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timbits last won the day on October 24 2014

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    RockOutWithYourCock is mah bro <3
  • Birthday 11/10/1992

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    My Galaxy Besties! RockOutWithYourCock, Valet Girls, Ashley Benson, Megan, GimmeOnxy, Loco, POMney, Far Beyond, Rubi, Femme_Monster, Joshlee, Godney Priest, Mr Womanizer, ItsNathanbitch, 1989, Ashley, Penny, Ben
  1. Happy Birthday timbits!

  2. your in the ''Blackout Circus In The Zone Slayage'' and slay a lot dahling
  3. I knoooooowwww omg she is so beautiful omg and hi!!!!!! when are you going to talk to me in PM????
  4. I don't feel myself to be sexy either, but I have to love myself no matter what! And well your sexy tbh but I guess it's just what I see.
  5. I guess you really are circus well I think you're ITZ mixed with Blackout and Circus give it a bang and a pop and a slayage and you got a flawlesss mix of all 3 slayage albums
  6. Hun you're not a flop you're totally cool and faded with ambrosia no just kidding. Really you're are sweet and so kind sooo nice and sexy your not a flop period
  7. Congrats bb! Fuck ya you deserve it So excited for you
  8. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152838626163234 Hopefully this hasn't already been posted.
  9. Take Jordy off and will talk lmaoo jk I loved it bb Have you talk to Valet about it? I'm more then sure he will help you just a thought
  10. Omg I laugh when she burned the letter and tree I will watch it another time. Thanks for the Video