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  1. New feature incoming :P


    1. ☆☆☆MikeCZ☆☆☆


      Really amazing update! :hug:


  2. Feel free to post status updates!

  3. How can she steal something if she is on it herself?
  4. very few lingerie we aren't in vegas honey.
  5. had an account once but deleted it.
  6. This is the file from the video enjoy! giwTIsEI-30895517.m4a
  7. Is not touring just checked the dates google indexed wrong unless performing at basketball games and some useless dj dates. Because if you click on them they show that
  8. you keep rehashing this subject can we just move on from it?
  9. tell me the difference on what isis are doing and the americans right now with the statues.
  10. Yeah it was hell the last week i was there, i had a panic attack and when i got home i felt so burnedout i slept for 2 days and now i'm finally almost back to my former self.