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  1. Are you ready ????!? The SLAYAGE begins on March 20th. Stay tuned for Britney Bitch! View the full article
  2. Producer Ian Kirkpatrick, who produced Britney’s song “If I’m Dancing”, spoke about what it is like working with the Queen B! Check out his interview below: Finally, what was it like working with Britney Spears? Oh my god. Even thinking about it makes me crazy. The track for “If I’m Dancing” was actually made three years before a song was written on it. It just sat on a hard drive forever and then I played it for [co-writers] Simon Wilcox and Chantal Kreviazuk. I did get to go into the studio for Britney to do the vocals and I took an anti-anxiety medication before because I was absolutely freaking the fuck out. It was crazy when she was on the mic, and to hear her voice in the studio and all her little nuances and all the little rasps in her voice, you know? That shit is insane. I tried to use everything. I tried to get her laughing so I could have little samples of that. She was like an artist that just got signed. She was so happy and so fucking cute. She doesn’t go in for long, right? She comes in. She knows what she wants to do. The thing is, she doesn’t have to stay long because she’s a pro when it comes to being vocal produced. You’ll say, “Try it like this,” and she’ll just do it. There’s no ego, she just fucking delivers. She’s a real one. Source It’s BRITNEY BITCH! View the full article
  3. Songwriter, Fraser Smith, who created Britney’s song, “Trouble for me”, recently spoke to BBC about what it was like working with Britney Spears. Check out what he had to say below: So what was Britney like to work with? “That was amazing,” he told the BBC. “We got a call one Wednesday to say Britney was loving a track I’d written six months earlier with an artist in America; and could I come over the next day? “So me and my engineer went straight home to pack our bags; caught the flight, got off the plane in LA, and straight into a limousine. “We walked into the studio and the first person we saw was this diminutive blonde girl who said, ‘Hi, I’m Britney. Are we ready to record?’” The process, he recalled, was an absolute whirlwind. “I went to get a very strong cup of coffee and we did the session. Then she said, ‘I’ll be back tomorrow morning at 11 to hear it,’ so we worked through the night to make her vocals sound as good as they could be – which was great, because she gave us loads of takes. “And, as you know, her sound is very much about vocal production, so we used a lot of tricks.” Thankfully, their work paid off. “I’d heard stories before that if she wasn’t feeling a song, she’d say, ‘I need to go to the bathroom,’ then get in the car and go home. So there was quite a lot of pressure!” Smith recalled. “When she came in at 11, we both had matchsticks propping open our eyes and I played the song, not knowing how she was going to react. As it got to the chorus I took a very sly glance over my shoulder and she was dancing, which was just an amazing sign. “When we got to the end and she said, ‘I absolutely love it’. So that was a great experience.” Source View the full article
  4. Happy Sunday Britney Army! Today we are featuring our “Britney Army Spotlight” on famous Britney Spears impersonator, Michaela Weeks. Michaela was very kind enough to chat with Absolute Britney! Check out Michaela interview below: 1) What made you want to be a Britney Spears impersonator? I used to get compared to Britney all the time, at first friends and family would say how we looked alike, then with time strangers started to shout “britney!” To me In shopping malls, then builders started singing “oops I did it again” to me when I passed them! Obviously I was very flattered, then one day my mum saw an advert for a TV show that we’re looking for people who looked like celebrities… so I went and auditioned, and the rest is history! 2) What is your favorite song to perform when you are impersonating Britney? I love ‘Toxic’ because I love impersonating Britney’s facial expressions that she did so much in her Toxic performances, but Iv also recently added “Boys” to my show so I’m loving performing that at the moment too! 3) How long have you been impersonating Britney? I started as a “Lookalike” after I’d been to the TV auditions I mentioned earlier, but I didn’t do too much because I was only 15 years old at the time. I started to take it more seriously when I turned 19 – so I tend to count from then, which means Iv been doing it for about 11 years!!!! 4) Do you like the same things that Britney likes? Yes absolutely! Iv recently got into yoga, which I am loving, and I love having dance lessons – I totally get how britney says it’s like therapy for her! I feel that too! Family time is also very important to me, and I’m actually quite a shy person too like Our Brit! 5) Does anyone ever stop you while you are out in public, since you look just like Britney? Awh thank you, but no, day to day I am just me, I don’t wear much make up really and I live in quite a small town so everyone just knows I am me, besides I don’t think anyone around here expects to see Britney Spears walking through the town centre haha can you imagine! 6) Do you do anything else besides impersonating Britney? If so tell us a little bit about it!I recently joined the haircare brand “Monat” – They launched in the UK last week and I’m super excited to be a part of it! You guys in America get all the good products so I’m stoked we’re getting a piece of the pie at last!!! 7) Where are you form? I live in a small town between two cities called Nottingham and Derby, in England! 8) When did you start to love Britney Spears? Since Baby hit our screens! I loved the music video and It was in the school holidays (summer break to you guys?) before I was due to start senior school, and I remember thinking “wow I hope my new school is like this!” Haha – it wasn’t!!! 9) How often do you perform? I perform most weekends, at bars, clubs, birthday parties, weddings and since Britney’s Vegas residency; Casinos too!! (Thanks Brit!) 10) Do you have a favorite costume of Britney’s that you love to perform in? I love the toxic outfit – I have too many special memories tied to that costume to not love it, but it’s near on impossible to perform in due to the short skirt and cut-out chest area So to perform in I love my rip-off suit, VMAs style!!! 11) What is your favorite thing about Britney Spears? I love that she is so humble and grounded and I love her personality – I think she is so relatable! Plus she is so entertaining too… can I just say everything?? My favourite thing about Britney Spears is Everything!!! 12) You met Britney Spears before during her “Piece Of Me” leg. Can you tell us the story and how it all happened. That night was insane! I was in Vegas with my then-to-be husband, Craig, and I decided I had to go out dressed as Britney for Halloween! I got tickets to the show and met loads of fans and we all had pictures together before the show! When I entered the Axis theatre the staff upgraded my tickets to the Pitts, saying they loved my outfit! I was so excited! Myself and Craig went down to the pits before the show and then this lady came over and said to me “You have won BritneyWeen! Britney hand picked you herself – you get to sit in the VIP section, congratulations!” Absolute’s shocked and amazed I thanked her and asked her to thank Britney for me too, as we made our way to the VIP tables… just as I was about to turn to Craig and scream he pointed behind me to say someone else had come over, I turned around to see Britney’s Dad Jamie had come over “Hi, it’s nice to meet you darlin’” he said extending his hand out to greet me “I’m Jamie…” he continued as I nodded in pure shock as I said “yes, your Britney’s Dad!” (Dork moment I know!) – He introduced me to some of his friends and left. Just trying to catch my breath and Felicia made her way over “Hi I’m Fe…” she started and I was like “oh age I know who you are!!!!” To which she gave me a hug and said “Britney is gonna freak out when she sees you!” After Felicia left I turned to Craig and said “can you believe what has just happened?” Trying to catch my breath just as the lovely Ms Lynne turns up with Jayden and Preston by her side!!!!! (Holy crap!) “oh my goodness, you do look just like Britney!” She said before turning to Jayden and Preston and saying “doesn’t this lady look just like Moma?” And the boys were smiling and nodding – I was just so blown away by how lovely and down to Earth they all were!! The show was about to start and I was ready to burst when Britney’s security came over and said “Britney has said she would like to invite you backstage for a photo! Would you like to come with us!” At this point I am like holy crap, my life is complete, what on Earth is happening???? So, I went backstage where I met our girl who was wearing a pink wig, I told her she looked amazing and thanked her for the opportunity! We had our photo and she headed towards the stage, so I called after her and wished her a good show, she smiled and nodded saying Thank you as she headed off! The show was insane and just as I thought all my dreams had come true and I couldn’t have ever wished for anything more, someone came up to me and said “Love your picture with Britney!” And I was like, “wait, what? How did you see it?” And he replied, “haven’t you seen? Britney shared it across all of her social media!” How do I explain what an amazing experience that was? Seriously!? 13) Do you work with any other impersonators? Yes! Oh my gosh! So many! We’re all like one big family! I used to find it really strange looking around at all of these famous faces but you kind of get used to it! It’s bizarre but everyone is so lovely and I’m proud to be a part of a huge Lookalike and tribute family! 14) Favorite Britney Spears photoshoot? Hmmm… I loved the one with the Mickey Mouse ears from years ago!!! But honestly I love her little runway shows she films from Home the most! She’s adorable! 15) Favorite Britney Spears performance and song? I loved the Onyx tour but I think Piece of Me is my fave! I love how we have all been able to watch her progress as the show has continued, it’s literally mind blowing! 16) Is it hard to perform and learn Britney’s choreograph? Yes! I never went dance lessons or anything as a child so I really felt thrown in at the deep end in the beginning, but that was also a bit of a blessing because Iv learned only Britney’s style of dancing, so I kind of had a clean slate to start with! I love a challenge though so she keeps it fun for me!! 17) What was the most challenging performance you had to learn throughout Britney’s career. Work Bitch! I learned so many variations of it in the run up to her piece of me residency, and I was never satisfied until it was just right! 18) Anything you would like to tell Britney Spears?? That I’m so grateful to have someone as amazing as her to look up to! That I love her work and she inspires me everyday! Just a huge Thank You for everything I have been able to experience because of her! She’s truly amazing! If anyone is interested in booking Michaela Weeks. You can visit her website by clicking here. Thank you Michaela for speaking with Absolute Britney! You are an amazing performer and we wish you the best with your career! Thank you for being AMAZING and spreading positivity about Queen Britney! View the full article
  5. It’s Meet and Greet story time Bitch! Flawless Britney Army member, Mike Covelli, meet the legendary Britney Spears and wanted his story to be featured on our website. Check out his story below: I went to Vegas alone for the weekend (Wednesday-Sunday am) with my show on Friday! I knew she had shows both Friday & Saturday, so I wanted to get the night she was just gonna start the weekend. I had heard good & bad experiences about interacting with her, so I had this rehearsed dialogue in my head that of course went out the window when I walked up to her… and it was for the better when you keep reading ) After all the backstage stuff which was awesome, her dressing room, the wings, the MATM wall for good luck, and about a half hour wait inbetween of the tour / talking to other fans in my group to meeting her, the nerves built up, but I kept it easy and calm, just to see what would happen! I had seen every show of hers since the Oops!… tour, and was in Vegas once in 2014, this was my last ‘hoorah’ to see her live! I was 8th in line of about 20-30 people, and sooner did I blink after they talked to us about what to do/what not to — I was up the ramp and around the corner to say hi to her. She was so lovely. She had her hair half up and down, soft-almost-gold eye make up and a black & white mini dress that went up to her neck with some black stilettos on. Turned the corner over the step & repeat and just said “Hi Britney!” very high energy with my New York accent and she reached out her hand and said “Hi sweetie what’s your name?” “Michael – it’s so nice to meet you, can I hug you real quick?” – and she said of course and really let me in which I thought was great. When we let go, she saw my necklace on my black tee shirt and just stops me (a David Yurman black diamond cross that was a gift from my folks) and she grabs it and goes “Wait this is the weirdest thing, I have the EXACT SAME necklace at home. I JUST got it out of my closet!” And I said “David Yurman?! Stop! Ugh, I love you Britney that’s awesome! – ok let’s do this!” And she laughed and grabbed me real close over my shoulder. I told her to have a great show and thanks for having me, and she said “you’re so welcome sweetie have a great night!” I wasn’t expecting such a personal dialogue with her, and my whole “thank you for your music and being an inspiration to me”.. line went right out the window. and that was it. Short and sweet but she was so personable and lively. AND ON FIRE on stage all night. Thanks for sharing your story with us Mike. if anyone would like there M&G stories featured on our website please email us at [email protected] The M&G stories don’t have to be during the Vegas era, they can be any time you meet Britney! ! View the full article
  6. A new “Pepsi” commercial was released with singer, Tinashe, dancing to the iconic classic “…Baby One More Time “by the legendary Britney Spears. Check out Tinashe dancing away in the commercial below: Another reason to love Tinashe!!! View the full article
  7. 2018 is the YEAR of Britney Spears and we could not be anymore happier for her! According to our friends at US Weekly Britney is feeling more confident enough to take control of her life again. “She is feeling confident enough to take control of her life again,” says US Weekly. “The progress Britney has made just in the last several years has been tremendous.” Her mental state is so strong, in fact, that she may request the conservatorship her dad Jamie Spears has had over her for nearly a decade be removed. “Britney has been told by her advisors that the best chance of it being lifted is if her co-conservators and doctors believe it’s in her best interest,” says US weekly. The mom of 12-year-old Sean and 11-year-old Jayden will embark on a 28-date world tour in July — and she’s counting on that summer gig to further prove her healthy state, notes the insider. “It’s Britney’s hope that after the tour, Jamie will agree to have a discussion about ending the conservatorship of her as a person.” As Spears, 36, has proven herself more stable over the years since she shaved her head and swung at a car with an umbrella, she has gained back more liberties. Her father moved out of her home “years ago,” says US weekly, adding that “Britney doesn’t have an issue with her dad continuing to oversee her estate and finances.”What the star desires now is personal choice: “She wants the conservatorship of her as a person to come to an end so she has the freedom to make her own decisions.” We also feel that she has been voicing her opinion to get out of her Conservatorship during her “Piece of me” leg. Britney wore a “You don’t own me” and “Boss” cap during her Piece of me show: Britney covered Bonnie Raitt’s 1991 hit “Something to Talk About” into her Piece of me show: One minute they tear you down, and that’s really horrible, and the next minute you’re on top of the world, but I’ve never really spoke about it. I’m a Southern girl, I’m from Louisiana. I’m from the South, and I like to keep it real, so I just want to make sure I keep having you motherfuckers something to talk about Britney has really been voicing how she is feeling and she is not afraid to hold back anymore, which is one of the many reasons why we look up to her. She now is going on tour this summer and has been selling out tickets in less then 10 minutes!!!! We really hope her conservaership ends and Britney finally has full control of her life. She has proved it many times over the years and the Britney Army is always here to support our queen. It’s Britney Bitch. Source View the full article
  8. Britney Spears already has one from the MTV VMAS but now she is getting a second Vanguard award from a different organization. Britney will attend the 29th annual GLAAD Media Awards in April and is set to receive the GLAAD Vanguard Award, which is presented to media professionals who have made a significant difference in promoting equality and acceptance of LGBTQ people! According to GLAAD, Spears has consistently stood up for LGBTQ youth on GLAAD’s Spirit Day by going purple on social media to speak out against bullying. In 2015, she released a Spirit Day video and promoted participation in the anti-bullying campaign by organizing a meet-and-greet for LGBTQ fans, washing her stage at Planet Hollywood purple, and providing anti-bullying materials to concertgoers. In 2016, she was among over 20 music artists to appear on GLAAD’s song “Hands,” released with Interscope Records to remember the 49 lives taken in the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting. In 2017, Spears was among 140 leading entertainers to speak out in an open letter against two anti-LGBTQ bills, which targeted transgender youth in Texas and were later defeated. Most recently, she sparked global attention when she wore a t-shirt with the phrase “We Are All Dreamers” imprinted on it and she called on Congress to pass the Dream Act via Instagram. Most recently, for LGBTQ Pride Month in 2017, Spears penned a heartwarming love letter to the LGBTQ community on Billboard Pride in which she shared that the community’s unwavering loyalty and acceptance uplift and inspire her. “I have a secret to share with you. You see it’s actually you that lifts me up. The unwavering loyalty. The lack of judgment. The unapologetic truth. Acceptance! Your stories are what inspire me, bring me joy, and make me and my sons strive to be better people.” Britney will receive her honor at the 29th annual GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles at Beverly Hilton on April 12! We are so HAPPY FOR HER!!!! View the full article
  9. Queen Tinashe opened up about working with the Legendary Britney Spears. Check out what Tinashe had to say about working with our Queen Britney: “It was just such an amazing experience,” Tinashe said of working with Britney. “It was mostly just humbling, which was what I really took away from that experience. It was like, ‘Whoa, anything can really happen.’ You can have these unrealistic seeming dreams that can really happen for you, which is incredible. I would’ve never thought that that could’ve happened.” We hope Tinashe and Britney will work together in the future again. The world is still talking about how iconic their “Slumber Party” was You can read the full article by clicking here View the full article
  10. Queen of selling out shows is BACK in action! Ticketmaster has just announced that Britney is adding new UK tour dates due to OVERWHELMING demand, because she of course is an iconic performer. Check out the tweet below: Tickets will go on sale Tuesday at 10:00! UK fans, who will be going?!??! View the full article
  11. Our fan features on our main page are back in action! This weeks spolight is on Britney Army member, Walid Kushtoban, who will be sharing his Meet and greet story with Britney! See below: It took me 18 years to meet this GORGEOUS soul and every second of it was far away from reality!! I congratulated her on her big win at the people choice awards, we talked about the gift I wanted to give her 5 years ago at the Femme Fatal tour (Painting with her kids names in Arabic Calligraphy Sean and Jayden ) but I couldn’t since I missed my meet and greet opportunity during the femme fatale tour as I mixed up the dates. I thanked her for retweeting my make me dance video and thinking my dance moves were flawless ! Then it was gift time, gave fee the painting from 5 years back along with a new Sowervski dress from the amazing AAVVA Designers Ahmad Mar & Vincenzo Visciglia which they did specially for her! She was sooo touched about what happened to me 5 years back and couldn’t be more thankful for the dress such a humble QUEEN! She was so kind and couldn’t be more welcoming, we laughed about my tattoos since I have all her tattoos at the exact same spot and color (even Larry her manager thought I was crazy) when the security told me it was about time to leave, we decided to do a cool pose rather than a normal boring picture. So I asked her to pretend to kiss me while I have a shocked face and yes she couldn’t contain herself laughing at my request!! Finally before leaving (since no one was allowed to touch her) I asked her for a hug and with all cuteness she said “AWW for sure sweetie” with a sweet kiss to top it all … Thank you for always being an inspiration, the sweetest person on EARTH, my dance MENTOR and simply ICONIC!!! DREAM CHECKED <3 It’s Britney BITCH Thanks for your awesome story! If anyone is interested submitting their meet and greet stories you can email us at [email protected] View the full article
  12. Britney Spears announced on her social media that she made a little “special” appearance on this years “This is the Pepsi” commercial. Check out Britney’s appearance below, starts at the (0.45) mark! Ahh the memories!! It’s always great seeing Britney on TV again View the full article
  13. Our fan features on our main page are back in action! We are going to kick off our spotlight on Britney Army member “Jennifer Vivas”. She sent over her two meet and greet stories that she had with our Queen Britney Spears. Check out her two stories below: This was my very first meet and greet with my Queen!!! I was literally shaking, afraid to ask her for a hug, they tell you on the tour you can’t touch, hug or kiss her so I straight up offer to shake my hand and told her my name, then I asked her if we could do a fun pose and she said “Of course” so this pose came out and I loved it, because of how we angled ourselves the photographer shot a the end of the backdrop so I had to crop the picture short but I love how we both look. After the photo was shot all I could say to her was “You’re so beautiful, I love you, I love you so much, I love you” I walked out of there saying I love you non-stop , she was so sweet she said “Aw Thank you” She is the best!! I can’t way to meet her again!!! This was my second meet and greet with Britney and it was awesome!! I came out from behind the backdrop singing Oops I did it again, changed the lyrics to relate to my trip and she was so pleased!!! She said: “ Awww you’re so sweet” “I love your outfit!!! She was so gorgeous, I cant even describe how amazing this day was!!! Thanks for sharing your story with us Jen! If you want to be featured on our main page be sure to email us at [email protected]! View the full article
  14. Living legend You can look but don’t touch! Britney once again shut up the haters, when she announced that she was going on tour and her tour shows sold out. The entire world was going crazy because the Queen of Pop was coming to bless more areas of the world with her iconic show. Once Britney released her tickets they were sold out in less then 10 minutes!!!!! Britney also crashed so many websites the minute her tickets went on SALE and people went fucking crazy over it. Don’t believe us? See the proof yourself below: So for those that say “Britney is over”…… Queen of everything to be honest! We are so proud of our Queen Britney and we can’t wait to see her slay the stage again over the summer. Who is ready to see the Legendary Britney Spears again?!?!? View the full article
  15. Is our Britney Dreams about to come true?!? Brandchannel.com interviewed Pepsi CO Greg Lyons, just recently, and he was speaking about the new upcoming “Pepsi” commercial. Check out what he had to say about the new commercial below: Let’s talk about Pepsi returning to the Super Bowl with an update on the iconic Cindy Crawford ad. How did you arrive at bringing Cindy into the spotlight again for the brand? Greg: Pepsi has been part of the culture for the past 120 years, whether it’s music or sports or celebrity, and so we’re launching a new campaign that we’re going to kick off at the Super Bowl, called Pepsi Generations, and it’s celebrating our history in pop culture with some of the most famous partners we’ve ever had. So as we announced, Cindy Crawford’s part of it, along with her son Presley, and it will also feature Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Uncle Drew is going to be part of it, so it’s jam-packed with iconic artists that were part of our history and it’s going to end with a look forward at where we’re going as a brand as well. It’s a full-year campaign with Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Zero Sugar in the Super Bowl ad and as part of the campaign going forward, and it’s going to be reinforced in-store. We’re going to launch that iconic 80’s red, white and blue Pepsi cans in-store around the Super Bowl and bring the Pepsi Stuff promotion where you can win really cool Pepsi gear and experiences all year long. It’s just a wonderful, feel-good campaign, getting back to what we’re great at for Pepsi. Can this maybe explain the secret project Britney was working on a couple of weeks ago?!? OH MY GODNEY!! SHE IS COMING!!!!! THIS IS THE YEAR OF BRITNEY! ARE YOU READY FOR A SUPERBALL BLESSING?!?!? Let’s pray this happens!!!! Source View the full article
  16. The moment we have all been waiting for is FINALLY HERE! Britney Spears has announced that she is brining her iconic #PieceOfMeTour around North America and Europe this summer. Check out Britney’s tour dates below: Jul 12 MGM National Harbor National Harbor, MD United States Jul 13 MGM National Harbor National Harbor, MD United States Jul 15 Mohegan Sun Uncasville, CT United States Jul 17 Sands Bethlehem Events Center Bethlehem, PA United States Jul 19 Borgata Atlantic City, NJ United States Jul 20 Borgata Atlantic City, NJ United States Jul 23 Radio City Music Hall New York, NY United States Jul 24 Radio City Music Hall New York, NY United States Jul 27 Hard Rock Live Hollywood, FL United States Jul 28 Hard Rock Live Hollywood, FL United States Jul 29 Hard Rock Live Hollywood, FL United States Aug 4 Brighton Pride Brighton, United Kingdom Aug 6 Mercedes Benz Arena Berlin, Germany Aug 8 Smukfest Skanderborg Denmark Aug 10 Telenor Arena Oslo Norway Aug 11 Goransson Arena Sandviken, Sweden Aug 13 Sparkassenpark Mönchengladbach, Germany Aug 15 Sportspaleis Antwerp, Belgium Aug 17 Scarborough Open Air Theatre Scarborough, United Kingdom Aug 18 Manchester Arena Manchester United Kingdom Aug 20 3 Arena Dublin Ireland Aug 22 SSE Hydro Glasgow, United Kingdom Aug 24 O2 Arena London United Kingdom Tickets go on sale to the General Public Saturday, January 27th at 10:00AM! Who is ready to see the Queen of Pop tour again?!? We certainly are!!! Click here for more information View the full article
  17. Britney will be performing on Smukfest she just announced it on her Website and Facebook page. Click here to read the announcement on her website Or Here to read it on her Facebook page Also Smukfest reacted on their own website We are excited to announce that Britney Spears visits Bøgeskoven as the international headline in 2018 – as the first Danish festival concert ever. The event is on august 8th, and from the looks of it she will be bringing her Piece of Me show. We are super excited about this. View the full article
  18. Finally after waiting a very long time Britneys version of Hey ma leaked. We are loving it. This could have been the summer song, hopefully Pitbull and Britney will collaborate in the future again. View the full article
  19. i'm shook britney's part is the only part that is good, the rapper they used in the end was way better than the one in this demo
  20. From Las Vegas. ⭐️ @britneyspears is performing "Toxic" and "Work Bitch" from Las Vegas on #RockinEve! 12/31 at 8/7c on ABC. #BRITNEYxRockinEve
  21. #BritneyArmy! A new picture from the “Make Me” single cover photoshoot was just posted on MZ’s Instagram Story! MZ works for Maverick, Britney’s Management Company! Check it out here: She looks AMAZING!!!! Thank you SO much, MZ! Happy Birthday Queen Britney Spears, we love you! Discuss this on our Universe forums! View the full article
  22. Just Dance just made a HUGE announcement that Slumber Party Ft the beautiful Tinashe will be featured on this years “Just Dance 2018”. Check out the tweet below: Click here to see a preview of “Slumber Party” on Just Dance 2018! View the full article
  23. Im looking for the gif where Demi says fierce and then Britney repeats it and looks uncomfortable/sarcastic? Please help me lol I love this reaction gif and cant seem to find it anywhere....Thanks
  24. Incredible news! Britney Spears is nominated as “Entertainment of the Year” for this years 2017 Silver State Awards!! Created in 2013, “Silver State Awards” – Honors and Recognizes Excellence and Exemplary Achievements by Individuals and Companies in the great state of NEVADA. “Silver State Awards” has become Nevada’s most coveted Awards presentation. There are five (5) Silver State Awards including, Women Awards, Culinary Awards, Latino Awards, “Best of the Best” Awards and the new edition, Journalism Award each with its own focus, list of categories, dates and non-profit partners. The “Silver State Awards ” is only on stage production awards presentation of its kind that is in English & Spanish and are supported by top political leaders in Nevada including The Governor, Lt. Governor, U.S. Senators, Members of the U.S. Congress, Mayor & the Clark County Commissioners. “A True People’s Choice Award” over 480,000 votes were cast in the previous awards. Click here to start voting for Britney!!! She deserves this incredible honor and award!! View the full article
  25. Attention BRITNEY ARMY fans! Hot Topic just released an AMAZING “Britney Spears Make Me” shirt and the best part is it is only $8.99!!!!!! Click here to purchase this iconic T-Shirt! View the full article