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  1. Anyone who doesn't think it's Britney need to log off and step away from the conspiracy theories TBH!
  2. I completely agree! The fact that he hasn't been paid since August but is still actively working for Britney shows me that he can be trusted. Team Con got away with stuff for so long, it's all finally coming back to bite them in the ass and I, for one, am glad to see this karma at work and see them fucking up left and right as they scramble to keep this sham going. I agree, it makes the most sense for everything to be done in November at once and at least in the meantime Wallet is nowhere near her estate.
  3. According to the Britneysgram girls, Britney's request to not have things sealed has been tentatively granted, the issues regarding Wallet and Bessemer Trust have been moved to November, and Ingham revealed that Tri Star has not been paying him since August 20th! Apparently Lynne's lawyer brought up how convenient it is that as soon as Ingham starts working for Britney and not the Conservatorship his payments stopped! Jamie and Lou are just making things worse for themselves!
  4. It's just so nice to see this guy finally working for Britney and not the money! I think there's a hearing tomorrow regarding Britney's wishes, so let's all hope for some positive news to come from that.
  5. I'm sure she'll get to see them sometime this week! If not yesterday then today or tomorrow on Preston's actual birthday. As far as not posting a picture of them, they probably don't want her to! They're teenagers, she even has said herself they say whether or not they want pictures posted. I'm glad she's not like the typical Instagram moms that post pictures of their kids all over the place, it's so dangerous for the children!
  6. I LOVE when she trolls like this! You can always tell the fans from the nonfans because the fans actually get it.
  7. TBH everything that Jamie is trying to use as an excuse of why the Conservatorship needs to stay in place are actually proof of his FAILURE! If this Instagram was causing him so much concern then he had the power to STOP THE POSTS! If he was so upset that her refusing to work is ruining her stature as an icon, then he SHOULDN'T BE SIGNING CONTRACTS. He's shooting himself in the foot, and I hope her lawyer is loving it. I would be if I were him.
  8. They are DESPERATE! There's nothing wrong with what she posts, and everything wrong with the comments they allow! The comments are what sways the opinion that there is a need to be concerned.
  9. She's talking about not running from her problems!
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