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  1. yeah you should definitely hear the whole thing. those are some of the most shocking things but def not all that they did to her
  2. you can grab one of these youtube links, google an mp3 converter which extracts and lets you download the audio! This is the hearing from the beginning, ending after her testimony when they took a recess requested by Jamie's attorney, so she could call and tell him how much Britney dragged him there's a lot of noise in the beginning, but once Britney starts going, its fine this next link is just Britney's statement if you want to skip over the beginning, though I think its worth bearing through because Britney cuts someone off and its pretty great the conservatorship has been worse than i even imagined. what she described sounds like a dystopian novel or something brace yourself because its really heartbreaking to hear her but I'm soooo incredibly proud
  3. I'm getting off this stressful forum, turning out to be like Exhell. Bye!

  4. Happy Birthday HolySpearit!

  5. MARI :omg: HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! Hope you have a wonderful day! May all your dreams and goals come true. Love u ♥

    1. HolySpearit


      :omg: THANK YOU!!! thank you so much tbh :) Love u, bb! <3
  6. Love your avi :hearts:

    1. HolySpearit


      Thank you bb! Btw, I don't know if we've ever talked on here or maybe we have a long time ago.. but I do see your name come up a lot which means you're probably a flawless stan and I want to know you :)

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