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  1. Where are u¿¿¿¿

    1. JoshLee


      I'm hereeeee just busy 

  2. I'm just super excited that the world is now kind of like: Oh shit she actually released new stuff and is actually still the IT girl! I'm also really proud that Mood Ring got released cuz it's a really good song and I showed it to people who haven't heard Glory and they all were like: this is Britney Spears?!?!! And I was like: yeah. Then they were shook coz they thought she kind of just fell off the earth, and they added Glory to their playlists sooooo
  3. I actually enjoy her instagram because she's not like other celebs where they have to uphold this image and not be themselves and stuff. She likes just being herself and enjoys doing whatever she wants and sometimes her posts make me laugh and smile. It's what makes her a unique down to earth celebrity. I'd rather her do/post stuff she likes to post, then be posting/doing poses and trying to sell us a product or trying to show off how good she looks or how rich she is.
  4. She really took #1 for a 4 year old song. Queen of longevity
  5. I cringed at it, but it's like really accurate
  6. I've never been on board for the Myah singing thing, I still don't think she did sing more than Britney, but like it's old so I don't care about that anymore. I used to defend that album left and right when it dropped, but now when I listen to it, I can totally see why it's Britney's least favorite album among fans. Alien I like, but now the glitch really bothers me, and the "leak" kinda killed the song for me. Work Bitch and Perfume are still good songs that I really like. It Should Be Easy & Tik Tik Boom I never liked and still don't like them. Body Ache and Passenger I liked back then, but now they suck. Til It's Gone I STILL STAN, although it sounds kinda outdated. Chillin' With You I thought was cute, but now when I listen to it, it sounds like a mess and I absolutely HATE IT. Brightest Morning Star and Now That I Found you I still like, but the lyrics are kinda childish. Hold on Tight & Don't Cry are still amazing to me. Overall I still like Til It's Gone, Work Bitch, Perfume (including the remix), Don't Cry, and Hold on Tight are the only songs that I will go find to listen to, but other than that the album is messy and sounds outdated as fuck now! I don't know...
  7. Guess what? I dropped a new single, stream and buy it here: https://joshleesite.weebly.com/im-stronger-now.html#/ :) 

    1. GloriousBritney2000


      I like it:crazysmile: I hope you have a great weekend and an awesome week next week!

    2. JoshLee


      Thanks I did, hope yours was well too! 

  8. OMFG I forgot about the glitch till you brought it up
  9. Oooh this is like a mini chatbox! lol

    1. Legendary


      Haha, yes it is

  10. I'm going to claim :trollney: if I don't see you use it more. 



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    2. JoshLee


      I didn't know we could post on here :trollney::gloria: 



      I just realized it yesterday :moorangu:


      It's like a Britney Facebook. 


      Britbook :trollney:

    4. JoshLee


      Slay a bit Universe :trollney: 


      or Britter :trollney: 

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