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  1. As somebody said í am not even mad AT Britney im just mad cause ím sleepy whatever maybe it was the TCA and not PCA it makes sense
  2. This award show could be easily the most bored award show ever like really bored
  3. Remember when we way back bullied Glen ? Hipocresy is behind us
  4. there's your obvious that's why i am asking cause idk how the fuck they got the fucking-amazing photo
  5. And the Toxic one Why they did that ? Fucking giant tree
  6. yeah who doesn't love vaporwave ? btw if u heard it sounds like a BJ demo
  7. i found it i didn't say it was real so yeah idk
  8. I found this in another site https://soundcloud.com/russiancat81/russiancat81 what do you think ?
  9. She posted this: then delete and now this and well What's Britney doing ?
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