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  1. It really is a great album and most importantly you can hear just how much fun she is having thruout. This album is my soundtrack no matter what I'm doing or where. She did that. It's also made enjoy Selena Gomez's Revival.
  2. This trailer is giving everything I need. I just hope the final product does a good job of meshing this coming of age story with the backdrop of them becoming Power Rangers right.
  3. I fully expected her to win this one -- her social media game is on point giving us Quirkney, Sexney, and Momney seamlessly -- but not the other 3.
  4. I loved this show and always wanted the Britney mixes on my iPhone. @ Rino from BeatFreaks scripted dilemma not being comfortable with anything sexual or sexy when she had already danced with Britney for years during the ITZ era/Onyx Hotel Tour (I see Teresa too).
  5. Definitely her best since Femme Fatale, Max Martin & Dr. Luke did great work that was both current yet forward-thinking pop. Glory sounds so good still, right when I think I'm done it draws me back for moar.
  6. Same. (My sister was originally a fan but isn't so much anymore.) "Toxic" is truly that song for her, it's cross over appeal is undeniable. "Circus" too, my Mom loves that song.
  7. Ariana Grande is a major fixture on radio/streaming, and has done a great job of keeping that momentum going so far, but is nowhere near Britney's prime. It was Britney's world and we were all just living in it -- everything from her hair, body, music, and performances became a national debate. This truth right here.
  8. I'm not excited about this TV movie but I'm planning on watching (mainly for Twitter reactions, tbh). Lifetime movies are filled with inaccuracies that no one takes seriously. I don't even think this movie has rights to her music so already a mess.
  9. I just want B10 to be something that goes beyond what Britney does to a man once she gets him alone. (Music direction wise I'm not too worried about, she typically takes what is popular at the time and makes it her own anyway.) She's been stuck in this ultimate tease mode for so long now, and even though Glory is a great album I hope this is the last chapter on that subject. Or least being a focal point. Kawen Kwak and Mischke need to return on her next album as well. Black male here. I wish my friends, relatives, coworkers, and boyfriend shared the same enthusiasm. None are total fans of her's but I try to preach the good word about Godney and play her vocal Bibles every chance I get.
  10. "Pretty Girls" -- I always thought both had great chemistry on the song, video, and performance. Same for G-Eazy and Tinashé (well minus the video part for MM/GE.)
  11. Great choice because this really is. Her dancing was on point, her prerecorded vocals sounded great here, and she ditched the signature headset for a hand held.
  12. Both she and her team love to push her relationships publicily, she could be thinking Sam is the one. Either way, he's the hottest guy she's been and it looks like Glory got a lot more personal now.
  13. I can't believe he's 22, but I'm not even mad, get it.
  14. Yeah, I'm reading comments as if Mariah Carey is that chick -- what's her name? -- that left 5th Harmony.
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