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  2. Never saw this pic before... This one is more known!
  3. Today
  4. You're so right. She didn't wrote pratically all FF album and she felt connected. This is such a stupid thread tbh.
  5. Like I said, you don't have to write a song to have a connection to it.
  6. in 2008 And THIS song? Also they could produce this song, but not write.. Id never sing any song if I don't have any connection to it. And if is going about this kind of track, id sing only this if is about me
  7. True. I'm saying it was probably Dr. Luke or Max Martin, dah. I believe Britney didn't put her hands on this horrible song.
  8. You don't have to write a song for it to be personal to you 🙄
  9. I would love it but I don't think she wants to. She says she's a horrible actress (don't agree at all).
  10. No LOL She just recorded probably because it was offered by Dr.Luke/Max Martin and her label thought it could be a hit. But ended up excluded from the tracklist
  11. I will take very long time for photoshop all frames
  12. yes. then we could get premiere pictures and stuff
  13. Or heck, even have a small role in some romantic comedy as a sex therapist or something funny. I think she should do something a little different with her career for a while. And still focus on her music x
  14. Theres no more serious reason why she then record this track, or no?
  15. Others are not golden and are in worse audio quality in most of tracks. I have them many yrs
  17. Yesterday
  18. LOL. Anyone here knows it's Britney album (2001) in its instrumental versions. You already told on the chat box lol.
  19. Nn, I was just like this: Ok, I'll PM you one version.
  20. That sounds cool, but they should stop calling it " Hit me baby one more time". The album and the single are call just "Baby one more time".
  21. Mike's alive, good. Here it is, bitches: https://thebritneyonyx.blogspot.pt/2017/08/download-blackout-golden-edition.html
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