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  1. Thank you for always bringing us back down to earth and putting everything into perspective for us, Queen.
  2. It might just be the medley for BBMAs if thats what she was rehearsing for, but that does mean it prob has the new single on it
  3. You forgot Pretty Girls ...but then again everyone did...
  4. I realllllllyyyy really hope they do. I'll be disappointed if they dont try to at least pretend the mic is on for an award show performance. Normally I wouldn't care if she just sat on stage in silence drinking a frap. I'd praise it and call it high art, but this is her first real award show performance in a long time and I want them to put real effort in. :crying1: In reality though... I'll be slayed no matter how it goes
  5. I hope she does but dont think she will perform. Whats up with her contract? Isn't she still not allowed to perform anywhere but Planet Hollywood? or did that change? I think music video premiere is more likely (and you know they'll make our asses wait til the end)
  6. I love there so many people are just sitting in here waiting for someone to be extra
  7. lol jk I wouldn't be surprised if Make Me isn't even a real thing tbh.
  8. If you ever get a meet and greet give that to her. She would crack up probably
  9. She hasn't even confirmed Make Me is a thing yet
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