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Why Bh Really Changed And Why Shortdan Is Now A Hater

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I know why BH changed. Jordan's group of friends (and bf) influenced him to do so. Maybe he wanted to before, maybe not... But the exclusive truth is: Jordan's friends are Britney haters (most of them) and are actually Peeyonce stans (not just fans, but STANS) and was muddled into that. Jordan attended a Bleachonce show with a friend, that same friend keeps posting HATEFUL Britney posts/pics on several media outlets while comparing Brit to Beyonce [his name is Ai-Quoc N. Heller]. We know Jordan's BF [Ryan Adames] has posted a nasty rant about Britney as well (we're talking nasty, and he also compared Brit to Beyonce). It's pretty obvious, thus, that with the BH changes and the non-stop Thiefonce stanning by his part (and the shady Brit posts), along with his circle of friends' behavior, that Jordan is no longer a Britney fan. He was either influenced or just merely chose to expand his 'brand.' Either way, his circle of friends/lovers are not good influences and there hateful posts about Britney should be addressed by him. Since they are not, I'm assuming Jordan doesn't care about Britney, or her fans that made his site what is is now. I have receipts for any one of you that will respond with "Jordan can do whatever he wants" or "doesn't matter if his friends and bf hate Britney", etc.

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