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  1. The preview is still there! Maybe the link will work better https://twitter.com/UrbanOutfitters/status/1220736671395860480 I don't think they'll have the bonus tracks, they didn't for Circus.
  2. Same! I already went out and got the frame for it.
  3. Urban Outfitters is gearing up to release Femme Fatale on Vinyl soon. Get your coins ready!
  4. Anything but a damn leotard. They don't flatter her body AT ALL
  5. Court records are sealed and another date is scheduled. Ending the conservatorship will be a very lengthy process and we will likely get no details if/when it does end.
  6. THIS. I don't think Britney is over her career, I think she's over the stipulations and having to do things other people's way instead of hers. I 100% see her refusing to lift a finger until she gets what she deserves. January 22 can't come soon enough.
  7. She looks great! And I love these long captions. She's trying to connect again and it's clear.
  8. It just makes no sense to me! And yeah, not only did Britney pee outside but her family filmed and posted it on the internet for the world to see! Make that make sense!
  9. Yes, because Britney is TOTALLY gonna pop a squat and piss outside. Like, I saw so many people saying this, too, and I thought it was people trying to make an unfunny joke. Have you never just crouched down and squatted before?
  10. Yup the comments started out nice and then the morons went in on JL. It's really sad that she can't even enjoy social media and post videos and stuff with her SISTER without the rabid fans going at her.
  11. Let's be real, she deleted them because freebritney idiots are still trashing Jamie Lynn because she's still with Lou and her father. I have the videos saved, but I'm not sure where to upload them.
  12. These are from Jamie Lynne's Instagram! Glad she's getting to spend some time with them.
  13. Regardless of any custody agreement, she will always have to share holidays with Kevin. I find it very hard to believe he would be an asshole enough to deny the kids extra time with Britney on a holiday if they/she wanted it.
  14. 💯 I want a whole Christmas album from her, actually.
  15. I remember when this happened and I loved him so much for what he did and said. It's kind of shitty that even now when more attention and care is being taken to those who suffer with mental issues, people still think it's ok to poke fun at and joke about Britney.
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