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    Just a Gay Boy that likes to travel, watch sports, go to concerts, etc. Life is too short so I live it up to the fullest.

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  1. Aww. Thank you. Hope your girlfriend had an amazing day.
  2. I like it...it was an amazing song before, so it didn't need to change in my opinion. This version just brings in another fan base, promotes a young artist, all while keeping the integrity of the original song.
  3. I'm loving that every song so far has been completely different. Still will be jamming to Clumsy and MM more, but this will make the playlist!
  4. Amazing performance at the Billboards, New Album, Carpool Karaoke, Amazing Promo Songs, and Now going Perform at the VMAs and the IheartRadio Festival...She is coming for it all this time! I don't think i have been this excited to be a Britney fan in a long time, and that's saying a lot, since she can do no wrong in my eyes!
  5. I think private show=gasoline. Not meant to be a single, but still a good song.
  6. After relistening to the snippet a hundred times. (Yeah I'm still going buy the song and then gift it to everyone of my Beyoncé loving friends per usual) I honestly think this is one of her most appealing songs club wise. The beat and vibe are amazing. Her other songs are usually fun, but mostly played at strictly gay bars for the most part. Howver, this song can be played at any kind of club and be a hit with more than just Britney fans. I don't know why people are saying its a grower, cause I fell in love at first listen, so will a lot of others. She took this seriously and I'm crazy proud to be an army member right now.
  7. Y'all I'm giddy as hell right now, it sounds so so good. This makes it all worth the long, and I mean long wait!
  8. I can't stop watching and smiling. She is seriously not playing around anymore.
  9. They should just release the song this Friday before it leaks fully! but can't lie, i freaking love the beat of the chorus. I'm loving this vibe! Definitely should do well at the clubs.
  10. Just yes to everything! The attitude alone has me excited!
  11. My two favorite artists; Britney and P!nk in one song for a great cause. I'm so happy right now. Her voice sounds so great. Makes me excited even more now.
  12. She was freaking amazing. That is the Britney I remember. Then watching the performances that have followed made it even better! Didn't they say there is 2 parts? Is that when she receives the award maybe?
  13. Oh she has silenced my Beyoncé fan friends! I'm a happy a boy right now!