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  3. Universe would like to wish all members celebrating their birthday today a happy birthday. Stephneee_ (29)Tony Spears (21)
  4. Nothing wrong with a break every now and again, bb. Protect your mental health. Sending you love + positive vibes. 💙💙💙
  5. With everything that's going on, sometimes taking a break from it all is the best thing to do for your own mental health!
  6. Yesterday
  7. Agreed that that’s who it’ll piss off and I agree they should be exposed, it’s just that I feel like I’m drowning in hate and negativity at the moment, I live in Philly, so my neighborhood Facebook page kinda has me wanting to bang my head against the wall with all the back and forth fighting and my newsfeed is filled with mixed reactions, it’s making me wanna take a social media hiatus.
  8. Yup, people criticize her when she posts a photo of herself standing and smiling - she'll definitely get criticism from this. I'm not going to look at the comments tho. I want to take the good vibes from her post and leave it at that.
  9. It'll only piss off the racists and "all lives matter" morons, and to be honest, let it and let them show their asses to the world.
  10. I figured she would say something eventually, what she wrote is perfect, it’s neutral too, which is good, I can’t see this celeb post pissing anyone off.
  11. is this atomatic thing really necessary?
  12. SO glad she said something! I knew she wouldn't during the weekend, she typically doesn't post Friday-Sunday, but today she did.
  13. Last week
  14. Well it’s nice to hear some good news among all the shittiness. Gaga’s new album is great so it’s bound to rise but the fact that MR shot to number one and it lasted as long as it did considering it’s a just released foreign bonus track from 2016 is incredible!!
  15. UPDATE: Lady Gaga and Chromatica are catching up, as to be expected. It's still amazing that Mood Ring held onto the top spot on the iTunes charts for over 3 days! Mood Ring at #2 in overall songs (I had it wrong in my previous updates - it wasn't just the pop charts. MR was trending at #1 for the OVERALL iTunes charts!) Glory at #49 MVs: #2 Toxic #4 I'm A Slave 4 U #5 Circus #7 Oops I Did It Again #8 BOMT #9 Gimme More #11 Womanizer #27 Stronger #28 Lucky MR did not do well on Spotfiy, from what I understand of tweets I saw over the weekend. So if you bought it, it's time to stream it on Spotify when you want to listen!
  16. I hope Britney will understand that she can be still successful and people love her. Love her music and love when she has success. She needs that sparkle in the life and I hope it will light a fire up in her.
  17. Universe would like to wish all members celebrating their birthday today a happy birthday. ellshells (29)IMCobweb (20)
  18. I'm just super excited that the world is now kind of like: Oh shit she actually released new stuff and is actually still the IT girl! I'm also really proud that Mood Ring got released cuz it's a really good song and I showed it to people who haven't heard Glory and they all were like: this is Britney Spears?!?!! And I was like: yeah. Then they were shook coz they thought she kind of just fell off the earth, and they added Glory to their playlists sooooo
  19. UPDATE #3: Mood Ring has fallen to #2. It was inevitable, but it also could jump back up! MVs • #1 Toxic • #3 I’m A Slave 4 U • #4 Circus • #6 BOMT • #7 Oops I Did It Again • #9 Womanizer • #11 Gimme More NEW ENTRIES • #28 Stronger • #30 Lucky BOMT, Oops, Womanizer, And Gimme More have risen.
  20. Here: https://protect-us.mimecast.com/s/jcnOCyPzP2sN7ZkMrFZqTDf?domain=music.apple.com
  21. UPDATED NUMBERS: Mood Ring STILL at #1 Glory at #4 MVs: • #1 Toxic • #3 I’m A Slave 4 U • #4 Circus • #7 BOMT • #8 Oops I Did It Again • #10 Womanizer • #18 Gimme More I don’t imagine Gaga is very happy with this lol (even tho her final numbers will more more than fine).
  22. Yay!! It's kind of worldwide actually. That's the kind of thing real fans should do
  23. With all the madness and terrible things happening, her succeeding is the mental break I need. I love this, and I hope she sees and loves this, too.
  24. I really hope this is letting Britney see how much we love and appreciate her talent and gives her some kind of a boost to get back to her career when she's ready.
  25. I don't think it's suspicious, it's always very easy to tell what posts are Britney's and what are her teams. The Kim Petras post was very clearly her team because they share management.
  26. If you’re US-based, go check the iTunes pop charts. At the time of writing: • Mood Ring Is still (STILL) #1 • Glory is at #3 in albums MV rankings: • #6 Toxic • #8 I’m A Slave 4 U • #19 Circus • #21 Womanizer •#22 BOMT
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