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  1. I liked the Lonely / DWAD inspired concept with the screens but she was out of sync and so sloppy with the most basic choreography.
  2. It's definitely her lips. Her mouth looks huge, especially now her nose is smaller.
  3. tbh I've never seen her following him or liking any of his posts or anything.
  4. She can't claim copyright when she doesn't own the official instrumental she used without permission...
  5. Why does it have dinosaurs on it?
  6. It's a fake news website where anyone can create an article. Not even worth paying attention to...
  7. POM isn't gone. The Vegas residency is gone. POM will be back later this year when she does shows overseas.
  8. How can you "look" like someone who wants to settle down though? And I know plenty of people who settled with their partners at younger ages than 25.
  9. I really hope this relationship lasts. She deserves true love (plus he's the hottest guy she's dated).
  10. The Toxic performance was bad, mainly due to the horrible choreography. The BBMAs stuff didn't even look good on screen. The tree jump and the breakdown were pretty epic though. Britney had the energy but Christ, even the Circus tour had better choreography for that song.
  11. Glad it's finally ending. It definitely had its amazing moments and built up her confidence, but has long run its course now. Also, she slayed the NYE performance.
  12. It's not my favourite but it's nice hearing her do something different, and I like the way the song builds. I just wish there was a little more it, especially lyrically.
  13. M.E.

    WTF is this

    Charm is a good choreographer though, Britney just constantly ruins her routines. And tbh sometimes I think Britney and Chase probably come up with this shit, like they did with Mannequin on the Circus tour.
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