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  1. is baby powder the same as talcum powder.I read medical studies before they say there is a link between ovarian cancer and talcum powder.hope there isn't as a child every week after swimming in school I covered my body in talcum powder to change into clothes quickly.cos my teacher used to be like a drill Sargent they'd tell the bus to leave if you not out within five.i remember lots of times kids running after the bus with wet hair and a towel.
  2. it retains the scent better than the perfume.got it in a gift set in Argos for 13 euro
  3. charming,its from asos they don't have awful clothes.it's London based the companies buyer bases what stock to get based on current trends and fashion shows.
  4. on stage or an appearance http://www.asos.com/Navy/Navy-London-Button-Down-Top-With-Lace-Panels/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=5985059&WT.ac=rec_viewed&CTAref=Recently+Viewed
  5. are ye for at the end she is out of tune
  6. ooh la la

    Opinion Please

    so this is the context of the thing I want an opinion onhttp://britneyuniverse.com/topic/21457-im-worried-my-mum-is-back-drinking-again/.wellmy mum only continued to drink four days after Christ eve.we visited her sister /family on new years eve and went out for dinner she seemed in a better mood.she never go to family houses for a chat normally.but I'm going to try make her visit family once a week to get her out of the house talk to different people.here is the question would it be rude to drop her off not staying to talk then come back to collect from her sisters home.
  7. fuck it head till pain,might as well complain

  8. fuck it my head is really sore paracetamol not working.can't even get extra strength paracetamol in this country with out having to have a conversion with the chemist.they have to ask you questions first then maybe they give you extra strength.think its cos codeine is addictive.just go to bed don''t feel like being quizzed up like an addict

  9. cool the town where I grew up did this for the millennium people got to put things in.buy a celeb mag and newspaper to put in.a perfume you think may be discontinued $$.a beanie boo or doll.try getting your hands on as many different country currency coins as you can go to the bank.a Greece euro coin cos they might leave the EU or middle east currency.photos of the area.some nature things like rain water in a bottle,a shell.bottle of wine for when your older.some kids swapping cards.parking meter ticket,grocery receipt,movie ticket,restaurant menus,advertisements/junk mail,hair style magazine,vogue,different religion/churches weekly mass leaflet.
  10. this Saturday the voice UK started back.I like him on it,I think he has the hots for fellow judge paloma faith.I wouldn't be surprised if they coupled up.I think she prefers black men too.hum
  11. my sis is sad about it she liked his music.it's like classical music you don't know the song by name but you hear it and know it.
  12. you could describe easy enough without the picture pretty generic style
  13. of course maybe when her kids are in middle school or junior high.that's if she is not remarried and pregnant.I think she will do the southern thing of having kids that are of two different generations.
  14. blackout,don't like in the zone that much. didn't like the way some of the ballad vocals were a bit intentionally croaky.also at the time when it came out it felt a bit to adult like didn't relate to it.after the Britney album,the album was like wheres Britney gone the album has a different personality.
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