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  1. If all they wanted was money they'd have her out there making it. BRITNEY doesn't like to promote. She says this many, many times.
  2. Don't blame her management for Britney's decisions. Don't you think he'd LOVE to have her out there promoting more? Especially if, as everyone loves to say, it's all about the money for them? Britney is more in charge than fans give her credit for.
  3. The next show needs a new setlist, clear theme, costumes that return Britney to her classic style and choreography that matches.
  4. I'm glad she's posting more from this shoot, I love everything so far!
  5. That's more of a clue than using an emoji when she uses emojis all the time.
  6. Anyone who got excited over the use of an apple emoji and linked it to new music has no one but themselves to blame for that disappointment. And honestly, I hope whatever collab she had planned with Pitbull fell out, I would rather wait another year for a Britney album WITHOUT COLLABS than I would have her collabing with ANYONE that comes out sooner.
  7. I guess the performance in October doesn't count then?
  8. I honestly don't believe they MAKE her, I think Britney has her good and bad days like every other normal person. To require Britney to "fix her mental issues" before is insensitive and completely misguided when it comes to mental health. I also heard they sold a lot more m&g's for the European leg than in Vegas/North America, which would explain Britney's gradual uncomfortableness with the process. Think about it from Britney's perspective. She's meeting dozens of people every show, these people are likely very nervous, crying tears of happiness, overly friendly, very shy like she is, or normal. I can't imagine what it must be like for her to meet so many people that basically idolize her when Britney herself is and has always been, uncomfortable being placed on that pedestal. We've always heard that Britney takes on the personality of whoever she's meeting- if you're shy she's shy, if you're normal she's normal. I definitely take that into consideration when I read these "bad experience" stories.
  9. Yup! Completely disgusting. I honestly hope she never does another meet and greet again, bad eggs have ruined it for the good ones. And then there are people who are coming out with stories "I said it was good at the time but the truth is it wasn't" looking for their internet points, it's gross. All of it.
  10. I have legit seen people say that Britney needs to "go away and fix her mental illness" before she does meet and greets again. How these people can talk about their fave and mental illness in such a disgusting, derogatory way and continue to call themselves fans absolutely baffles me. People wanna joke that Britney hates her fans, those people are the reasons why.
  11. I don't instinctively touch people when taking a photo, especially people I don't know! This fan changes her story of where she touched Britney so either she touched her inappropriately or touched her multiple times in different places - that's NOT ok!