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  1. What in the illuminati sh*t is this?!?!
  2. I find is ridiculous that she is being punished when she did the right thing. That's so f*cked up, but if Kevin and her are "agreeing" upon this, then hopefully it's temporary.
  3. Sis has more motivation to work out in 30 mins than I ever will in my entire life. I also screamed at the "PS this was shot today!!!" Queen of dragging the theorists
  4. We told him multiple times. I was an editor for a college newspaper for a year and was on staff for like a year and a half, so I know a little bit about journalism, and we HAD to fact check everything before we posted it. We HAD to have NON-ANONYMOUS sources. If it was opinion based we HAD to state it was OUR opinion. So really I'm disappointed, but not surprised.
  5. Anthony, WE FUCKING TOLD YOU TO STOP! Now look.
  6. Did you get that cookie you were reaching for on the top shelf? WE BEEN KNEW she's been wanting out, but this is reaching beyond belief!
  7. All of this is so true, the mainpage is silent, and I think she was directing it at fans who are saying what she doesn't post is real or fake. I honestly think she needs to actually call them out instead of alluding to them because I don't think they get the hint. She needs to say: "to the fans that think my stuff isn't real or from the past..."
  8. I didn't even know a conservatorship was only applied in 1 state, I thought it extended wherever she went.
  9. I agree, she seems to enjoy it. She's said that she's just doing it for fun and I'm sure she loves performing because it gives her something to do. I could see her taking a long break though also.
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