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  4. How cute and yeah the way fans brutally criticize Brit is bad enough but to do it kids is despicable!!
  5. There are also pics where Britney looks better and where worse. Don't act like drama queen just for one comment because of one photo.
  6. Nothing???? You literally called them FAT then tried to justify and change it to "bigger" and "wider" instead of admitting your mistake.
  7. Stop trying to justify the fact that you are continuing to bully CHILDREN. No, they don't.
  8. Girl, if you check 1st post and compared it to 2nd post, her children looks bigger. Thats all. Bye.
  9. No. You are still absolutely vile. How you're not banned for everything else you post is beyond me, but bullying her children? Girl, bye. You are forever dismissed.
  10. As if picking on Britney's looks isn't bad enough, are you seriously calling her perfectly normal and healthy children FAT? You are DISGUSTING!
  11. how many days are between first and second post? They looks older and more in second post?
  12. She looks great, will never get over how big her boys are now.
  13. Let's just try not to set ourselves up for disappointment
  14. Last week
  15. I don't think she is and, as much as I want new music from her, I think that's good news
  16. I thought she was working on a new album a long time ago. What happened? This place is f'kin deserted tbh
  17. Because of Madonna annoying and basic voice there. I also can't stand BNG but just for pitched up backing vocals in last minute. With some fix it can be a bop.
  18. + Brave New Girl. i’ve never understood the hate for MATM i’m genuinely curious why people hate it
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