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  1. She looks stunning! So glad she's not wearing black. The fact that she looks better at a premier than she has for any of her own recent appearances is not lost on me. She is beaming with happiness, I love it.
  2. If that's your argument I hope you have more to back it up because that's weak at best. It doesn't matter if Jamie's name wasn't specifically named, Anthony gave enough clues for people to draw conclusions and thus harass and defame Jamie. Not to mention what he asserted as FACTS were not FACTS and were LIES.
  3. She's adorable! Glad she's having fun and living life. Some people in her comments could take a lesson from that and chill the fuck out.
  4. At the end of the day Anthony lied and painted Jamie in a light that was untrue and hurtful to his character and reputation. It's not about him "doing something wrong" to feel attacked. He was attacked because ANTHONY was wrong. If Lynne wanted it posted she should have posted it herself. There's a reason SHE didn't. If that's even true.
  5. She probably knows, she doesn't really need to approve or disapprove of it. It's an issue between Jamie and Anthony. Jamie isn't suing on behalf of Britney, he's suing himself.
  6. That's a beautiful top, and I'm curious if these meetings are about her career or conservatorship.
  7. She always looks so youthful and relaxed in his company. Love it.
  8. Laughing at her saying excuse the no make up when she clearly has last nights make up on. Love that she gave her workout routine though! She looks great.
  9. This sounds SO much better. And his video to Britney was adorable, too.
  10. From her body to her smile, girl looks phenomenal and so happy. Love it.
  11. http://www.justjared.com/2019/07/13/britney-spears-holds-hands-with-boyfriend-sam-asghari-after-an-early-dinner/
  12. I never feared the site would close, tbh. Do I think there are flaws with Jamie's case? Sure, I've mentioned plenty of times how hard defamation is to prove. Do I think Anthony is in the right? Absolutely not. Agree with @MonaLisa613 this is a lesson I think Anthony needed to learn to STOP confirming "rumors" without legitimate proof to back up his claims. Fact is he made false claims about Britney's IG comments and he needs to own his mistakes, pay the price, and move on.
  13. She looks great and I love that she got a little personal in her caption as well.
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