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  1. do you like mangos? 

    1. Steph99


      Yep, I do.what about you? lol

    2. GlenCoco


      Yes and no, I like when they are nicely cut, because i hate getting dirty 

  2. Where are u¿¿¿¿

    1. JoshLee


      I'm hereeeee just busy 

  3. Or maybe just merging all the sub-forums, since many haven't been used in a VERY long time Just Britney section/ celebs / media / general and that it
  4. You are new and I DON'T LIKE YOU 

  5. @Daydream, Mariah's fantasy @Kyros Los extraño tanto
  6. Hellos, it's been a while I know there are just few members here left, and wouldn't be cool if this place reactivate, had more people, I know as a Britney forum it would be hard because now there are so many places on the internet and lets be honest Queen Britney is taking her time off and there are not much topics to discuss This place has been around for a long time and I think our lovely admin @laracroftonline had put so much effort and time to this place, tbh it has to much gadgets and so many cool things other places don't have. Maybe a forum with some category with current trending idols and with a huge britney sub.forum this place hold a special place in my heart and i hate it to see it so empty
  7. what happend to him tbh i totally forgot about yall
  8. Well hello, it's been for ever... i left this site idk why but I'm glad to be back, I totally forgot about this place i remember i Joined 2014ish 13ish there has been a lot of drama and stuff but I always love this palce... I know 99% of the people i knew left but it will be nice to see some old faces with Love
  9. Happy Birthday GlenCoco!

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