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  1. I need a change of pace...to see some different faces...I need to get away

  2. Guess who's back? :D

    1. Daydream, Mariah's fantasy

      Daydream, Mariah's fantasy

      Said we couldn't go the distance. Lookin' us goin' the distance

  3. Sweetie... VEEEEEEEERY rarely you'll find a legit demo on YouTube. Don't do this to yourself. Britney has not gone to the studio. She's not thinking about new music as of now. Maybe mid next year.
  4. He already said he's on the hunt for it though
  5. I'm actually surprised Martin doesn't have it. I remember they were bas frans
  6. What kind of name for an album is that tbh?
  7. I'd follow y'all as long as you don't mind my instagram page is actually personal and not fandom/music related Martin, what's your username? Or should I just look your name up?
  8. Those are two completely different things. Your appetite for sexy things doesn't have to match others', but I do want to say that, usually, that's due to hormonal disorders (according to documentaries I've watched) so you should go check yourself with a doc. It's completely normal for you to not be a lustful beast thinking about dick and/or ass 24/7 (aka me), but if you don't get an erection at least once a day then... Tbh I'm not the right person to be telling you all this stuff because I'm a horny fucker so I wouldn't know what it is like to have a low sexdrive.
  9. "have contact from Max Martin" As if he would let his info be of public knowledge. Try some fanmade karaoke version or something tbh.
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