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  1. Great post! It's true they bring you up only to tear you down. The world doesn't want to see people overcome and succeed as much as they like to claim. Britney is a survivor, inspiration, and one of the rare true souls in the entertainment business. Her decisions to put her family first are admirable and I love her more for it.
  2. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surviving_R._Kelly
  3. While R Kelly is trash, I typically don't think about who wrote a song when I listen to the song. I agree with @edurance just don't stream it.
  4. Probably because when/if "Domination" comes back it will be entirely different than what she rehearsed. It's weird they always delete it from her Instagram first.
  5. The irony of you trying to tell someone else not to be stupid. You don't know what the direction is you literally only know he's an executive producer for it. As far as personal, you are no one to say that Glory wasn't personal. YOU are not Britney, and judging by your original comment, I don't think you even understand the kind of artist that Britney is.
  6. It seems as if everything leading up to Domination and B10 were major steps in the right direction as far as appeasing certain fans and allowing Britney to grow professionally. This time off will be a blessing in disguise for her, she deserves a proper break and certainly to be with her family.
  7. Here I will put simply - considering the reason we were given, to speculate about other reasons is gross. Period. If you and others are comfortable doing that, that's on you. I was simply expressing my opinion that I find that behavior tacky and gross, and I'm allowed to say that.
  8. The point is speculating about an alternate reason while simultaneously wishing her father well is very tacky, in my opinion. It can't ever be good enough for some fans what Britney says publicly, can it? No, it's always gotta be a conspiracy, a cover-up, hiding the truth etc. Then that user should clear up their "mistake" if it was truly mispoken. Because as it stands, to say his "illness" which isn't an illness but a life-threatening condition is an "excuse" is disgusting. That's what I think, and guess what? I'm allowed to think that and express my disgust.
  9. Eh, not here for collabs but it's likely the only new thing we'll get for awhile.
  10. Glory had a lot of wasted potential which is my only fear with a new album and residency. However, she likely had a different contract with domination/MGM and will whenever she decides to return.
  11. No, I'm not acting like that at all. I think it's absolutely repulsive to speculate on using her father as an excuse to hide the "real reason" for a cancellation. I don't really care if fans always speculate, that's not an excuse to be a garbage human being. Fans opinions and speculations don't matter when you were given a reason from the source, Britney herself. But that's not good enough for the conspiracy theorists, so you do you. Anyone who wants to "speculate" in that way is disgusting to me, period.