pop songs and they have already tried to work with Britney once in 2003 for ITZ(graffiti my soul) but sadly it didn't work... I know B9 is already done and it's gonna be less poppy(which is great) but for a next album I think it would be an amazing collaboration.
  7. You're clearly not dumb
  8. Wow... I didn't know about this. May she rest in peace. This world is so fucked up.
  9. I need new Ashlee music!! Jessica will always be reminded like the most pathetic Britney wannabe. Poor girl, really.
  10. That is something that I hope it doesn't end up leaking.
  11. I think I haven't seen these pics before! She looks so fucking adorable!!
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