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  2. I need a change of pace...to see some different faces...I need to get away

  3. You hit the nail on the head. I'll never understand why people always treat Britney differently than other celebrities. Maybe it's because they can't accept the idea that a celebrity can be flawed like them, that life isn't a fairytale for literally anyone? I hope someone does a psychological study on the subject, it would sure be interesting to read a psychologist's view on this.
  4. Let's be honest if any other pop girl was posting these videos the comments would be full of people praising their artistic vision, but because it's Britney people criticize and degrade her. It's literally been this way her entire fucking career and it's so sad. I hope girlfriend knows the majority of us love and appreciate her more than words.
  5. Judging by the quality of a lot of the replies people really took it personally so he definitely hit them where it hurts : D
  6. That's why they need to drag other people!! I also think Sam's comment was pretty accurate
  7. Yesterday
  8. Well, this proves one thing for sure: despite what people say, she reads comments. I really, really hope that the good comments outweight the bad ones. I'd be sad if she stopped posting on social media because the mean people got under her skin so badly, they give a bad name to the B Army. Edit: Idk what I was expecting when I started to scroll through the comments but I did it anyway. Now I'm disappointed.
  9. It’s really pathetic, isn’t it and u know damn well, not a single one of those motherfuckers judging her is perfect them damn selves.
  10. And people are still leaving mean comments.. My God, get a life! I really like those videos ( That's an awesome tree BTW )
  11. I agree, I love her vids and want her to keep posting, all those superficial douche bags can fuck off, there’s no need for them to have the comments enabled.
  12. Me too. I wish they/she would turn off the comment section. It shouldn’t be necessary, but there’s so much bullying going on there
  13. People are so fucking mean. I hope she doesn’t stop sharing, I like these videos. They’re fun and lighthearted!
  14. ...Britney released her Britney Jean album
  15. Last week
  16. That's the best Britney T-shirt I've ever seen PD: I like Billie's sound, it's fresh and I would love to see Britney trying out some new concepts. Homegirl definitely needs collabs in the production department, but no more featurings...
  17. @MakeMySugarFall I can't still if I see your avi
  18. I saw a Gaga fan on Twitter say that Billie just didn't understand the meat dress thing and it appears no one does b/c Gaga keeps having to explain it. It's like, if literally no one gets it, then it most likely wasn't a good idea! That meat dress was stupid.
  19. No lies detected the recording session and stems agree
  20. I couldn't care less about her or her music, but seeing the way Gaga fans attacked this poor girl for saying the meat dress was weird (it was, we ALL thought so) and now this I have no choice but to give her music a second listen.
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  22. Saw the photos trending on Twitter, I'm surprised this hasn't been shared here yet. Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/terrycarter/billie-eilish-tribute-to-britney-spears-jingle-ball Billie Eilish Just Paid Tribute To Britney Spears During A Performance And I Need A Collab, Like, Yesterday So you probably saw Billie Eilish trending this week for not knowing who Van Halen is. Kevin Winter / Getty Images But this post isn't about that. This post is about Billie Eilish paying tribute to the legend, the icon, and the pop diva that is Britney Spears. Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images On Friday, the "xanny" singer performed at iHeartRadio's annual Jingle Ball, but it was her outfit that had everyone's attention. Rich Fury / Getty Images As you can see, Billie wore a t-shirt and shorts with Britney's face all over it. Kevin Winter / Getty Images The back of Billie's t-shirt also had Britney's name on it, for emphasis. 399 people are talking about this The sleeves of her t-shirt also featured images of the "Circus" singer and spelled out her name, so it's safe to say Billie might just be a stan. Rich Fury / Getty Images I mean, this is stan culture, am I right? In case you're wondering, the admiration is definitely mutual. Back in June, Britney shared this epic Instagram video of herself dancing to Billie's No. 1 single, "Bad Guy": instagram.com She even recreated her "I'm a Slave 4 U" choreography from the 2001 MTV VMAs. That's love. OFC, Billie fangirled over the moment, writing "omg" in the comments: instagram.com So when are we getting a collab ladies? I need it, like yesterday. Hallmark P.S., this proves Billie DOES know her musical legends. I'm just saying 🤷🏾‍♂️.
  23. From the looks of her and sams instagram she had a great day.
  24. Sooo beautiful! Greetings from Bart Willemse

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