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  1. OMG really? I kinda felt like she Knowingly cock teased him.
  2. Taking away from Britney, Justin's music is really overrated, people act like he's this genius, I think he even believes it. He just makes decent and SAFE pop rnb songs. I wonder how the media will spin it all, hopefully they don't make out that 'crazy Britney' is still crying for Justin
  3. I really wanted Keri Hilson to slay so hard back in 06, shame her music was rubbish. I'd like it if she worked with her Gimme more is flawless and I LOVE Perfect Lover
  4. Have they even met? Like had a conversation kind of met?
  5. Thanks babe, I'm good now so glad you're still here
  6. I had too much drama going on and one of my best friends took his own life. I had to focus on some real shit but the book of In the Zone and the book of Blackout got me though those dark times. I'm ready for Godney to break some bread and give me some wine.
  7. . There's hope because he produced baby boy right? If I they collaborated, Jo I would love that song more than mother, siblings, future spouse and future children. If it's controversial then I would go crazy cos my brain wouldn't be able to handle such greatness. Look at what it's doing to me? Is there a picture of them together? I'm thirsty
  8. It's about time Britney teamed up with Eminem and made their 'we're strong cos we made it though our breakdown' song. Also I want Carlos Santana on guitar.
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