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  2. But her teeth were looking normal on the Kenzo pics.
  3. Today
  4. She's looking like Primeney and I can't be more proud for real. Can't believe that this chick has 2 kids! Such a beautiful and inspiring woman.
  5. You guys need to stop, it's ridiculous how you keep tearing Britney's appearance apart as if she was a piece of meat, no wonder this forum is empty all the time if the only threads you can find now are like this one
  6. It says in the beginning of the video that it's a parody
  7. tbh idgi why she did it. They were perfect, like her old nose
  8. I think she has fake teeth now....since 2014 or more probably 2015 she has it! --- --- Your opinions of it please
  9. I love this song! It's so underappreciated and underrated
  10. I have no idea about US laws and I may sound stupid but, what's the relation between her c-ship and children custody? I mean why it's impossible to have custody of her children when she's under the c-ship? Wasn't it for the kids at first place? She agreed to go under a c-ship to spend more time with her kids, right? I'm lost.
  11. I used to write there but then I forgot my username, pass etc. because it was literally ages ago. I wanted to sign up with another name, brand new e-mail. After getting rejected 1000 times, someone finally approved me and just after a single comment I got kicked and now it says user does not exist. I see some sh*t writers, haters still writing tho. Exhell is a f*cked up place. Links didn't work for me also but I'm not surprised to hear that. I'm just reading the headlines to catch Britney news. I don't believe their sincerity.
  12. Yeah, they did. They said if there was any truth to what I said and if there wasn't then they woke up for nothing. I think that's a little rude
  13. HolySpearit didn't say anything rude tho
  14. I’ve also read, a loooooong time ago, that Britney is protected against any potential lawsuits from that contemptuous time period, if certain individuals chose to file them. Another reason to leave it in place, if true.
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