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  1. I think there's one commercial for sure! This guy was in Vegas for the new fragrance event and he tweeted this the same day he went there: If you liked that #PrivateShow teaser @britneyspears posted on Instagram today, you'll flip when you see the full thing #TakeABow And then he got asked about if the new music was in the commercial or not but he said no, which I think is Team B's idea to avoid early leak about the song. Britney has already said Private Show the song was somehow written for the new fragrance, so the song will definitely be heard in the new commercial IMO. But I agree that we will probably only get a part of song, instead of the whole thing.
  2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yblapek5wx7rn34/啊.mp3?dl=0
  3. That's not Chinese. Otherwise I'll understand it and translate for you guys. I saw some translation on other forum it basically says it's really good, it's not something we'd expect etc...
  4. I find the video will be really "gay" as well (from the clips and pictures I've already seen), but I don't think it has something to do with the song itself. Do you guys watch all the videos of this week's BB Hot 100? I bet not. And to be fair most of them are lame as fuck but the songs are still popular. G-Eazy's rapping style apparently appeals to straight girls and straight guys more so I'm not worried. As long as the single itself is neutral and can be accepted universally, I don't see the problem making the video a little gayer to please her gay fans. And I'm sure it will cause some controversy which is good. But I do wish there were some female dancers or characters in the video apart from Britney, I'm not a gay and I love watching girls.
  5. I got this from a Chinese Britney fan called KuramaSky who is really good at editing pictures etc... You can download it here, right click and save. The 3rd and 4th one don't have logos on it. http://weibo.com/1242549015/DkycIl12Y
  6. Why are some people so negative? A lot of artists recycle their choreos, props, and other stuff from their tours and bring them on to award shows etc. It's no big deal, I don't see other fanbase complaining about it. In this way it will guarantee that nothing goes wrong because the artist herself is so familiar with it. And I'm glad they use many props from POM. To be honest, if they didn't use them and went from zero, by the time BBMAs happens, they may be only coming up with 1 or 2 props, it will be fresh to us, yes, but it will be less exciting to the GP considering they don't know about those 3 props they are gonna use this time, 1 vs 3, of course they will choose 3. We are the minority here. This performance is to remind the GP who she is and why she is a pop legend, and I'm sure it will get rave reviews. Many opening performances on big award shows don't have even 1 props, there are only staging, lighting and backup dancers. Be grateful there will be many huge props in only 7 and a half minutes. The GP will be DAZZLED. Think about it.
  7. As far as I know, Selectual is pretty legit. So I do believe there's a major non-Universal artist releasing a surprise album on May 20th. However, this person may be not Britney. But it's definitely not Gaga either IMO, she's a Universal artist, not Ariande, she's from UMG as well, and her releasing the album on 20th is a fact that has already got official confirmations not some rumors so it's not a supposed "surprise". Maybe Christina? Or JT? I don't know. And I still think the new single will drop around the same time with BBMAs. Don't even come after me please, 1)This is my personal opinion, I'm not forcing anyone to agree with me; 2)I'd admit I will have a meltdown if no new song happens after 23th, but it will just be a inner secret one that no one will see, and I won't blame Britney for that.
  8. That's interesting! Let's wait and see what happens. Yeah I still remember that Instagram post from Sophia Amoruso, apparently what she did with Britney hasn't got revealed yet.
  9. BEYONCE. Since it was Britney introducing her baby bump in 2011 VMAs. Time to return the favor.
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