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  1. do you like mangos? 

    1. Steph99


      Yep, I do.what about you? lol

    2. GlenCoco


      Yes and no, I like when they are nicely cut, because i hate getting dirty 

  2. Where are u¿¿¿¿

    1. JoshLee


      I'm hereeeee just busy 

  3. You are new and I DON'T LIKE YOU 

  4. @Daydream, Mariah's fantasy @Kyros Los extraño tanto
  5. what happend to him tbh i totally forgot about yall
  6. Well hello, it's been for ever... i left this site idk why but I'm glad to be back, I totally forgot about this place i remember i Joined 2014ish 13ish there has been a lot of drama and stuff but I always love this palce... I know 99% of the people i knew left but it will be nice to see some old faces with Love
  7. Happy Birthday GlenCoco!

  8. OMG ur tumblr is HILARIOUS! XD

    1. GlenCoco


      omg a fan <3 yaaas slay! do i follow u? if now i must now <3

  9. Feliz cumpleanos! :)

    1. GlenCoco


      Ow Muchas gracias :D

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