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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNlWw-uAqVU/
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNddrdOg2X0/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CNdlkh2gkWE/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CNdsZOvAX9i/
  3. Also here's the whole gallery! It's from 2003. https://xray.britspears.net/displayimage.php?album=1884&pid=67863
  4. I have zero interest in documentaries unauthorized by Britney, and those that especially include freebritney "leaders", sorry.
  5. She finally used the regular camera instead of the front facing camera, it's definitely a big improvement in quality!
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNYZLA-gcJk/
  7. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CNQsvfCA7Ti/?igshid=1o5u8j6ajy5b7
  8. I don't need Britney to say it in video. Why should she? So everyone can say she didn't mean it and was reading off a script? No thanks. I'll go with my gut and my gut says she wrote it.
  9. Billy B is delusional and causing more "harm" to the movement than good. He is NOT friends with nor is he talking to Britney! He was CAUGHT lying about it yet still goes on with his delusions. I've stated for years that it's always very easy to tell when Britney is posting and when she isn't. I don't think that's changed. I was actually looking through a lot of her older posts from 2013-2017 era and they're really not much different than they are now. Swap a fashion show for a dancing video. She's always posted quotes and other Google found images too. She's always used multiple exclamation points, emojis, and the like. You know what is different? The "movement".
  10. Spot on! I remember back in January when the "leaders" of the freebritney movement went on to dox the lawyersforbritney account and accuse them of being Team Con just because they didn't follow along with the narratives the "leaders" try to tell. It's absolutely ridiculous at this point and a lot of them are definitely in it for the notoriety and, like you said, money they make off merch and shit. Just. Like. Team. Con. Using Britney for profit! But it's okay because they are Britney's voice!!!!! Meanwhile silencing her voice when it doesn't fit with what they think should be the story. It's all just bullshit at this point, and like @MonaLisa613 said, it's best to stick with what's filed in court and keep our emotions out of it. It all gets to be so frustrating!
  11. Yes, that's exactly my take! Everyone wants to bitch and moan that the conservatorship silences her, yet when she says something that they don't like and doesn't fit their narrative, they want to silence her too! Could Britney have not written that caption? Sure. But, everything I've ever known about Britney leads me to believe she 100% DID write it. And thank you! Sometimes I feel like one of the few who are able to weed through the bullshit distractions and just take things for the way they are. Not everything needs to have a big conspiracy overreaction. Sometimes the simplest answer is correct. It's not always so deep.
  12. Yes that's why I believe the part about Britney not wanting to be seen as a victim because she's expressed that herself, I don't believe she told Billy B that.
  13. She posted a bunch of pictures of flowers and roses during project rose along with the photos. Now she's posted a lot of red things along with project red. It's not a big mystery.
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