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  1. umm if project red was just her daily moon then why would she post random red objects and images and why would she claim to be promoting an actual project? sorry but that doesnt make sense at all nor would it be 'normal' for her to do that
  2. is that it better be an actual project yall -- or I will go crazy if its all leading up to another cryptic message or worse, not leading up to anything at all, i will actually LOSE. MY. MIND. but im just wondering how it can possibly be a project when Britney is refusing to work until her dad is removed from the c-ship. I just can't with that red fridge post what do you guys think about this project red thing? the thought just occured to me today, that it could potentially be a trick by her team to make everyone think that she really is cuckoo bananas
  3. same we cant trust what she says or anyone says at this point, and honestly, unless whatever is being talked about is a smoking gun against her dad -- its pointless.
  4. Even tho no one took my sleuthing seriously, I thoroughly enjoyed this thread
  5. I don’t think they had to force her to keep working under the cship, because at that time I don’t think she was ready to stop working. As for it looking forced, I do think she was under hard core medication, crippling restrictions, and experiencing social anxiety after everything that went down when you’re not feeling your best or free to be your authentic self it’s hard to show up as your best self no matter what you’re doing At the same time, I don’t think anyone imagined it would go on this long
  6. I keep thinking about Britney's scrabble post, and how there's no way that there was no message or intention behind it I couldn't sleep until I tried again to decode it like these people on reddit. Anyways, this is what I got. From the word bank: ABIRV, BIR, ROPAV, PMAL, ETONED, TIUQ, FI, SODELN, TERS, BU First let me start out by saying I dont think we're supposed to unscramble the words. Some of these words imo could be acronyms or (according to my search) have meaning even tho they are not actual words. search results: BIR= 1.bureau of internal revenue (unlikely), 2. brain injury rehabilitation (maybe meaning she is rehabilitated?) PMAL= 1.one who has a mania for music (urban dictionary so take it with a gran of salt) TIUQ = the essence of the given name Tiuq stands for power, practicality, ambition, success, inspiration and discipline. reaching your full potential. (she is talking about herself?) FI= 1.fidelity (fans?) , 2.financial institution (Bessemer trust?) TERS = temporary employer relief scheme (conservatorship?) BU = bargaining unit (her sons?) YOT = to unite closely (the free britney movement?) I know that those are not all the words, but what if some of them really were just random letters meant to disguise the fact that she was trying to communicate with us?
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