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  1. Happy Birthday MikeyBitch!

  2. I agree His Beyonse stan boyfriend and Beyonse stan circle of friends have messed with him . He's a selfish money-loving attention-seeking douche regardless though. He made the choice, and he seems to not really be a true fan/stan anyways. Just taking advantage of Britney and her Army. I mean he's a hypocrite. He says he won't post Brit's kids' pics, yet he does all the time. I'm glad Britney followed 'Unfollow BreatheHeavy' on Twitter.
  3. MikeyBitch

    Ugh :(

    Forget him sweetie. I know it's hard, but you're an attractive, smart and great guy. Don't worry, you'll get over him and move forward in life and love
  4. It's sick especially that he is OK with them talking shit like that. I'm sure your friends would never disrespect you or your proefession. Jordan's life is entirely based on Britney and her fans, and yet his bf and close friends TALK SHIT about her PUBLICLY while he continues to bottom for Ryan Madames or wtvr his name is.
  5. @ The VIP glowing under my name. Where's yours?
  6. Honey, the EP thread was my thread; AKA 4,000 hits Stop reaching, boo. I am aware of the similar numbers. Again, using my anaology. A new artist getting a #39 song on hot 100 is a big deal. They keep growing and debuting higher till they peak. Whereas an already established artist and pop star, who gets hits all the time, who gets a #39 on hot 100 is considered a flop. Sorry, but this is the truth. Accept it.
  7. That's a fallacious analogy... You can't unfuck people. But you can unfollow and stop visiting a site. So with your analogy: Jordan fucked 100,000 people, and now almost all of them have unfucked him? lol Makes no sense, dear. Stop reaching, and accept the dragging truth that I offer. Go to Exhale little Jordanster.
  8. no honey... apples and oranges. This place is new, rising, and only has a couple thousand members, which makes it more active in comparison. BH was the #1 Britney fan site, with hundreds of thousands of hits at some point. Now.... it's a graveyard. You can't compare them. It's like how if a newcomer debuted in the top 40, it's a big deal and celebrated. But for a popular singer to only crack the top 40, it's usually a flop. Apples and oranges.
  9. Oh not at all! It's all his doing. He's the selfish prick in this situation! It's just sad for all the Britney fans that stood behind his site and made it huge and allowed him to have a 'brand' It's just sad that he has friends and a boyfriend that talk so much smack. And also, he owes his career to Britney and her fans. For his close circle of friends and lovers to bash Britney so publicly, that is what is the point here. I have many friends that don't like Britney, but A) they don't talk shit in front of me, B) they don't obsess over it on FB or Twitter and C) I don't own the (previous) #1 Britney fansite
  10. I know why BH changed. Jordan's group of friends (and bf) influenced him to do so. Maybe he wanted to before, maybe not... But the exclusive truth is: Jordan's friends are Britney haters (most of them) and are actually Peeyonce stans (not just fans, but STANS) and was muddled into that. Jordan attended a Bleachonce show with a friend, that same friend keeps posting HATEFUL Britney posts/pics on several media outlets while comparing Brit to Beyonce [his name is Ai-Quoc N. Heller]. We know Jordan's BF [Ryan Adames] has posted a nasty rant about Britney as well (we're talking nasty, and he also compared Brit to Beyonce). It's pretty obvious, thus, that with the BH changes and the non-stop Thiefonce stanning by his part (and the shady Brit posts), along with his circle of friends' behavior, that Jordan is no longer a Britney fan. He was either influenced or just merely chose to expand his 'brand.' Either way, his circle of friends/lovers are not good influences and there hateful posts about Britney should be addressed by him. Since they are not, I'm assuming Jordan doesn't care about Britney, or her fans that made his site what is is now. I have receipts for any one of you that will respond with "Jordan can do whatever he wants" or "doesn't matter if his friends and bf hate Britney", etc.
  11. The newest rumor floating around the Twitterverse is that WILLIAM ORBIT and LINDA PERRY are writing music for the queen.
  12. That's a Deejay thing honey lol. Is this your first time telling a Deejay to play Britney? Straight Deejays are douchebags. Just like radio Deejays are. But Britney has a Britney night here in Chicago EVERY MONTH. No one else has that except Madonna, but Madonna's is for older people tbh. Britney night is a young, fun, youthful clubbing experience in Chicago. they have one in Miami, NY and LA too. Deejays are irrelevant boo. Brit's status is up to an audience, not a few straight douches.
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