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  1.  Hello! I saw you asked in 2015 about the song that was played in the novel Rebelde which is reminiscent of the song Outrageous of Britney spears...
    So let me tell you that this song was specially composed for the novel by Braulio Abarca (who was one of the composers of the novel),
    And This is not the only song that was composed, there are 14 other songs some of which are different versions of existing songs,
    I managed to get all these songs in their original and full quality from the composer of the songs - Braulio Abarca,

    he sent me the songs on Email and i uploaded them all on my youtube channel.
    Although I've already tried to convince Braulio to tell me who the singer who sang the song is,
    He claimed she preferred not to identify.

    Heres the link to the full song,
    The song is called "Sexy Love":


  2. Oops!... I Did It Again

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