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  1. Bullying children is disgusting. YOU are disgusting and I will react however I want to.
  2. Nothing???? You literally called them FAT then tried to justify and change it to "bigger" and "wider" instead of admitting your mistake.
  3. Stop trying to justify the fact that you are continuing to bully CHILDREN. No, they don't.
  4. No. You are still absolutely vile. How you're not banned for everything else you post is beyond me, but bullying her children? Girl, bye. You are forever dismissed.
  5. As if picking on Britney's looks isn't bad enough, are you seriously calling her perfectly normal and healthy children FAT? You are DISGUSTING!
  6. She looks great, will never get over how big her boys are now.
  7. This choreography looks like it will be REALLY great! Hope this is the way the rest of the show will go.
  8. There's a double standard with more artists than just Justin, but the Justin one pisses me off the most because he owes his solo career to his trashing of her and exploitation of their relationship.
  9. This is exactly what I mean when I say she has enough of a catalog to create an entirely different "greatest hits" show. So many songs that have never been performed or deserve better performances than what they were given.
  10. I literally never care about her dancers but I'm glad they're auditioning and not using the same POM dancers.
  11. Vegas never sells out like a tour, half the appeal is being in the city and saying "what do you wanna do tonight? Let's go see Britney!" Lady Gaga sold quickly because it's her first residency and the massive hype surrounding her right now. Lady Gaga wouldn't have a residency if Britney hadn't gone there first, remember that.
  12. What's your point? As I said, Britney has enough of a catalog for another greatest hits show. Think of all the songs Piece Of Me didn't include, all the ways the ones that were can be improved and changed. People who go see an artist in Vegas want to see their hits.
  13. She's been working on music for awhile though, it's not the same situation as Britney Jean. It's already been said it will be a greatest hits show, they're not going to repeat Piece Of Me, it will be different and Britney has enough of a catalog to do that. Whatever new music she comes out with in the mean time will likely be worked into the show the same way Glory tracks were.
  14. Can't hear anything to determine whether it's Britney or sounds good. It sounded like loud noise with some soft, barely audible, female vocal.