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Charli XCX has always been such an AMAZING stan when it comes to talking about our girl Brit Brit. During a recent interview Charli XCX talked about her 3 favorite Britney Spears songs. Check out what she had to say:

On her top three most iconic Britney Spears songs: “Great question! I love “Email My Heart” (because it’s) such a great concept for a song. And I love her reply when people asked what the song meant, she said something like (Britney impression) “cause like everyone has an email” and I thought: this girl is a genius. I think it’s a great song (especially) back when Britney had this soul voice. (Number 2 has to be) “Piece Of Me” because the production is so next level and the whole Melodyne (a pitch-correction software) concept of her vocals is very clever (and) the lyrics are amazing. (I think) “Work Bitch” was an underrated record, the video is incredible, you know when she’s on the podium with the shark

Great choices Charli!

Charli also admitted that she is VERY jealous that Iggy Azalea is working with Britney right now.

 “I know that Iggy (Azalea) is working with Britney and I’m so jealous. Who knows? I would love to write songs with her!”

We hope sometime in the future you will get to work with our girl Britney, it would be awesome to see what you both would come up with. Keep in mind though Charli EVERYONE wants to work with our queen because it's Britney bitch!

godney spears lol

Read it on our mainsite!

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