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  1. Anyone with a brain can see through this and the motive behind it. While sad for the family, it's irrelevant to anything going on today.
  2. I think it's sweet he thought of her first, but I'm glad this isn't happening. If I see Britney in another fucking collab I'm gonna go insane.
  3. Looks like Britney went to Louisiana and visited at least her sister this weekend! Cute picture.
  4. Yes it was announced that's why everyone was pissed when it was cut. If he really wanted to release the song he would with or without Britney. Her team literally can't tell another artist they can't release their music just because Britney is a feature on it and they don't like the "message" though. Her team is not some big powerful entity that can bully other artists into submission.
  5. Tell that to the Pussycat Dolls who cut Britney from their music video. It's his song at the end of the day Britney nor her team have any authority to demand it not be released. I know Britney fans love the conspiracy theories but this one is literally not possible.
  6. Urban Outfitters hinted about Britney news, well it came! Circus is now available for preorder! https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/britney-spears-circus-limited-lp
  7. That's not the point. The point is it's NOT Britney's song and therefore she nor her team have any authority to cancel or delay its release.
  8. It's not their song to cancel. Britney was a feature, if they didn't want it released they could have simply removed her and got someone else to sing her part.
  9. Nah, she's shading people that always talk about her makeup. In the video from the other day she REALLY had none/less on. When she was wearing that long dress with the hat.
  10. I had a feeling we'd get a Halloween picture today. She looked great!
  11. She looks younger and fresh, yes. But I hate when people do this kind of comparison.
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