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  1. Excuse me, but have yoooou met Britney Jean?
  2. The POM stage is pretty elaborate and huge, but they could do something equally striking for sure!
  3. This seems very judgemental and ignorant. Please re-consider your words.
  4. Yikes! That game didnt last long. Team Britney should really have higher standards to the things they put Britney's name on! Whatever happened to the intimate collection?
  5. You know she would and she did! Probably figured that if she tattoed a Dorito on her hand, she'd never run out. Som people claim they have seen her lick it when she gets REALLY hungry!
  6. HAHA I guess now anyone who uses lace....anywhere...is copying Britney's look........queen of Leather & Lace TBH
  7. yeah...and what happened to him?....he sure loves pizza.....and Popeye's?
  8. OMG I just realized than when I read JASON, I immediately thought "Jason Alexander".....in my mind, i completely deleted the creepy Jason years......not her best TBH
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