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  1. fuck it head till pain,might as well complain

  2. fuck it my head is really sore paracetamol not working.can't even get extra strength paracetamol in this country with out having to have a conversion with the chemist.they have to ask you questions first then maybe they give you extra strength.think its cos codeine is addictive.just go to bed don''t feel like being quizzed up like an addict

  3. I am being domestically abused by a cat.my hands are covered in scratches and blood

  4. going to try making pashawary Naan bread for Sunday dinner tomorrow it my 4th time trying it practice makes perfect

  5. so waited thinking maybe he's just getting change.then he kept looking backing waiting me to drive on. didn't bother saying anything as was too shy to confront himnever make mis take with money ever or loose it.as a child I used to play a game the whole time of counting money in piggy bank.also worked on customer service/sales till before with cash takings on some days like up on 6.000. never had any cash mistakes.great way of getting extra hourly money rob. couple cents here and there.

  6. also the guy manning the drive threw was scary rude.he was a bald polish burly dude who was snap for ordering just a drink.went to pay gave in 3 euro waited for 60 cent change.but instead just slammed the hatch door closed waiting for me to drive off.

  7. drank McDonald's strawberry milkshake for calories been food poisoned for the last two hours.don't order a milkshake in winter do they clean their machines s in winter

  8. depressed/no appetite

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