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  1. Me against the music Do you wanna come over? Love me down Make me (multitracks / incomplete pro tools session)
  2. It's cute! The font needs a little work (maybe a little bit more bold?) But yeah, I like it.
  3. A lot of which are fakes and instrumental remakes
  4. That's what I get for using mobile
  5. Again, don't hold your breath.
  6. Lol, don't hold your breath.
  7. I was trying to be different, I actually think the BFB retitle is clever since that's the last thing said in the song.
  8. Not as a joke? Till The World Ends - End of the World /// (This is what the FFT was originally called back during rumors.) Hold It Against Me - Feel Like Paradise Inside Out - Give Me Something To Remember I Wanna Go - All The Way How I Roll - Downtown /// (Even though she already has a demo called Downtown.) Drop Dead Beautiful - Some Kind of Fine Seal it with a Kiss - In The Shadows Big Fat Bass - I can be the Treble, you could be my Bass / Bass is Getting Bigger Trouble For Me - Make Your Night Trip to your Heart - Spread My Wings Gasoline - Set Me On Fire Criminal - Love The Guy Up n Down - Dirty Mind He About To Lose Me - Seriously Beautiful Selfish - Feelin' Sexual Don't Keep Me Waiting - Running out of Time Scary - It Scares Me / Taking Over My Mind.
  9. (Hit Me) Baby One More Time - (This Song Is) Not About Domestic Violence. Oops I Did It Again - I might have fucked something up for the billionth time, my bad y'all. Slave 4 U - I don't endorse racism or slavery but goddamn you're so fine. I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman - The sex change operation was a success. Boys - Humans with the XY Chromosones. Toxic - BIOHAZARD (Resident Evil joke... Get it?) The Hook Up - The Tinder Song Me Against The Music - Me Against The Music (ft. Bjork) Breathe On Me - Please give me the flu so I don't have to go to work. Mona Lisa - That one really famous painting I identify with and shall have everyone create illuminati theories with. Rebellion - The illuminati replaced the "star" Britney with a clone and I live in Kentwood with my real kids. Gimme More - I may have an addiction to a slight food or beverage. Break The Ice - I'm Gonna send the first message on Tinder this time. Freakshow - Carnies are cool! Outta This World - How the fuck did I end up in space? Womanizer - Just thought I'd let KFed know I called "Cheaters" and got him on camera. Circus - Elephants are really cool! Kill The Lights - I'm hungover, turn the lights off damn it. If You Seek Amy - double entendre's are very cool. Radar - Radar (Single Mix, But with less volume) Hold It Against Me - Dr Luke totally didn't copy this from a country song Till The World Ends - 2012 End of the World conspiracies are really cool. I Wanna Go - Please let me out of the house. Criminal - Who got the weed? Alien - How the fuck did I end up in space AGAIN? Work Bitch - I will lower unemployment rates in America #BritneyForPresident Perfume - Buy my entire Fantasy collection Tik Tik Boom - I've placed explosives at Beyonce's concert. Body Ache - I'm working out a lot. Don't Cry - Why you bein a little bitch? Brightest Morning Star - I am filled with the knowledge of Christ. Hold on Tight - Hold on Tite Invitation - Card letter from a friend Make Me - NANANANA NA YOU CAN'T MAKE ME Do You Wanna Come Over? - Netflix & Chill Just Luv Me - Misspelling words on purpose is really urban Clumsy - I've had too many drinks at the bar please help Just Like Me - Why the hell you hooking up with Myah Marie? Love Me Down - You're just my tinder bitch, don't talk to me in public. Change Your Mind - I hope he swipes right this time. Liar - Justin Timberlake ain't shit Mood Ring - the 60's and 70's were really cool!
  10. Literally why would you put 4 spoilers with nothing in them Put a shirt on
  11. Are you serious??? She's provided live vocals on every tour. Just not all the time. Have we forgotten about You Oughta Know, the live FFT vocals, Somethin' To Talk About, Mystic Man, the live vocals from selected Onyx Dates, the 4 demos she did on DWAD, and the live vocals from OIDIA and Crazy2K that were 100% live? Even the covers of Black Cat, Open Arms, and Material Girl from BOMT? Dismissed.