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Britney Spears Full Cover Page In Us Weekly!


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"Total body make over"? :uhwtf: She's always been hot. She's been full on yoga lately, but it's not like it transformed her body over night :wowidc:



Total body make over is a bit dramatic, but I'm glad they're actually giving her the credit for once <3 girlfriend looks amazing because of HER hard work!


I agree witchu guys but they have to dramatize everything to sound more interesting and like its newsworthy otherwise why write a whole article about it? :giggle:

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"Made it into this weeks US weekly" its a tabloid anyone can get on it lol .. Anyways lol im glad they praised her

I like the way they said "total body makeover" because its true ! Her body changed dramatically compared to FF era and the beginning of BJ era and now her body is sexier and better than it ever has these past 7 years

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