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  1. Everyone outside this forum thinks new music. I don't know what to think.
  2. It's a snippet played through speakers and recorded through a phone, do you really not know how audio quality works? :Ashley:
  3. She went live on instagram and convinced her husband to play 3 seconds of her new song, but only 3 seconds as "she didn't want to anger her record label". And honestly? I'm so fuckin slain, and it's only 3 seconds.
  4. I'm not sure if I should add this to the master post because they're obviously two different songs that just use the same instrumental. It's entirely possible that the instrumental was shopped around to different artists before it was finally picked up by Britney, and this rendition was never intended for Britney. I don't believe it was. Which is why I don't know if I wanna add it to the masterpost.
  5. Whenever anyone but Britney or someone famous talks new music I'm just like ,🙈
  6. LOLLLLL Honey all of those have leaked.
  7. Debut (Japanese - 1 bonus track) The Best Mixes From The Album Debut - For All The People Who Don't Buy White Labels Post (Australian Tour Edition - 4 bonus tracks) Telegram Homogenic (Japanese - 6 bonus tracks) SelmaSongs Vespertine (Japanese - 1 bonus track) Family Tree Box Medulla (Japanese - 1 bonus track) Drawing Restraint 9 (5.1 edition - 1 bonus track) Volta (UK - 1 bonus track) Biophilia (Japanese - 4 bonus tracks) Bastards Vulnicura (Special art edition) Utopia Not pictured - Oh So Quiet single with Sweet Sweet Intuition, Voltaic, The Gate Vinyl.
  8. I guess I should actually read things but my previous post applies