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  1. I hate Jordan and Sam . I hate that place
  2. I have the card board sleeve one, with scary, and the pull out book.
  3. T.swizzle is awfully awful and I have always felt this way about this Lisa Frank lesi.
  4. Do you collect Lana like you do Britney? This could be very exciting!!!
  5. Not watching cause I know, but is Lufti and that fake cousin get mentioned?
  6. It was fucking awful and he deserves all the dragging he gets . Fuck him. Throwing my queen under the bus with that shit ass cry me a river shit and stern interview etc. He cheated .. and with a Girls aloud member or some shit. Hate him have for years, and he has rat face and is aging poorly. Also sings like someone is tickling his testicles with a feather. I hope Janet and Britney had a lovely sunday because the net was on fire with rightfully so JT hate and it was delicious.
  7. Why would Myah get the blame for BJ? I have been hating on will.u.not since BJ came out, not Myah.
  8. I don't......get.....um...I'm crosseyed from this.
  9. Also, it can be found on Russian mp3 sites and I bet a torrent. Poor taste. I never cared for her much.
  10. It looks so official, he puts so much work into it. And since her label hasn't done this, I'll grab whatever I can when its this well done. I ordered 2 things just recently and cannot wait!!!!!
  11. Wow! Fuck David. She is literally screaming I don't like it. No wonder we got 2 edits .
  12. I tried to get them had all the info, waited forever to load and then bam, sorry sold out. Tried the 3rd show just announced and bam, sold out in minutes, will check stubhub again. Damn this sucks.