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  1. That's awesome! The bottle also seems to look better than previous perfumes!
  2. The male perfume (cologne) yall been waiting for...
  3. I know right?!?! She coming to slay tho
  4. Ikr?!?! Awww thank you so much!
  5. This has been long overdue, but I wanted to wait until the 4th of July was over, and have been wanting to finally say this for months now! I was going to wait till 2019/2020 to announce this cuz I was dropping an album with inuendos about this, but I decided hey it’s 20GayTeen so why not do it this year! As of July 5, 2018 I can officially say and have accepted that I’m bisexual! There are so many artists like: Britney (of course), Zolita (underrated artist check her out), Hayley Kiyoko, Kesha, Years and Years and many more artists and people that have inspired me! Here’s the official announcement! Love you all thanks!
  6. I’ve listened to the album and it’s absolute sh*t they claim it to be 4:44 and and Lemonade together. Lemonade was an amazing album, 4:44 was bad and this was sh*t which is kind of funny cuz Beyhive hyped this up so hard, and everyone sucks Beyoncé’s a**! Beyhive is gonna start making excuses on why it wasn’t #1, and about charts and stuff! Just admit it’s a bad album and move on
  7. I quite enjoyed Christina’s album and thought it was a good enough comeback after 6 years of nothing. granted it’s the only album of hers I’ve listened in full, but it’s still decent
  8. I wasn't surprised We live in a world where rumors can be taken too seriously and you'd think after the past few eras that Britney fans would understand that not everything is going to happen. First Perfume video scrape, BJ labeled as a personal album, then Make Me delay by 4 months, the Make Me video scrape, now this...
  9. I swear Pitbull, if this song is about a girls ass, or boobs or stuff I'm gonna be over it... It's old now, but I'll be patient and wait to see before I judge, because Hey Ma was cute
  10. I'm a Leo Also Happy Birthday!!!
  11. I was worried about this song when I heard about what some lyrics might be and that it could be the Bebe Rexha demo, but now this restored some faith. Even if it is fake, or real, I hope it's like this... Lyrics could use some work a little bit, but so far I'm not as mad as I was at the rumors.