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    And your eyes let me know... that Mariah is a skinny legend.
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  1. like, message me sometime- :wowidc: 

    1. Ariana Grande

      Ariana Grande

      I did, and you ignored me :iwannago:

  2. hey slut, where iz yew? :wowidc: 

    1. Ariana Grande

      Ariana Grande

      Waiting for you to Kik me :iwannago:


  3. :paper:
    1. Andy Liveney

      Andy Liveney

      omg. I've never seen any of this!!!!!!!! HI!!! Sorrrry!

  4. Where did u go? Merry christmas and happy new year :goaway:

    1. therealmgo


      My life has been so crazy lately gurl. But I'm comin back soon, mark your calendars #AllEyesOnMe

  5. c'mon take me take me awaaaaaaayyy awwaayyyy,c'mon take me take me

  6. MARI :omg: HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! Hope you have a wonderful day! May all your dreams and goals come true. Love u ♥

    1. HolySpearit


      :omg: THANK YOU!!! thank you so much tbh :) Love u, bb! <3
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