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  2. It’ll suck but fans will just have to suck it up, I also feel like the constant secrecy is a big part of the problem, I think if they would just keep it real with the fans, release a statement regarding this whole ordeal but do it without revealing too much, most fans would accept it than.
  3. Like I said I understand the ethical reasons behind people's concern, and maybe if I saw Jamie living the high life while Britney was suffering I'd be right there with everyone and their concerns. But, let's be real, Jamie isn't living in a mansion, he doesn't have expensive cars, wardrobe, anything at all. We don't know what he does with his paycheck because it's clear it doesn't spend it extravagantly and it's clear Britney isn't going without or being abused in that way. A court decided his pay check based on his work and expenses, maybe it was corrupt then and maybe after the investigation it'll be changed. But what if it's not? Will people still scream corruption and concern themselves with Britney's money? My guess is yes, and I think it's gross.
  4. Other celebs aren’t in her situation, that’s why no one cares about who there paying and detailed lists aren’t posted on a court website, Britney’s situation was basically forced on her.
  5. And my point is if she wasn't paying her father she'd be paying someone else in some other form. Britney's money is Britney's business. Do I agree she should be able to choose who she hires? Sure, but I think it's ridiculous to point out how much money so and so gets when even without a conservatorship Britney would be still paying out the money. I don't see anyone concerned with how much money other celebs pay their employees. Britney's father is essentially an employee doing a job getting paid for it. I know there's ethical disputes behind what he does, but at the end of the day that's what it is.
  6. Well I think you might be misinterpreting my comments in some way. But I agree to an extent. And everyone's entitled to speak their minds so that's that I guess.
  7. I think the only reason fans are up in arms about her finances is cuz a lot of the money she busts her ass for goes to Jamie, was going to Wallet, is going to cship lawyers, when in reality that money should be going to her and the people SHE chooses to have work for her. Her shops to Target and wherever else is her business, she can shop wherever she wants, who cares but it shouldn’t have to be reported to the courts, it should be reported to a financial advisor that SHE hires.
  8. The reason I brought up her finances is because everyone seems to be worried about Britney's money when it's none of our damn business what she spends her money on, who she pays, etc. If she wasn't reporting her Target spending to the court she would be reporting it to a financial advisor so it goes hand in hand. Imagining she doesn't do much is on you, that's not my first thought when I think about what Britney does during the day. She doesn't document every time she leaves the house, and neither do the paparazzi, that doesn't make me think all she does is sit around doing nothing. She's living her life, and I don't know about you but I'm not really that bothered by whether Britney went to Target, work, spent time with her kids, or laid around her couch all day. I don't understand the concern with wanting to know what she does or doesn't do. I agree that there could be a way to talk about the conservatorship or her current situation without revealing intimate details, especially in the situation where Britney brings up the conversation herself. But at the same time I wonder how much she wants the public to know. She's asked multiple times for privacy, and no one will give it to her as they continue to speculate about her life 24/7. This would make me not want to discuss it even more, even if I wanted to in the past. She doesn't need to appease the minds of people who are curious, concerned, or out right nosy. Her personal life isn't our business no matter how much affection we feel towards her, or how loud the questions are.
  9. Well the whole part about the finances is a bit of a moot point. No celebrity is a certified accountant so none of them handle their finances they hire people for that but the fact that she has to report the number of times she's gone to target or Starbucks to the courts seems weird. Its her money, the only things the courts should care about is her taxes and child support plus any stocks but that's about it. And course we don't know her day to day but its not that hard to imagine she doesn't do much and it's not clear if that's because of the situation or because she wants it that way. I hear your trepidation, you're always concerned about her privacy which totally makes sense. That being said her team should address some of the speculation so that the unease can cease a bit. They don't have to reveal her disease or her current prognosis but I think a truthful interview about why they believe she needs the conservatorship would be helpful and maybe she should be allowed to honestly say how she feels about it without being censored like she was when she brought it up on that talk show in England. That might help. Until then people will speculate until they don't care anymore.
  10. I agree regarding if Britney wants this, her family shouldn’t coddle her, now I’m not a celebrity but I have my fair share of health problems and yes it sucks having to deal with doctors and meds and shit, but u just have to woman up and deal with it. She can have people handle her finances, she has restraining orders to keep the bad people away and she obviously needs security but we have no clue how bad the restrictions are in the cship, I can’t imagine her enjoying having the same amount of rights as her sons, she can’t vote, she can’t get married without permission, that’s gotta suck. Plus what happens if Jamie dies, they just gonna pass her off to other family members until it’s only her sons left to control mommy, that’s just not an ideal life in my opinion.
  11. At this point we don't even know what "restraints" Britney truly has, what she can/can't do, etc. I think it's pretty obvious that a celebrity of Britney's status won't be living the same life as us regular folk, so some precautions should be in place. Should Britney go EVERYWHERE with security? Probably not, unless, of course, SHE doesn't feel safe. Should Britney be allowed to hire her own medical team? Yes. Does she already have say in what medical doctors she does see? We don't know. Should she alone handle her fortune? No. It's a sticky situation, that us fans really have no business sticking our noses into. It's Britney life. As much as we might want her to be "free" what does freedom really mean for Britney? We'll never know because we don't know how she really, truly lives day to day.
  12. Can't believe they banned this song back in 2004 at MTV/VH-1 and still played other artists with more oversexualized stuff that time... This 2017 live amazing version:
  13. I'm not apart of the hashtag (too many mean people are apart of it) but the point is she shouldn't want that for herself. Why would she want to keep parts of it? She's not a child and shouldn't want to be treated as one in any aspect just because things are are difficult. Assuming its to keep ill intented people away from her, she needs a good team that commands respect to watch out for her but not a formal conservatorship. It's sad that her whole life she has been answering to other people left and right to the point where it feels like she doesn't get a true say.
  14. Okay, I just read something about how they decided to change some parts of it because it was leaked. And I love more demo of HOE than final track, it was too much layered with other one vocalist and some vocal parts were removed in final version :/
  15. He did right decision that time, but actually it's wrong imo let her be inside it too long because she is use to live in different mode than other adult people.
  16. This is just sick and crazy out of the ordinary. Her rights were trampled on when she got into the conservatorship because she was spiraling and now they're trying to extend and expand it for whatever reason. I know it supposedly saved her but its like saying a person with a mental illness is not a full person. I just can't believe no one else has tried to intervene. Is the conservatorship so powerful that no one with a good heart could have tried to investigate it earlier? Is she really surrounded by that many coldblooded people? Idk it just doesn't feel right. It feels like court sanctioned abuse.
  17. I really really don´t know what to say, this seems like a horror movie...
  18. I completely agree with you, they won't do it on their own because they haven't in 11 years. But that's what I meant, it needs to be a court ordered thing where's there's monthly proof that Britney is taking the proper steps (classes, whatever) to be able to gain control of her life back.
  19. Last week
  20. Yeah hopefully that would happen but I only see it happening if the judge forces them to and if they don’t comply, punish them, if they were concerned about Britney the person, not just the millionaire pop star, they would have been preparing her since the day it started and ended it some time ago. Conservatorships are for people who can’t function whatsoever, there not for protection for functioning adults, to keep her in it just for that would be a violation even if Britney wanted it, there are ways to protect her without such an extreme, I mean the fact that Andrew Wallet went to court and asked the court to look at the cship as a hybrid-business model is a huge red flag cuz that’s not the purpose of one. Sorry, I just don’t trust Jamie, Lou or Larry, I don’t see them letting her go unless forced.
  21. There's no way they're going to give her all the freedom at once, that would be overwhelming and a stupid act. If she ever gets to be free it's going to be step by step. And I feel like she wouldn't mind a partial conservatorship (basicly limited to finances). And yeah, that's what's wrong with the #freebritney movement, they think they know her 100% yet the fact is, they don't, if Britney herself had stated that she wants out of the c-ship that would be another thing. I've said it before and I'll say it again: the day when this is all over can't come soon enough.
  22. I've been thinking about that a lot. I hope they won't just hand it all over to her at once. That's a huge change, that would be hard for anyone to handle. We don't know much about Britney's situation, but I really hope Jamie is teaching her as well as managing her finances (and general). Another thing I've been thinking about, is that we don't know what Britney actually wants. It seems like the whole "Free Britney"-movement KNOWS she 100% wants out of it. For all we know, she might actually want parts of the conservatorship to remain. We just have to keep faith in the investigation.
  23. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking about now. It's been 11 years, I don't have any doubts that Britney is healthier now than she was back then, I don't fear her slipping or anything, I'm wondering if she knows how to handle her life on her own, or at least with help that SHE chooses and hires. That's why I think if it's determined she still needs it, there needs to be an end date. Six months, a year, however long it would take to teach Britney the responsibility she'll need to undertake to get that "freedom" and no longer have it decided for her, if that's what she wants after all.
  24. They gotta do something tho cuz I feel like if she’s not let go, the show isn’t gonna go on as easily as it did back in 2008, i for one am not gonna feel comfortable handing over my money after everything that’s come out and esp. now that Lou is the one in control of Brits money. This thing is screwing her in both ways, her being in this thing so long most definitely fucks with her being able to function on her own and if it continues, that will affect her career, cuz most fans will feel uneasy buying anything.
  25. TBH there's a reason Lynne wasn't chosen as her conservator in the first place and I believe it's because she'd be too lenient on Britney and it wouldn't actually help her get better. Now that Britney's better, there's no fear of her slipping or relapsing, and appears like she shouldn't be in it at all I would be very suspicious of anyone trying to claim conservatorship over Britney. However, there's also the fear that since it HAS been so long, does Britney really even know how to function outside of the conservatorship? They've definitely made steps to make the transition of Britney having her own life permanent, but there could probably be more done. And I feel if, at the end of the investigation, she's not ultimately released from the conservatorship then there should be big steps taken to get her ready for it. She's not a deathly ill elderly woman, they need to start preparing her for life outside of the conservatorship if it's ruled she still needs it.
  26. Sam I understand but they even wanna forbid her own mother, that’s what really makes this move suspect to me.
  27. Then don't come at me with bullshit and think you know what I think and feel about situations. Don't put words in my mouth and change my opinions. I don't think people are "bad" because they wish her to be out of the conversatorship. I think they're full of shit saying they're on her side when they're the same ones in her comments making jokes about her mental health and acting like she's some poor little prisoner forced to do what big bad daddy says or else.
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