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  1. Sweetie these were posted almost a year ago 😬 have u been under a rock? I’m sure everyone seen these already lol. Glad you’re enjoying them tho
  2. Part of it has to do with Britney. I mean just like the make me video, there’s hard evidence (video) that Britney was unhappy with the filming process so it got scrapped. So Britney definitely has say in it. The other part has to do with her label
  3. On Britney’s site it’s confirmed that she’ll be performing in Atlantic City, New Jersey on Thursday, July 19th https://britneyspears.com/events She’s definitely going to be touring the US & UK but there’s rumors that Britney will be performing in theatres for the US leg.
  4. Preach ! I’m sick of this whole 2 singles per era thing. Just cuz it doesn’t do well doesn’t mean her label should limit it to that amount. At least 1 more lol
  5. I’m talking in regards to the label & all the promotion that was given for the glory era. What you’re saying has nothing to do with your topic & or what I’ve stated. The BBMAs was definitely good but had nothing to do with the label, the bbmas wanted to honor her w/ a prestigious award & celebrate her with her iconic hits
  6. If she still was the way she was with femme fatale or even the BJ era, I would agree .. but she actually put in a lot of effort with glory and it looked like she was enjoying it while doing it. So I’m not gonna blame her, her team, or her label cuz they actually really did go all out for glory. The GP is interested in what’s going on in the new generation now and sorta left Britney behind. We just have to accept she isn’t gonna be that huge pop star she once was. Britney ruled the late 90s & all of 2000’s pretty much lol .. and now Beyoncé is having her shine
  7. I’m gonna be honest ... I used to always blame the label for everything, but it seems with the glory era they actually tried to give her a proper era. Vmas, iHeartRadio, jingle bash, triple ho show, radio interviews, photo shoots, jimmy kimmel, James cordon, the today show, Ellen, the Jonathan Ross show , U.K. radio interviews, & let’s not forget the tour .. the list just goes on. I think the time has pretty much come to the point where we need to accept that Britney isn’t gonna be huge anymore .. the good thing about her is that she already set her legacy & is a legend at this point that’s all that matters
  8. Ok I had to delete yesterday’s post in regards to “the greatest showman” because it turned out it was just her dancers filming a live commercial for it (which airs tonight) so I don’t think it had anything to do with Britney. But Britney still definitely did something yesterday & it turns out she shot for Elle Magazine. Her makeup artist & hair stylist were on set
  9. This bitch is such a liar LMAO .. he literally read this from some irrelevant Vegas blog from twitter, I read it myself & everything he said was stated on their. ? as if sources would tell some irrelevant anything IM SCREAMING ! He’s just trying to get his irrelevant ass YouTube channel some views . Now I’m not saying I believe she’ll tour & release music cuz all we know homegirl could be planning her next trip to Hawaii and just stay chillen hahaha. Now if that does happen I don’t want y’all thinking it’s cuz of this dude & start believing him. He literally got this off the blog. End of the tea now les keep it moving
  10. As if she’s gonna go touring a week after Pom ends ☠️ Gorl even I know not to believe this
  11. honestly im lowkey sick of it but lets all be real here , this is where our girl is getting her shmoney .. i also dont know what is up with her lazy ass team but they need to get it together. if its a non major release then just release the perfume with her name stamped on it and move along , and if theyre gonna make a major release then snap out of the laziness and set our girl up with a commercial/ photo shoot. the whole photoshopping only defines them as cheap lazy cunts & making britney look bad. ALSO WHEN THE FUCK IS THIS BITCH GONNA RELEASE A MALE FRAGRANCE? she would be banking twice the amount she is since she has alot of gay fans
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