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  1. It better be something good. I'm not here for something irrelevant
  2. Jay.

    Make me at...

    i thought it was going to be higher but slay
  3. Omg this isn't good. How is she doing on streaming?
  4. Selena is officially the new face of American's biggest network. and also a new face of Coca Cola and Louis Vuitton and Pantene All of this within a year.
  5. Feel free to use it if the original cover will be ugly.
  6. Hands To Myself becomes Selena's third #1 pop radio single from Revival. Selena previously topped the Mediabase chart with fellow “Revival†singles “Same Old Love†and “Good For You (featuring A$AP Rocky)†and “Stars Dance†single “Come & Get It.†“Hands To Myself†secures #1 thanks to the ~16,291 spins it received during the March 27-April 2 tracking week (+832). Female albums with most Pop Radio #1's this decade: # 1 Teenage Dream (6) # 2 1989 (5) # 3 Revival (3)
  7. Britney ha Good For You & Hands To Myself is coming
  8. Sales are tragically low now since streaming took over so Britney will be very lucky to debut with 100k+ (SPS).
  9. Britney should wait until June or July to release her first single and then release her album around September/ October tbh.
  10. Typical Britney fans, blaming everyone but Britney.
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