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  1. I think IGTBB was going to be the 5th single. Britney was going to perform it at the VMA's in 2004 along with Outrageous. Unless it was a repeat of "Satisfaction" I doubt they'd do a non-single song at the VMA's...
  2. I never really liked them, but that's still tragic news. May she R.I.P. (I know this looks like a rude emote, but I mean it as "lost in thought about human mortality" and there really isn't a GIF for that in here)
  3. Hmm, if they could trace the withdrawals, they might be able to find them. One can assume their credit and debit cards were plundered from the bodies in the wreckage. They could interrogate the grave robbers.
  4. Tell Pam that I was banned because I made a set out of Joshua. pics. And I was banned for "bullying" despite him sexually harassing me since I signed up. Then Jordan unbanned me 'cause he knew I was innocent, then I got rebanned. Copy and paste it, tbh.
  5. OMG she's such a stalker! I totally think Brad Pitt would've eventually fucked her if he hadn't jumped into a relationship with Angie immediately after dumping Jen. But considering Angie is very sexually open and I think she's even bi, Britney could have a threesome with them. If I was Britney, I'd take it, honestly.
  6. It got deleted by Claude. (going by Made_in_France now) who gave Goten warning points for making it. Also, Claude. banned me three times in a row. After Jordan had already unblocked me.
  7. Hey, if we going to Hell, at least our leader is fine as hell.
  8. Yeah, that's why you clarified that you're not perfect and don't want to be. Talk about contradictory. Bye, bitch.
  9. Breathe On Me and Touch Of My Hand need to finally get single releases. Add them to the next Greatest Hits album, bitch.
  10. I tweeted "Satan's never looked so damn fine."
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