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  1. Except that it was recorded in December 2015 (Tbh though, the fact that it wasn't about MOTM makes all the moon/space themed posts even weirder, Brinty pls )
  2. Is the link in the stems master post in the media section down?
  3. Lol I'm confused, what is the noise you mean
  4. Yeah, I replaced the SoundCloud file
  5. I removed it, do you think it sounds any better or that it needs something more?
  6. Thanks for the feedback, I kind of thought that too, it's in the chorus as well, do you think it would be better if I took it out completely?
  7. Re-uploaded with some changes. Anyone wanna give me their honest opinions/criticisms?
  8. Inside Out and Lace & Leather are amazing! You're really good!
  9. Thought this would be a new pic, but slay a bit I guess
  10. Just turned 17, currently in my BOMTney era
  11. She showed us pictures from the set of the video and filmed in a public place. I agree that Britney can change her mind if she wants, but we have every right to be disappointed if she does so
  12. I get what you're saying, but we were promised one of the most epic videos of her career and what we ended up with was an audition video which looks like it was filmed for a charity single. Of course we're gonna be disappointed. This is clearly not how things were meant to turn out, the music video we got was one that was settled for rather than the original vision and it's very obvious. Even if this was the original video concept, people would still be disappointed, she's not even the focus of the video for her own lead single ffs
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