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  1. At least she's just going to be a feature on his song. I'm so over the collabs, I'm a fan of Britney period. I hate having to suffer through half a song of someone I couldn't give less of a fuck about just to hear her vocals again.
  2. Looks like she had a blast! The boys are there too, summer vacation before the tour!
  3. I was expecting some grainy mess that we usually get. Have to say I'm liking this vibe so I hope it's real!
  4. You would think after years of false information from "fake" insiders Britney fans would've learned to ignore these attention seekers by now, yet here we are.
  5. Whatever she's filming, THIS is the style she needs to adapt for performances/videos. She looks GREAT.
  6. I don't think she's scared as much as she has different priorities. People love to joke about it but she IS a mom now and her boys are obviously her top priority. And I think it's perfectly ok. Britney gave us so much in the beginning the fact that she still continues to give us anything at all after what she's been through is more than enough. She's earned the right to do what she wants as far as her career goes, and like @edurance said, I don't believe she wants to be that top "it girl" anymore. She's happy with a lighter work load, and I'm happy she's happy.
  7. I'm inclined to not believe anything from breatheheavy and I think fans are over analyzing her emoji use.
  8. I agree that the album isn't as bad. I think fans blew things out of proportion (Myah being a big one) to make excuses for the lack of success. I don't think it was as personal as they tried to sell it to be, but I still think she did have some personal connection with many of the songs.
  9. I've actually seen posts on Tumblr saying the album isn't as bad as fans think it is.
  10. Exactly! That's part of what makes music so great. People get connected to songs, it brings out feelings and emotions and makes us feel good (or sad, depending). We didn't write any of Britney's songs, and I bet every single one of us has at least 1 song we feel a connection with.
  11. Like I said, you don't have to write a song to have a connection to it.
  12. You don't have to write a song for it to be personal to you 🙄
  13. I would love it but I don't think she wants to. She says she's a horrible actress (don't agree at all).