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  1. And then the show was canceled. Those songs are doomed to be left out forever...!
  2. Oh shit! No show, no music...nothing to expect anytime soon... All the best to her family though. Hope her father recovers!
  3. Overprotected and hold it against me Less slutty, more artistic themes Strict choreographers that will polish Britney's moves, same they do with her back up dancers Fresh, innovative choreographies...not here for same old... New and fresh themes. No more circus themes, angels, devils, thrones etc...think of something new people! Costumes that work with the themes and allow Britney to perform. Have the designers work with the choreographers and the director for that... Omg, after writing this list I realized how amateur the first Piece of me shows were with all those wigs, uncomfortable costumes, high heels, running around the stage choreos etc...pfff
  4. If overprotected makes a comeback it will need to be EPIC. Both original choreos slayed the universe...
  5. Deeeead!!! I love Liar too. It's still in my playlist. It's such a cool song to perform live! You are probably right about my prerogative. Fingers crossed!
  6. It's been 84 years since she performed the songs below: Hold it against me Overprotected Outrageous and why hasn't she ever performed My prerogative which happens to be one of my all time favorites? Which ones do you want to see in the new show?
  7. THIS! I honestly believe that choreos like work bitch and several other parts and breakdowns in the show were actually quite challenging! And no matter what people say about the Piece of me show, this show is the sole reason that Britney started looking like her old self again while performing!
  8. So true. If only she would look at youtube videos and compare her moves to her dancers she would see that sometimes she is one step ahead of them (for example). I don't even think she has realized that she has even adopted several ticks while performing, like constantly fixing her hair. Watching yourself at the mirror does help a lot to fix your technique, posture and expressions. That's some really good feedback. Other than that, her energy levels are up in the sky right now and her physique is really close to her 2001.
  9. That was indeed an awesome era. I think her team and even Britney herself are missing the direction that made her performances unique back then. It wasn't about Britney doing necessarily the same choreo as her dancers or outdancing them. The dancers' role was to compliment her performance and presence on stage. After her comeback, they tried to hide the fact that Britney didn't dance as much and didn't have the same fire in her eyes, by having them do a much more difficult version of her choreo. After Britney started wanting to really dance on stage, they had Britney dance like a back up dancer and she couldn't perform her songs properly. In both cases, it looked as if they were building Britney's part around her back up dancers' choreo and as a result she was losing her presence on stage. In my opinion, they should be doing the exact opposite. Create an amazing number for Britney and build the dancers' part around this to compliment Britney's performance. Afterall, they are back up dancers, not the main performers on stage... Just my opinion...I would like to hear other people's thoughts on that!
  10. I will DIE if she brings performances like this in the new residency! She is giving attitude, stage presence, fierce eyes! She walks and dominates every single piece of this stage... Who cares about back flips...Give me THIS stage presence! She was feeling it...She was ON FIRE!
  11. I think there is potential in those. It seems that the choreographers actually listened to the songs and rhythms when they created the choreos. However, they also look like a mix and match of old moves. I'll wait and see the final product to judge properly. I hope there are new interesting themes in the songs. Give me something new! I know Britney has skills, can do backflips, dance etc. This time, I do want to see those but I actually want to see her perform!
  12. I hope she brings something fresh this time! After all these years in Vegas she needs to give something completely different. People won't be around for a Piece of me (version 3) show...! So far the choreos look decent but nothing extraordinary...
  13. I like the choreo so far. She seems to be moving away from the spastic moves she gradually adopted in her later choreos...! I would like to the choreos to match the songs, the lyrics and allow Britney to perform the songs properly instead of seeing her rushing through moves. I think this was missing in her previous show a bit...
  14. I hope she doesn't intend on choreographing the residency. That was bad...
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