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  1. This is why we have Trump. This is absolutely the hottest of hot garbage and I'd rather listen to my grandparents have sex.
  2. If this is true, and it happens, I understand, but am devastated. I have loved her since 98. It will truly be hard to adjust.
  3. I am worried. I think this is all fluff to shut people up . This all seems so surreal.
  4. I find it odd that only TMZ was there. Also fuck Harvey, and Lynn and her thirsty ass for stirring shit up.
  5. I love neyde. I have a deck of neyde playing cards and a note book and a t shirt.
  6. I love the remix to my prerogative and breathe used. Wish I could listen to more of it!
  7. I love her growl. This is an amazing find!!!
  8. Love the song , not a fan of the POM version.
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