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  1. I can't deal with so many people not understanding nuances and humor. Not everything on the internet needs to be taken seriously! But I agree, it's refreshing to have her speak so honestly and openly again She's gonna help so many people not feel ashamed anymore.
  2. NAH. Britney's feelings are 100% valid and she is NOT in the wrong for expressing them. There are clearly things going on behind the scenes that NONE of us know about. Remember when Cher said everyone heard stories in Vegas? THEY KNEW. They all knew and stayed quiet until it suited them best. Christina has never been genuine towards Britney and took every shot she could to shade her in the past. That post she made AFTER Britney's testimony screams PR, especially considering THIS video and Christina's NASTY tone "wishing her well". That's the real Christina. And Britney ain't here for her fake kindness. So glad she spoke her mind and I hope she keeps it up. That was the LEAST Britney could have said about Christina.
  3. britneyspears_54424BF03704851AFDE54EF4986B08A8_video_dashinit.mp4 britneyspears_6546A9CC446C024621CD426148DE41A2_video_dashinit.mp4
  4. I agree! She wasn't ever gone, just suppressed. It's so refreshing to see her speak normally and from her heart. Those nervous ticks will go away with time, and even if they don't she never has to be afraid to speak ever again.
  5. I believe she will in time. She clearly wants to tell her story from her posts on IG, which have been confirmed to be her by Rosengart.
  6. Will update as more news hits!
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