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  4. i have absolutely everything by bjork in lossless and i have a "small" collection of cds and lps too.
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  6. On the bright side, I heard the quality of the products wasn't that good. I saw someone on Instagram saying the wearables weren't worth the price because of the quality.
  7. Great post! It's true they bring you up only to tear you down. The world doesn't want to see people overcome and succeed as much as they like to claim. Britney is a survivor, inspiration, and one of the rare true souls in the entertainment business. Her decisions to put her family first are admirable and I love her more for it.
  8. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surviving_R._Kelly
  9. Can somebody tell me what problem you have between R.Kelly vs. Outrageous??? I don't get it....
  10. they made britmas merch ordering merch from artists is a terrible experience tbh. the experience is terribly long and over priced, but lowkey worth it
  11. Hi my name is Andy. Have been a casual reader of these forums for many years but I have recently started an online Blog focussed on promoting a more active approach to mental health and have written a piece that I think the Britney community would appreciate. To give you an idea of my story without going in to masses of detail - I was diagnosed with a mental health condition earlier this year that resulted in me having daily seizures. Initially mistaken for Epilepsy, this was eventually diagnosed as N.E.A.D which I was experiencing due to an intolerable level of stress, anxiety and psychological trauma. I’ve now started sharing some of my story and thoughts surrounding mental health, the attached stigma, and encouraging others to be more open and proactive about their struggles with their thoughts. I’m a massive advocate for the benefits regular exercise can have on both your physical and mental wellbeing - which my reason for setting up these pages online. Anyway... enough about me! I wanted to share the below post I wrote earlier this week that centralised around the life of Britney Spears and my own reflections on generalised perceptions of mental health, the media and how I can relate to a lot of the adjustments Britney has subsequently made to her life and career after a difficult chapter in her own life. In my eyes, that period is only a small part of her story and legacy - yet is widely thought of as one of the most defining parts of her career which I find so sad. In this post, I talk about Britney’s recent decision to put her family first, how much respect I have for her as a person.. and how it’s a shame that this selfless act of prioritising family over a multi-million dollar contract does not seem to warrant the same level of media attention as her infamous troubles times. In my opinion this act says far more for her character than that “difficult time” ever could. Please take time to read and share if you like. Andy 💚 https://www.facebook.com/319714545299022/posts/344361349501008?sfns=cl www.instagram.com/afitminduk www.facebook.com/afitminduk www.twitter.com/afitmind
  12. I do think the article is harsh and not well written, but I'll add my own contribution to the list of good Britney covers:
  13. I ordered the Britmas mugs and Britmas crew neck back in November. Just got an email saying they’re refunding me on the crew neck because they oversold and won’t be making anymore LOL. I’m actually kind of pissed. I just emailed to cancel the entire thing.
  14. https://www.stereogum.com/2028501/best-britney-spears-covers/franchises/gotcha-covered/ I think it's hard as hell to read (who th is this writer???) so I skipped straight to the videos.
  15. I know how you feel, as a fellow older Britney fan. I've avoided R. Kelly for years as well and I can't STAND to listen to Age Ain't Nothing But A Number (so pissed Aaliyah's legacy is tied up with his). I've always disliked Outrageous so me never listening to it again isn't a problem lol, but I do understand where you're coming from. If she pulled the song, I'm not sure how much of an impact it would actually have, but I support your decision to not listen to it, if that's what you want.
  16. While R Kelly is trash, I typically don't think about who wrote a song when I listen to the song. I agree with @edurance just don't stream it.
  17. there's like 100 other songs you can listen to, I'm sure you'll get over not listening to one album track from 14 years ago or whatever
  18. You can listen to it, like it and enjoy it. If you don't want to support him just don't buy it or stream it on legal platforms
  19. It’s one of my fave songs from her but knowing R. Kelly wrote it and I think even does background on it cuz it sounds like him in parts, I can’t help but feel a lil conflicted. Being 37 years old, I’ve known about the allegations about him for MANY, MANY years which is why I haven’t listened to HIS music in that long regardless of the great songs he’s made, but now thanks to the recent Lifetime “Survivng R. Kelly” series bringing this all back to the public’s mind and every one turning on him like they should of done back then, I feel a little dirty listening to it, along with Aaliyah’s music, lol
  20. He's far from a flavor of the month rapper. I really like him and his work, and he's been steadily gaining traction. I think they could actually produce something interesting and fresh sounding together, if this rumor were even true in the first place.
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