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  1. damn wish this was a solo track her voice is on slay!
  2. Actually some of her best songs are on Britney Jean......why even lie Hold On Tight is LIFE! Work Bitch is Iconic. I could go on.
  3. Awww that was so sweet of him! I am more angry than happy to hear her sing this way ....I respect how she wants to make music but she is cheating herself and us out of a BEAUTIFUL VOICE!
  4. I am here for it , even tho I am not a Beiber fan I would be lying to my own face saying he does not sell and that his music doesn't play well on Mainstream....Get our girl out there I am down for it. And for all we know it could be a bomb ass track .
  5. Trump , lmao sorry the tracks have left RCA and I am sure will surface at some point or another.
  6. This is why I never hate or judge her for not being in the light 24/7 with promos and etc etc etc. Her boys are her light . I love Brit she has given me so much in my life especially as a Queer teenager. Why wouldn't I want that for her?
  7. Does anyone know of any links that has the demos and etc? I would greatly appreciate ya!
  8. They def. took appropriate action. And I would be scared too , you never know who a person jumping on a stage is Could just be a rlly huge crazy fan or someone who wants to harm her , question is the chance worth taking to find out with her exposed to the person......the answer is no
  9. Hey if its a shpw she changs up and it makes her and her children happy than I am def. Ok with this. I'd rather her be performing and etc than nothing , and she still makes bomb music...so I support what makes her happy she has given us YEARS of her life guys.
  10. Thanks everyone for sharing! Seems we kinda get to be closer knowing these things.
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