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  1. Yup! It would be completely irresponsible to end the conservatorship without having a plan in place for how she'll handle life without it. She's got Bessemer now, getting Jamie out of the money side is step two. And in the meantime, Britney is finding her happiness again and that's what I will always support.
  2. Yup! It's quite clear that Britney and her legal team have a plan in place and they're executing it. And aside from the delays and push backs, everything Britney's side has been asking for thus far has been granted. It's a process, and Britney clearly knows this. I trust her decision making when it comes to her life and how she chooses to live it. My opinion, everyone else's opinion don't matter— only hers does.
  3. I believe this is closer to the truth than anything else. Yes, I do believe Britney has much more freedom than this "movement" lets on. I also believe she won't ask for the conserveratorship to be terminated JUST YET. Down the road, sure. But I think fans need to start coming to the realization that it's BRITNEY'S life and she's gonna live it however she wants. Isn't that the point? Britney's happiness? Despite the legalities and illegalities of the conservatorship, fans need to stop imposing their will onto Britney. They're being exactly like what they fight so hard against. Listen to Britney. Respect her wishes to live her life the way she wants to and butt the fuck out.
  4. https://www.tmz.com/2021/05/05/britney-spears-conservatorship-jamie-spears-judge/ I think that this is more close to the truth than anything else. While we all know there's no legal reason for this conservatorship, we need to respect and trust Britney's decisions about HER life! Everyone wants her to be this and that and no one stops to think about what BRITNEY wants! Let her live her life how she sees fit, even if it doesn't align with what YOU think is best!
  5. Bingo! Britney does NOT want to be pitied and portrayed as a victim and that's what all these documentaries are doing. When she called it hypocritical she was right on the money! I've said before how people keep talking about she was exploited while continuing to exploit her and her life! NONE of these documentaries talked to her personally and though they may have tried to reach out, a no answer IS an answer. Britney doesn't want this shit, she wants fan support not digging into her life- SUPPORT, and to live her life the happiest way she knows how.
  6. Completely agree! It's almost to the point where they WANT her to be this sad locked up prisoner unable to breathe without daddy's permission and that's not, nor has it ever been, the case. The only Twitter that I follow regarding all of this is the lawyersforbrit Twitter because they stick to the court documents and not the other speculative bullshit. Britney is clearly finding her happiness in the midst of a bad situation that she and only she can get herself out of. I don't understand why anyone would see a problem with that, but here we are.
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/COMF7Dwg20-/
  8. As far as I'm aware meet and confer is part of the legal fees Sam would already get. Essentially it's him doing his job, the discovery costs more because they have to go to court for it.
  9. The only fees that were granted today were Jodi's. Everything else is still to be determined after they figure out the accounting, which they're still working on apparently. Sam and Vivian meeting together cuts the cost of discovery, aka Sam would have to file with the court to see xyz accounting, instead he's going straight to Vivian. And, as we can see, already resolved part of the issues. The discovery is what costs Britney's estate, not the meet and confer.
  10. I definitely think it will be about the personal conservatorship. I just can't fathom that Britney would ask about something so juvenile as marriage and/or children at this time. We know she likely wants more kids, I don't think she wants to ever get married again— but she's also not stupid. She's not going to have another child while in the middle of this mess to have it be used against her again. I agree, it was fun to read his sassy responses and filings, but I also don't have too much of an issue with them meeting together. Judges actually prefer this so courts aren't bogged down with matters that could be handled between lawyers. I think the delays are obviously ridiculous at this point, but the ones brought up today are intended to save Britney's estate money, it's give and take.
  11. This is why I don't pay attention to anything "fans" have to say regarding these matters anymore, they're absolutely beyond stupid and too consumed in their conspiracy theories to be in reality anymore. He and Vivian seem to be communicating a lot together and resolving things that way.
  12. https://www.instagram.com/p/COJfmYGAJCs/
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