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  1. Today
  2. If so, so then she had break-up with him in a plan before she told it to him and wrote (helped with) lyrics for it Or this song was inspired her for decide what to do.
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  4. I’m very okay with this. It would have huge potential to be a hit. It would obv be a bop!
  5. Yesterday
  6. She definitely has gotten better with time.
  7. She is more alive now. But also I think it is not so fun answering questions without an audience and just alone. It looks silly
  8. If all they wanted was money they'd have her out there making it. BRITNEY doesn't like to promote. She says this many, many times.
  9. I don't think at all They wants just more money but give less fuck for it.
  10. Don't blame her management for Britney's decisions. Don't you think he'd LOVE to have her out there promoting more? Especially if, as everyone loves to say, it's all about the money for them? Britney is more in charge than fans give her credit for.
  11. Last week
  12. I think he’s probably perfect for what she wants from her career at this time.
  13. Yeah, but as you can see, it's more friendship than work, she could take someone new with energy who will Britney kick out of that boring and basic showbiz to (old) new power.
  14. I am afraid i will be bored by the new recidency. I need new music and fresh stuff.
  15. They are friends at the end of the day i guess after all these years. I also think that it would be stressful for her to have new people in her team as she is not very comfortable with new people
  16. She should have first ask what wants her fans, no what wants her shit team
  17. All I ask for is expensive costumes, pre recorded live vocals and a story. Even Femme Fatale Tour had a story...! It would be cool if she did different segments for each album, with modern versions of her iconic outfits from that particular album /era
  18. The next show needs a new setlist, clear theme, costumes that return Britney to her classic style and choreography that matches.
  19. With the 20 year anniversary of BOMT, she could do sooo much with a new residency. A whole new show. With a story and a theme that basically shows the ups and downs of her career. Think HIAM video theme but in a show with a whole new stage, costumes and distinctive theme based off her career and life with a lot of theatrics and special effects and cool props and lighting. A big production. Lucky would be performed at some point in the show, right after the show theatrically shows her sudden rise to success. It would be performed DWAD style. No heavy choreography. Walking down the catwalk in victory waving to everyone, confetti falling, balloons everywhere, chorus playing, good vibes, happy moments, then Britney removes her robe and hands it off to an assistant at the end of the cat walk, lays down on a bed that takes her under the stage as the lights begin to dim and flicker and the instrumental fades. The stage lighting becomes dark and evil, the props are quickly exchanged by the dancers, the "ooh-ah ah ah" dark vocals from Gimme More play to this evil, dark instrumental, "it's the way that I wanna live, you can't tell me what to do," Britney's My Prerogative vocals in the backround, smoke rising up the dark stage, the heavy sounds of thunder going, red lightning in the backround, then complete darkness and silence for 5 seconds... Britney slowly comes up from the top of the stage as the instrumental for Baby Boy begins to play. Britney is dressed in a similar outfit as the Blackout album cover, hat and all. The stage is simple and dark with one light on Britney standing there in the sexy mini tutu dress and slutty panty hose, posing with a blinged out standing mic (which will be off obviously). YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS. I could produce a whole Britney show y'all. It would be so dramatic and lavish and not just a concert but an actual thrilling show. Lord during her "meltdown/trouble in the public eye" performance she'd be tied to a harness and doing all kinds of hectic jumping, flips, etc apart of the choreography as her dancers are dressed in black spy costumes trying to get her with pyros and explosions and shiz going on. There would be a part in the show where the dancers are doing some kind of african dark voodoo type of dancing, with rain falling, they are dressed in jungle outfits, next thing you know these people carry out Britney on a wooden throne and she's rocking some sort of high-fashion jungle-themed outfit with a wooden/stick gold tiara. Then they bring her down gently and she starts slaying that Slave choreography. In the breakdown section of the show there would even be a set with Britney in a room (think of Madonna's Girl Gone Wild tour production), and it's kind of like a cheap hotel room, Britney is laying on the bed on her back with her legs crossed seductively, some old school 90's movie is playing on an old school television showing an intense love scene, Britney turns it off with the remote control and seconds later the phone rings? Ring, ring, ring... Britney sits up and answers. BAM. Phonography starts playing. Britney starts sexually grinding on the bed, a half nude male dancer comes out from under the bed, they do sexy Onyx hotel style slutty choreography! YAS. let me produce the next Britney show plz.
  20. it's too soon for another residency. like i don't ever wanna see her performing work bitch again for at least 10 years
  21. or instead of spamming instagram posts, sit in the studio for some hours and re-record vocals of her oldest stuff
  22. What exactly would be the point in a new residency in a new threatre with basically all the same songs. i said it before, she needs to release new music with at least one massive single and a totally new era to keep people interested and ticket sales high. After 5 years of POM, people aren’t gonna continue to pay to see the same songs in a different order
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