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  3. Rosengart going in hard again, I love him and at least the prenup shit can officially be put to bed.
  4. According to TMZ they also discuss the conservatorship ending this fall. Will update when the full docs are released but here's a snippet! Glad to see Britney wants to move forward with a prenup that DOESN'T involve Jamie, since allegedly he was trying to find a lawyer for her.
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  6. I saw that too and I saw people blaming her, so really it's just a toss up. I'm gonna laugh when all this is over and Britney has full control of her socials and absolutely nothing changes including posting old photos and the captions.
  7. Yeah it is odd and you’d think the fiancé would be in the pics, lol, as for Cassie, I’ve seen a few people say she’s no longer the social media person and there’s someone new.
  8. I think it's an odd set of photos to represent your engagement celebration all together, but the fact that Sam liked the post leads me to believe it's something he and Britney planned on posting. Whether they're new, or old and part of Britney's infamous trolling, I don't think they're from Cassie because of that like. The video dancing to Lenny Kravitz is new though, so there's that.
  9. Idk, to me it just looks like it’s from the set we’ve seen in her backyard 9 million times before but if it is new, she looks good, just an odd background choice for being in Palm Springs.
  10. It's floating around that they're from February. Same shirt and necklace. In my opinion the background is different and her face looks slimmer. There were candids of her the other day with longer non red hair too, plus Sam liked the post so who knows. Just glad her account is active again tbh.
  11. Mash of Britney #freebritney Edition includes all 15 mashups from the previously released album plus 6 brand new mashups and some of my all time favourite britney mashups. CD 01: 01. Raheem D – No Overprotected (video) 02. FrenchFriMashups – Break My Ice 03. Titus Jones – Satisfaction Bitch (previously unreleased) (video) 04. Robin Skouteris – Loneliness (video) 05. Marowak – Born Blinding (video) 06. Adamusic – Toxic WAP (video) 07. Titus Jones – Talk About My Rumors (previously unreleased) (video) 08. Raheem D – Bad Freakshow 09. FrenchFriMashups – Step On Up (Blackout Version) 10. mkd mashup – Levitating VS (You Drive Me) Crazy (video) 11. Deelirious Mashups – Circus Just Got Paid (previously unreleased) 12. Kill_mR_DJ – Crazy Fuego (video) 13. Marowak – The Fighting Liar (previously unreleased) 14. rickyBE – Running With A Criminal (previously unreleased) 15. SMASH Mashups – Me Against The Midnight Sky (previously unreleased) CD 02: 01. SmadaLeinad – Greatest Crazy (video) 02. MixmstrStel – Circus (Minimix) (video) 03. FrenchFriMashups – Break Havana 04. Mr.K! – 24K Girls (video) 05. Titus Jones – Flawlessly Toxic (Not Sorry) (video) 06. Blanter Co – Slumber Party (The Megamix) (blocked) 07. SMASH – I Don’t Wanna Go, Scream & Shout (video) 08. Happy Cat Disco – Toxic Bang (video) 09. Shahar Varshal – IDGAF Circus (video) 10. DJ J-Brew – Still Toxic 11. Laura B – Britney Spears In L.A. 12. MashupBambi – 3 At The Beach 13. Raheem D – BURNITUP! Like A Slumber Party 14. Joseph James – Britney Spears Mini mix 15. Adamusic – No Circus Left (video) DOWNLOAD HERE! Source: PanosT.NET View the full article
  12. Just reading they left Unusual You off drives me bats lmao. But let me go read the list, too. ETA: Ok, this list isn't bad, but I do have a few bones to pick. Shattered Glass instead of Unusual You??? And I say this as a big fan of SG, but if you're only going to pick one off of Circus, it should be UY. I'd argue that Hot As Ice and Freakshow aren't really deep cuts, considering their prominence among the GP, especially Freakshow (I mean, it was in her Vegas show almost the entire run). Maybe Hot As Ice, but off of Blackout I think he could have picked a number of better deep cuts: Get Naked, Outta This World (the best non-single on their IMO - too bad it's a Japan cut only), or Toy Soldier. I'm partial to Heaven On Earth and Ooh Ooh Baby, but those seem to get mixed reactions from the fanbase. So glad he included Cinderella, Lonely, and Can't Make You Love Me (the last two should've been singles!). As How I Roll and Why Should I Be Sad are also good inclusions - two of my favorite songs in her discography! Thanks for sharing this, it was truly a trip down memory lane. I have distinct memories for all of those songs/albums ... BOMT was the first album I ever bought with my own money ... the Britney album came out when I was in middle school and I remember dancing in my room to so many songs ... I did not appreciate Blackout as much as I should've when it was released - every bar and club in Orlando was blasting Gimme More constantly ... Femme Fatale was released when I had gotten my first job post-college and I listened to it everyday on my way to work and when I was getting ready for going out with my friends (especially How I Roll!). Wow, am I having flashbacks!
  13. In the past, yes, there were very clearly posts that weren't Britney. But that's how most social media is for major celebrities like Britney. She wasn't the only celeb with a social media manager making posts for her. The issue is many fans believed NONE of the posts came from Britney's hand and that's just NOT true. This deactivation proves it, again. When have they ever cared about honoring her wishes? Never. They were recently deleting her posts and changing her captions. Britney very clearly has access to the account and chose to deactivate it. If they wanted to use posts against her they would reactivate it, plain and simple. Since they were changing the captions and deleting posts up until she deactivated it. My point is they can't and couldn't use her posts against her. Whether the account is up or not.
  14. Because still that's her account. Main decisions (delete/deactive) are still her. But there are random posts what are not from her hand but from Cassie. Also, I don't think they re-active it because it was against her decision. They can't do anything now for court case because they are in public eyes.
  15. This argument is very flawed. 1) If team con entirely controlled her IG then all Britney and her lawyer have to say in court is that she did not post or consent to posting anything there, so they can't use it against her. 2) If team con entirely controlled her IG and they wanted to keep these posts up they would. With team con in control they could easily reactivate her account. This was clearly Britney's choice and she clearly has access to her social media. No other explanation makes sense. You can't say she didn't make posts and say she deactivated her account at the same time. These two things contradict each other. Either she has access and made posts and deactivated her account, or team con is completely in control. And if you think that and they want to use her IG against her, they wouldn't deactivate the account.
  16. How about post news with embedded stuff witnout links in thick text? :frenchy:

  17. The answer is that the best way how to limit hit from team con side to her life is delete social media and then they can't use any post against her in court hall. You don't know many posts are not from her? She did it well. Have life without any shitty internet.
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  19. I think it's a good move to pause IG for a time. She should enjoy as much privacy as she can get. As much as I don't like or trust Sam, it's Britney's decision so fingers crossed they'll end up happy ever after.
  20. They'll probably just use her twitter! Hopefully she'll be out of the conservatorship before that happens and they can scrap the whole thing. As much as I want Britney out of all conservatorship contracts, I don't want an album full of rejects- rejected for a reason! TBH once free, Britney should just buy out what's left of the contract and start completely fresh on her terms.
  21. I can't wait for Team CON B to release the Glory rejects album without an official Instagram account to promote it
  22. I hope when Britney comes back she keeps the comments disabled on her Instagram. Time and time again people have proven they don't deserve that privilege.
  23. I agree, I mean it’s one thing to think it, u know out of concern but it’s a whole other thing to actually say it, that’s just rude!! People need to just learn to bite their tongue.
  24. Agree, it was really alarming how all Sam's comments were well wishes and all Britney's were about a prenup. You can't support her freedom and question her judgement at the same time. I know everyone thought it was so funny that even Octavia Spencer left a prenup comment, but that wasn't funny to me. It was nasty and sad.
  25. Glad to know it was her decision and I wouldn’t blame her if it was those rude comments, instead of celebration, people are already thinking your marriage is gonna fail or that your an idiot who wouldn’t think to get one all on your own, it’s gotta hurt.
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