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  1. Girlfriend giving fans so much this year, I love it!
  2. Since I can't edit my previous comment, I also wanted to say that they also just announced that performance in October, which would make her 9 months pregnant according to this rumor so
  3. Her dance routines may not be "primeney" level but I find it very hard to believe a 6-8 months pregnant woman would be able to even do the watered down "I'm over it" routines that Britney does when she's having an off night. Plus, it's Britney they're speculating about. Girlfriend would definitely cancel the tour, not post work out videos promoting it.
  4. I literally cannot remember a time they were ever right about something related to Britney.
  5. This could end up being REALLY good! Especially since she's the queen of work out videos on Instagram. Looking forward to it!
  6. I can't at people who still think Vegas is a bad idea meanwhile SO MANY artists want to have residencies now that BRITNEY showed them how lucrative it is. The new show will definitely be completely different from piece of me, but I won't count on the setlist being drastically different. There will be new stuff without a doubt but things like baby, toxic, slave, etc will definitely still be there too.
  7. I don't think Randee is in charge of picking the album cover and stuff, that was probably Britney/her team. But I love this as a cover! Would have looked amazing.
  8. Yes that's what you asked but that was NOT my point. I never called you stupid, by the way. I pointed out that you're asking and saying things that are irrelevant to the initial point.
  9. I agree! Something that doesn't get mentioned enough, tbh.
  10. RCA could be the shittiest label to ever exist and them not celebrating blackout would still not qualify as a reason.
  11. Britney has said NUMEROUS times she was OVERWORKED during ITZ and will NEVER do that again. Legally, yes it's still a thing. Is Britney a prisoner forced to do things she doesn't want to do? Hell no.
  12. Randee certainly has a style to their photos, but this is gorgeous!