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  1. You should listen to her unreleased album is a msterpice
  2. i wish she just would wear jeans of fucking pants ugh
  3. fucking lazyney decided to do soemthing with her music ....
  4. this era is more over than xtinas career thanks to lazyney, fucking vegas, fucking Larry, fucking RCA
  5. is this for real? http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/agency/yahoo/product/freaksrecords-2_42047
  6. god that blonde dancer was so fucking yummy i wonder what happend to him
  7. photoshoot btw god this are gold not like the lousy steeams
  8. i don't think this is a in the zone demo her vocals sound more Britneyish - oopssish
  9. i know it was sad seeing the news i cried when i saw it but overall 2007 had a amazing soundtrack and i had such great memories that also when i joined a britney forum omg i can't belive i signed up on exhale 10 years ago