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  2. Thank God! Because I've heard she was like angry with her or something when the stuff with their father happened... I'm glad they're united! That's what siblings are for!!
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  4. Looks like Britney went to Louisiana and visited at least her sister this weekend! Cute picture.
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  6. Yes, she sent me email lmao🙈😂😂😂 But it was not my fault, but google. It always update by the last available stuff She take down my video of her shade song about Britney and children, thats pretty suspicious how she hide all of her shade stuff about her since she turn to her career with her ass Remember how I've listened her demo songs (around 2011) and imagined what can happen if they put her main vocals to her album and the rest of this story everyone knows now. She released some tape the last month or when. Originally it's picture from my Body Ache lead vocals video She was pretty pissed off this and she told me she felt pretty humiliated. But as I said, it's not my fault
  7. Burn is a demo of Look Who's Talking, we already knew that?? No, the words aren't backwards
  8. No she legit asked someone to take down a video cause that was the thumbnail so it was on Google images... and Google picked that as the most relevant picture for her...
  9. LMAO! SHE WOULD TOTALLY DO THAT!!! I lost all respect for her. She took down two videos from my YouTube channel. I mean... why would you record songs if you don't want them to be out there? She will always be a She has some nice songs tho, so shame on her.
  10. Didn't she ask you or someone else to take it down so Google would pic a better picture? 😂😂
  11. I can't help but wonder where she's travelling.
  12. Yes it was announced that's why everyone was pissed when it was cut. If he really wanted to release the song he would with or without Britney. Her team literally can't tell another artist they can't release their music just because Britney is a feature on it and they don't like the "message" though. Her team is not some big powerful entity that can bully other artists into submission.
  13. Was it announced that Britney would be on their song/video? I'm really asking cause I don't remember. It was 'When I Grow Up', right? What I mean is that Pitbull really confirmed it and hyped up the collab, so it would be kinda weird releasing the song with some other female artist when everybody was expecting Britney. The backlash would be huge, and I don't see many artists or record labels disrespecting Britney that way. They replaced her on 'Hey Ma', but Britney was never confirmed I believe (it was all rumours) and it was said the movie producers chose to have Camila instead. Also after hearing the kind words he said about Britney during POM (I mean I was there and heard him say how she has gone through so much and how her story of survival in the industry is an example for everyone), I think he would choose not to replace her out of respect.
  14. Ordered! Can’t believe they’re still available, though I wouldn’t have cared as much if I didn’t get this one the first round as it’s not one of my faves. But my fave fave is coming up next. 😈
  15. Tell that to the Pussycat Dolls who cut Britney from their music video. It's his song at the end of the day Britney nor her team have any authority to demand it not be released. I know Britney fans love the conspiracy theories but this one is literally not possible.
  16. I know, but you don't just replace Britney Spears after announcing the single would feature her. Pitbull had already confirmed the single and her before getting a release date.
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