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  1. I like Anti a lot more than Lemonade as a whole. Needed me, Kiss it better, Desperado, and Woo are my favorites. I appreciate both ladies for doing something different. Needed Me music video was very pretty to look at. But that's about it. All of Rihanna's videos this year have been "look at me, I look good". No actual substance or real storyline for songs that deserve to have her most creative videos.
  2. If artsy fartsy means different, then I'm all here for it. None of Britney's 8 albums are exactly alike, so as long as her ninth sounds new and *good*, then cool. Off topic: What is it with Britney fans and their blatant dislike for Beyonce and Rihanna's recent music. I love their new albums. But I actually like music that isn't pop-influenced stuff, so.... And on multiple forums (I read opinions on various sites) people bring up other artists when talking about Britney for no reason. No one mentioned them.
  3. I think that's the green paint she is referring to.
  4. No. Just because we don't see every move Britney makes doesn't mean that she's not doing anything. And if there is no video shoot today? Still no reason to freak out.
  5. What's her favorite section of POM show? And what's Britney's?
  6. No to that. For now and for future albums.
  7. What gets me is that he's so generic, but used to make some really creative music. Like what he did with the BEP (pre-EDM) and Fergie's solo album. By the time he got to Britney, all originality had been sucked out of him.
  8. The two extreme in the fans include a. Putting Britney up on a pedestal and talking about her like she's some inanimate sex object or b. Finding something to complain and nitpick about all the time. I think there is some common ground, on which we can praise and just have simple discussion at the same time.
  9. I'll admit that I had a tendency to be one of those fans, not necessarily shaming, but judging. However, anyone complaining about how Britney looks right now is crazy. 2016 has been a great year for Brit. Comments about her face are old and not needed three years after the changes were first noticed. Let's just form a prayer circle for B9 and enjoy how much Britney is slaying every show. Criticism (constructive, of course) can be saved for the music.
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