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  1. I must say how proud I am of Britney right now! She's delievering high energy, it is so good to watch her performances and I stan her more each day. The South Korea crowd were incredibly excited. That was the best concert so far and I'm sure she'll keep delievering amazing performances like these.
  2. Even though I'm not from Asia I must say how happy I am for the fans that lives there.
  3. Change Your Mind would be an amazing third single but unfortunately we all know the era is over
  4. The fanbase is tired of collabs of any kind, even though I think it would be great for Britney popularity to have a song in a famous movie like this.
  5. I didn't know about My Love Was Always There. Thanks for sharing
  6. Her body is on point! She's flawless. She could've use Sorry instead of Hold Up, is more audible
  7. I have no idea what to expect and I like this way because I won't be mad if nothing change. I think we'll have new outfits tho.
  8. Change Your Mind is amazing! Her angelical vocals
  9. I won't get my hopes up because nobody is talking about new album. When she's in the studio we got some insights even from the songwriters and producers.
  10. It's not live but it's from the pre-recording vocals which sounds amazing btw
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