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  3. Another makeup artist that hasn't been in Britney's presence in years opening their mouth now because the movement gained popularity? Next.
  4. I’m assuming his comparison is in regards to the level of control/force that Team CON have, cuz in HT, they forcing women to HAVE babies. There are ways to keep her from getting pregnant, now even contraceptives aren’t 100%, so what, did they force her to get her tubes tied??? Force her to get abortion if the contraceptive fails?? Force a day after pill, every time, she has sex??? Dude shouldn’t have made that statement, if he ain’t gonna spill specifics. I’m confused by the Sam and Jamie comment tho, if Jamie don’t like Sam, wouldn’t he just give Sam the boot, cuz up until Jodi took over, Jamie was in control of everyone Britney can see, why would Jamie let someone he don’t like and don’t get along with stay around for five years???
  5. Celebrity cosmetician made some serious claims on the "Calababes" podcast this week: https://pagesix.com/2020/10/24/britney-spears-makeup-artist-theres-a-handmaids-tale-plot-against-pop-star/
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  7. For some reason I didn’t see the pics in this post yesterday, I’m not gonna say what that pen reminds me of, lol, I def. don’t feel comfortable buying any official Britney merch, but I think it feels like a total double edged sword tho, cuz Britney’s allowance comes from somewhere, so while our intent is to deprive Team CON, we’re basically depriving her too.
  8. I just hope if britney will be in work again, she invite that creative one from Facebook who makes better work than her label/team
  9. I hope fans refuse to buy anything with Britney's official stamp on it There are some great Britney stuff on Etsy made by small creators and the money isn't going to her money-hungry team
  10. I agree, they’re gonna do whatever they can to still bring money in, even JL had to get her ass back to work, lol
  11. Her team teamed up with Loot Crate and are releasing a box of merch inspired by Brit's debut album. I feel like it's another ploy for money by her team since Brit is refusing to work and make them more $ https://www.rollingstone.com/product-recommendations/lifestyle/britney-spears-loot-crate-1080059/
  12. That’s true, I never even thought of that.
  13. Maybe her wrist is hurting and she's keeping it warm and in place so it doesn't get worse while doing yoga
  14. The red bikini in that swimsuit fashion show and Justify My Love one are hella sexy.
  15. It’s the tat I have, lol, she was even wearing it on the beach and if it’s for just a sporty fashion look, why not both wrists?? It’s becoming a real mystery.
  16. I've been wondering about that wristband too. She's been wearing in almost all posts! Yep, It'll suck cause that was my first option to get a tattoo lol
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  18. Cute bikini and I can’t help but wonder if she‘s having her tattoo removed and that’s why we’ve been seeing her with her wrist covered up but it also looks like just a sports wristband, is she just wearing it just to wear it. If it’s removal then that’ll suck for those of us fans who got the pink dice on our wrists cuz of her, lol
  19. She's so cute and she's mostly such a loner like moi Loves it
  20. Wooow, that second picture...simply beautiful
  21. Looking good, homegirl had a win, I’d hit the beach too, lol, but Daily Mail can fuck off with that troubled shit.
  22. It’ll be really interesting to see how she changes up shit when she’s hopefully free.
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