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Why Myah Marie Have A Wikipedia Page?

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And you can't edit the page :orangu:


Myah Marie Langston, (born March 24, 1989 in Los Angeles CountyCalifornia[1]) better known by her stage name Myah Marie, is a singer-songwriter who wrote and published more than 50 songs by the age of 19. She was a backup singer on three of Britney Spears's albums.[2] Vocally very similar to Ms. Spears, she has been rumored to have dubbed Ms. Spears's vocals on some tracks


In the part of her career is 98% about making backing vocals for Britney :orangu:


Myah Marie is a member of the band My Crazy Girlfriend. She is credited as a backup singer on Britney Spears's albums Circus, Femme Fatale, and Britney Jean.[3] She co-wrote the track ‘Body Ache’ on the album Britney Jean.[4][5] In 2013 rumors surfaced that some of Myah Marie's tracks had been used in place of Britney Spears on songs on Britney Jean.[6] Stems (audio sources in a song) from Britney’s song “Passenger†were leaked online by some of the song’s producers that were labeled “Myah Marie†but sounded very much like the voice on the final song.[7] However, no proof of dubbing was released, and Myah Marie has denied it.[8]


Where are those stems btw :umomg:

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