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  1. Sounds like a BJ reject tbh Remove the inaudible chorus and chipmunk vocals then MAYBE it could be listenable.
  2. It's like they always give their worse songs to Britney
  3. Well that is more entertaining than all the rest of her show for sure. She should stop trying to be a parody of herself with her half-assed zumba choreos and armographies with lip syncing and 0 stage presence. THIS is what i want to see from her. She's alone and owning the stage, feeling the music, connects with the audience and simply killed everything. This is Britney. And this is what an artist is supposed to do and what she MUST continue to do. But it probably won't happen again which is sad. I really don't understand why she doesn't sing, minus hairflips and 15 seconds of zumba choreo, here she walked and posed and does that 70% of the time in every performances and she just showed us that she still can sing (without a backing track on top of that) while walking and posing, so why not do it all the time? I really but really don't understand and it really kills me knowing she's capable of doing it but won't do it. If she may feel uncomfortable singing her own songs live then make a whole show covering songs from other artists i don't care but that kind of performance is what she should be doing all the time, period.
  4. My god it's been a long time i haven't really watched any videos of her shows but damn, Boys choreo is really really really terrible even worse than what i remembered of it And she really makes no efforts at all for Stronger's choreo now.
  5. Caring about her career would be a start.
  6. She's probably in hawaii or something
  7. And that's good, she's not ready. Unless she realizes she needs to do more than just moving her arms and lipsyncing. Also i don't want to see another Vegas performance once again, im sick of it and i assure you she would have done a mini Vegas show like she does everywhere because she would have been too lazy to do a brand new 15minutes performance.
  8. All these hand moves omg, worse is that they are almost all the same all the time in every song
  9. It's cool but why isn't she singing her own song live instead ? I would take liveney over boring armography and lipsincing anyday. It's tiring to see her always staying in her comfort zone and never make the effort to at least try. As usual that happy birthday thing is all we'll have to settle for and it's sad.
  10. So she replaced her old breakdown with that useless and terrible armography ? Great And someone burn that green costume please, she looks like bloated ffney with it ugh.
  11. The "map" part is terrible but the rest is better than myah's version, sounds more natural and listenable. Still don't like this song tho whether it's Katy or Myah.
  12. i disagree, imo she has to perform old songs, i mean i would be disappointed if i go to a show and the artist doesn't perform older songs especially when most of the time they are better than the recent ones That being said she should sing live or at least make the effort to pre-record her old songs because it's getting ridiculous to hear her 17yo vocals.
  13. This song would have flopped harder than perfume, it's not single material at all. The fact that her sons loves it says it all not saying it's a bad song (although i think it is) but it's not made to be a single, sounds like a song you would put at a village party in the countryside eating some sausage, just no. Make Me was fine as a lead but they really messed up everything starting promo way too late, releasing a disney MV, the underwhelming vma 'comeback'... that plus the fact that people arent interested in Britney's music anymore, it doesn't matter the song it wouldnt have been a big hit anyway.
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