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  3. Agree. And we all know here that Wolfie is a true die-hard fan. I mean, please! #Justice4DLMBTLTK
  4. I don't think it's odd. From what I've read a lot of celebrities have multiple phones. I remember something some years ago about Kim K. having like 4 phones.
  5. I always saw her having multiple phones for different purposes like one for work and another for personal use. Yeah, that's why I think it's always easy to tell when it's Britney posting something and when it's her team doing it.
  6. I do believe that Britney has a phone, but don't you find it odd that we see her with so many different phones? Like that old one with a lid? ( I don't know if that is the correct name, sorry!)
  7. Yesterday
  8. True, just trying to make sense of it all. I definitely think it’s a mix of people who post on her social, I would think every famous person would have social media people. I do not think she posted this video tho, esp. since it doesn’t fit with the caption, wouldn’t she rather work on her summer bod in her nice home gym with the pretty purple string lights instead of this dungeon looking place that she was apparently forced to go to, doesn’t make any sense, lol
  9. Yeah it’s nice to see, it actually seems like this investigation may have loosened the reigns on her a bit, cuz when’s the last time we’ve seen her this lively and chatty esp. with the paps while out and about, I feel like it’s been quite a while. Theory actually does make sense cuz the better she looks and the better she performs, the more of a draw she is, therefore, she brings in even more money that she doesn’t even get complete access to, while it sucks for us fans I can see why she’d do it.
  10. This is a theory I could buy into as well. Whatever the reasons for it are, I'm glad to see her as happy as we have lately.
  11. I think whether the plan is in her dad's name or not doesn't change the fact that she is clearly in possession of many phones and knows how to get on and use social media. Why else would she be filming these videos? She knows they're going to be posted on the internet whether by herself or her team Also, I don't think EVERYTHING posted on her social media is posted by her, and it's very easy to tell what is and isn't. And the same can be said for every big name celebrity, so I really don't have an issue with her team posting on her accounts from time to time. Just my two cents.
  12. True, the phone is clearly propped up so she’s obviously filming it herself. But I had a thought, she’s clearly been seen with several kinds of phones throughout these 11 years, so she has phones but what if she doesn’t own the phone. Meaning, she’s not the one who went to the store, picked the plan, picked the phone and paid for it all herself. The plan could be Jamie’s name, therefore making him the actual owner, not her. That’s the only scenario that would make sense to me in this whole doesn’t own a phone saga.
  13. That’s right, how did I forget she didn’t have security then , definitely would cause more chaos. A fan over on exhell had a theory that maybe her looking a mess all these years was her way of rebelling against the cship, of all the conspiracy theories that have been created, that’s a light-hearted one and makes a TINY bit of sense, cuz why wait till she finally has her chance at freedom to consistently look good, why not do it the whole time? Even the bad dark eye makeup seems to be gone.
  14. I think the main difference is now she has protection aka a bodyguard with her when she's out, versus 2007 when it was Sam not only calling the paparazzi but inviting them over and everything else that caused the chaos. I definitely think she "cleaned up" her appearance because of the evaluations and the court hearing. Something that small will make a difference as far as showing she's in a good mental headspace.
  15. These were probably videos that were meant to be posted that month she was in the facility, however, when all hell broke loose her team probably held off. I still think it's odd to post them now, but what I think is more curious is the claims made of Britney not having a phone/wanting an iphone. We already know that's bullshit, but if it's true who filmed this? It's clear the phone is on the ground aka she's filming it herself on HER phone. "Britney probably doesn't even know what social media is" Then why is she filming herself working out? So many questions that completely tear down every claim the theorists make.
  16. Yes, that ia kinda odd. It looks like every video "she" is posting has something weird and off...
  17. So many outings, let’s just hope it doesn’t get out of control with the paps but she seems to be handling quite well which works in her favor for that evaluation. Also couldn’t help notice she’s been looking much more put together since that evaluation was ordered, she looks amazing like each time we see her now, lol
  18. Obviously not new since it’s from the mental health facility gym, kind of odd to post that since there is prolly several videos from her home gym available, but whatever, lol https://www.instagram.com/p/BxvSdPRgxOP/
  19. Awwww...lately we are seeing more pictures of her smiling. Love that
  20. What? In case it wasn't clear before, I don't care about or support freebritney extremists who harass her team and believe tabloids only when it fits their narrative of Britney being a prisoner with no rights. I don't consider the op one of those.
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