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  2. Same! I already went out and got the frame for it.
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  4. Britney Spears Concert Tour Bus FOR SALE I'm moving house and have no room for this anymore, it's already been through a couple of moves. It's never been used so still in good condition with most of the items still inside. The box is still intact but a little damaged due to the moves. Message me if interested. Serious offers only. Will post worldwide. Thanks
  5. Pants and crop tops for me, I've gotten sick of all the leotards. Oh, and fedoras, damn she looks good wearing them!
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  7. Urban Outfitters is gearing up to release Femme Fatale on Vinyl soon. Get your coins ready!
  8. Britney has always been about the dancing/performing, props, putting on a show, etc. But yeah, prerecorded vocals would be nice I never expect her to sing live though
  9. But too many years of dancing to the same old vocals? I'd call it then "Thats me dancing to my old songs"
  10. [Anticipating] Is it taken as attraction to woman?
  11. Meh. I don't care about live vocals. She never really sang live. I want her to find her rhythm again and do cool choreography.
  12. Anything but a damn leotard. They don't flatter her body AT ALL
  13. If it will be again "the greatest hit's" show with old CD vocals, I will not give to it any fck in attention. She would finally take herself and give to us some live vocals, some re-recordeded. We all know she has not damaged vocals and still can hit pre-debut vocals.
  14. Universe would like to wish all members celebrating their birthday today a happy birthday. °ColdFire° (21)MakeItCoolerInHere (28)Faiz (30)
  15. Universe would like to wish all members celebrating their birthday today a happy birthday. °ColdFire° (21)MakeItCoolerInHere (28)Faiz (30)
  16. Court records are sealed and another date is scheduled. Ending the conservatorship will be a very lengthy process and we will likely get no details if/when it does end.
  17. Didn't her team cut out parts of some UK interview where she spoke openly about the conservatorship? Doesn't her team approve any kind of interview questions in advance? I agree with the posters above. Britney is not as weak or fragile as she sometimes comes across. She's just private. She is definitely refusing to work until she gets herself out of the conservatorship. And I have no doubt that she'll be back and have complete artistic control over her music again and I wouldn't be surprised to see her make a big comeback. Britney has always been full of surprises. She is going to come out with quite the album once she's free to openly express herself through her music. Can't wait for her iconic music video concepts with all that she's been through too.
  18. Toxic If U Seek Amy Circus Everytime I Love Rock N' Roll Me Against The Music Till The World Ends Oops Post yours!
  19. We literally know nothing except that another court date was scheduled for April 21. But, Cher tweeted twice about this situation and questioned why if Brits so sick why has she been working all this time, in other words, Cher thinks the sitch is shady too. Cher is an icon, so the fact that she tweeted about this is huge!!
  20. Universe would like to wish all members celebrating their birthday today a happy birthday. hadsh119 (31)
  21. Popped back in here to say I hope this situation starts to move more in her desired direction this year. I think it would be fitting if she is able to do the superbowl in 2021 when its in Vegas. It would be perfect if she had one last big blow out showstopper performance at the SB and then bowed out of performing on that big of level afterwards.
  22. Oh my gosh, thank you for posting! I don't like that Jodi woman. She comes across very fake and horrible tbqh! I hopeeee the courts rule in Britney's favor. What a big day. PRAYERS FOR BRITNEY!
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