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  1. This really breaks my heart, I’m glad she finally got to speak but it angers me it has not only taken this long but that she felt (knew) she was ignored and not taken seriously.
  2. I actually really like Ava Max and her music. She's a really amazing singer too. It's generic and the lyrics are nothing to rave about, but it's just fun bubblegum pop, and I kind of missed that. I hope though that in the future if she releases more music, she hires better writers and tries to write better lyrics and writes more mature music, especially for her second album because if she doesn't I'm sure the record label will cut her off. She should go dark for the second one album because the "Hell" half of Heaven and Hell seems to suit her better.
  3. Where are u¿¿¿¿

    1. JoshLee


      I'm hereeeee just busy 

  4. Guess what? I dropped a new single, stream and buy it here: https://joshleesite.weebly.com/im-stronger-now.html#/ :) 

    1. GloriousBritney2000


      I like it:crazysmile: I hope you have a great weekend and an awesome week next week!

    2. JoshLee


      Thanks I did, hope yours was well too! 

  5. Oooh this is like a mini chatbox! lol

    1. Legendary


      Haha, yes it is

  6. I'm going to claim :trollney: if I don't see you use it more. 



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    2. JoshLee


      I didn't know we could post on here :trollney::gloria: 



      I just realized it yesterday :moorangu:


      It's like a Britney Facebook. 


      Britbook :trollney:

    4. JoshLee


      Slay a bit Universe :trollney: 


      or Britter :trollney: 

  7. Happy Birthday JoshLee!

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