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  1. @britneyspears you just won 4 awards for your residency mama <3

  2. RT @britneyspears: Secret project ???? https://t.co/tMKdlpGfD8

  3. RT @fiebrebritney_: Britney Spears is nearly to 10 million listening for month in Spotify ? https://t.co/k8Osvn0DVY

  4. RT @NylonMag: Fact: ‘Blackout’ is @britneyspears’ best album to date—deal with it https://t.co/4cS4mrdy4b https://t.co/MVVfPAGtQW

  5. @ricardetox que más tiene calcio???

  6. RT @FeimM: Lana's favourite Britney Spears song is Toxic https://t.co/8pkidmhvTq

  7. @lesambruno @herebyBritney @britneyspears What's the name of the song?

  8. RT @Britneysmoments: Ariana Grande and Madonna wearing diamonds ? ❤️ https://t.co/OxikPsxX6i

  9. RT @heyhec: This is the @MTV #VMAs timeline - Pop Culture in the making! https://t.co/WPY1xeRtRJ

  10. RT @sachindattani: SHE CALLED THEM MEMAYS INSTEAD OF MEMES LMAO https://t.co/SOgnrv1imi

  11. @emailmypussy OMG she said THAT

  12. breatheheavy just crushed :O

  13. RT @AMENARTPOP: My childhood vs yours. The difference is so intense. https://t.co/v5pYXQPTr4

  14. @codyspearz Xtina is performing tonite R U excited?

  15. RT @Halocarterr: Me doing the absolute bare minimum at work today #monday https://t.co/KNHhaWBRns

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