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  1. Anyone know where her shirt is from? I need it
  2. I wanna see her full bathing suit!! Looks cute!!
  3. I played it until 2:30 am and didn't get any homework done so I had to delete it before I hated myself more
  4. Ask Fe questions about herself!! Ask her if she's ever been star struck, what she wanted to be when she grew up, if she's ever been in a situation where she's ever felt scared for her safety being somewhat of a celebrity herself, what would she say are the best perks, her favorite Starbucks drink, her happiest/proudest moment, favorite vacation spot, what she would like people to know about her and what she would like people to know about Britney. Yes we love Britney, but Fe is people too!
  5. Her neck looks so weird I could be convinced it's shopped.
  6. I've never seen this before!!
  7. Hair & makeup Outfit I truly love Britney's personal candid style, especially in her "breakdown era". She looked really cool and I sincerely model my own style off of her.
  8. I don't think she was feeling it... I think we need to look at ITZ as less the pre-blackout era. This was the beginning of her rebellion. She had just gotten married for 55 hours. She dated Colin Farrell for a day. Fred Durst was telling everyone they screwed. And she got injured, canceled her tour, and ended up marrying Shar Jackson's baby daddy while she was pregnant. Back then, that was her public persona. Now, that shit is tame next to the head shaving and 5150 hold. "Outrageous " was a contractual obligation. Britney did not pick it as a single, it was an agreement her label made, kind of like how "Radar" was contracted to be a single. And not only was that decision out of her control, so was the corny addition of the cat woman theme and movie soundtrack. You think the Britney that made the career defining moments of a Madonna duet, Toxic video, and Everytime's mature subject matter wanted to move backwards? I totally believe that Britney said "fuck this" and released my prerogative instead. That was totally her mindset at the time.
  9. I would like e-mail my heart to be re-written as a mature ballad like "write to my heart" or something. I think the tune is beautiful and her voice was showcased very well, I just think the song never had a chance because of the word email.
  10. Yeah let's do a Britney video that's just like beyonce's pepsi commercial
  11. I would love to get a Britney tattoo but I'm not sure quite what to get
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