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Wolfie's Top 5 "weirdest Websites".

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I'm back again.

And now I'm here counting down the weirdest websites I've encountered on the internet.


5. PointerPointer

This website tracks your mouse  and pulls up a random image of a person pointing directly at your mouse.

It's... Odd.


4. I Look Like Barack Obama

This guy is convinced he is the Doppelgänger of the President of the United States... :orangu:


3. Dancing Whale

It's... A whale that follows your mouse.


It gained popularity after it was made into a vine.



2. Zombie Passions

A dating website for zombies and those  sexually attracted to zombies. Uhhhhh...?


1. The Salmon of Capistrano

I don't have any words. Just click the link. :umomg:

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